The Different Kinds of ID Accessories

What does a student from a university, an employee of a sales company and a doctor from a private hospital have in common? The answer is an identification card or otherwise known as an ID.

Almost all of us have identification cards. For people working in companies, it is important for them to keep their IDs hanging on their chest and visible to others since it is needed for the company to determine which people inside the establishment are not workers and thus keeps such unauthorized persons out.

As for students, IDs not only give them access to libraries, laboratories and other school properties, but also gives them security in being inside the school. Outsiders can be easily distinguished by the administration and thus giving the authorities a stronger chance to observe such people.

The wearing of IDs has been deemed to be important, but who says that you can no longer be in style when using one? People may say that wearing one’s ID takes away the sense of fashion and style since your ID may not be able to match your outfit. Well, it’s a good thing that ID creators have found different ways of being in style and at the same time breaking no rules.

One accessory that seems to be in trend nowadays is the famous lanyard. The lanyard is what is commonly known as the ID sling. Before we delve into the details, let us first explore what a lanyard is and how it originated. A lanyard, sometimes spelled as ‘laniard’ or also known as a wrist strap is a piece of rope or cord which is worn around the neck or the wrist. Its main function is to aid in carrying something. Originally, a lanyard is used and designed to connect a pistol grip to a uniform on semi permanent basis. Nowadays, it is used as ID holders and attachments to electronic gadgets and devices.

Lanyards have different kinds of designs. It can be formed into a coil or wound up into patterns. It comes in various colors and sizes. As for lanyards used in schools, it usually has the name of the school in it together with the primary color of such establishment. Back then, thinner and smaller lanyards are preferred by most young people. But then again, as they usually say, change comes and goes. The thicker the width of the sling is the better.

Badge reels or yoyo’s are also famous ID accessories. These little accessories hold your ID in place and can also be pulled down but still attached to the base clip. Thus the name, yoyo. Usually, companies put on their company logo and or different designs on the badge reels so as to implicate the sense of identification and pride of belonging to such company.

Necklaces can also be used as ID slings. Such design gives out somewhat an elegant and classy effect on the one wearing it.

Colorful ID holders also come in handy in securing your identification card from falling off your sling. These holders are plastic sheets with edges built to protect your ID from its usual wear and tear. It actually adds more life to your ID with its different colors. Also, it preserves the quality of your ID. The colors, texts, and images found on your ID will be maintained since it is less exposed to outdoor elements such as the heat of the sun, water from rain and so forth.

So there you have it. There are indeed a lot of different kinds of accessories to add up to your boring ID. Mix it up with different colors and designs and you’ll surely be up with fashion in no time.

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