Why Regular Writing Gigs Pay Off Handsomely

Being a freelance writer can be fraught with worry if you don’t put the work into finding online writing jobs. It’s not enough to start looking for fresh writing gigs once you have finished a job; you need to be looking all the time!

That’s why it pays to try and find regular ones if you can. Not all clients want regular work – it will come in fits and starts and batches of all descriptions. You might have a regular client that wants a dozen articles on one subject one month, and then you won’t hear anything for ages.

What you need are a number of clients who are as steady as clockwork. Here are some examples to try and get if you can:

* Regular blogging jobs requiring one or more blog posts a week
* Regular article work requiring a specific number per week
* One short eBook per month

And so on. It doesn’t matter if a client only wants a single article every Monday morning that only pays you $ 20. That’s a start. I’ve got one client who has two articles a week by Saturday evening. I have another one who likes an article on a specific subject every Monday. And there are still more who have regular monthly requirements that I ensure I can fill.

Individually those jobs might not raise the eyebrows in terms of money. But they don’t take long to do and when you add all those amounts up they can really boost your earnings. And it’s nice to have those regular jobs when things are a bit quiet. Nothing is ever guaranteed in freelance writing, but this is as close as you will get to a reliable pay check!

Look for regulars and build up other work around them. You will soon find you are earning a lot more from your online writing than you ever thought you could.

So if you want to learn more about how to write and earn a good income from it, be sure to read my writing blog at My Online Freelance Writing Career. There is plenty more advice and information for you there!