The pernicious ideology of personal finance scolds

The pernicious ideology of personal finance scolds
Are you saving enough for retirement? Probably not, if you listen to the personal finance advisers out there. These are people who perform middle-class morality by scolding people for not saving enough money. And sure, cutting debt and avoiding …
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No Thinking Required: Mobile's New Spin on Personal Finance
A San Francisco startup has developed a new way to inspire financial discipline: its technology automatically transfers funds from checking to savings every few days, in amounts its algorithms believe a person can afford. Digit, which has been pilot …
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The 5 Most Messed Up Policies in the World of Personal Finance
Life's not fair, and neither is the world of personal finance. But there's unfair and then there's really, truly messed up. That $ 5 monthly fee on your prepaid card might seem unfair, for example, but the $ 495 annual fee that the Visa Black Card …
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