How a man stalked his ex-wife using a popular identity theft protection service

How a man stalked his ex-wife using a popular identity theft protection service
Suzanna Quintan's ex-husband bought a Lifelock account in her name, which let him monitor virtually everything she did in realtime, and then the company stonewalled and refused to help her shut down his access and figure out what he'd learned about her …
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Collinson Group Acquires Canadian Identity Theft Protection Provider, idAlerts
Collinson Group, a world leader in influencing customer behaviour, today announces the acquisition of idAlerts, a leading provider of identity protection solutions based in Canada. The acquisition will enable Collinson Group to provide identity theft …
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City Sponsors 'Protect Yourself From Identity Theft' Lecture
Caroline Farmer, deputy director of victims and citizens services at the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, presented a seminar on identity theft protection at the Morganton-Burke Senior Center on Tuesday. Posted: Monday, December 21, 2015 10:59 …
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Employers getting decidedly more proactive on cyber protection, ID theft
While low-cost Care Act conformity also health concerns topped the minds of company professionals and benefits specialists, cyber protection in addition took center phase this current year as companies seemed to develop guidelines and procedures to protect …
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Cheshire authorities ask community to aid ID theft believe
Cheshire police ask public to assist ID theft think. Police tend to be seeking the public's assist to recognize this guy, whom they state is desired for a couple of thefts from commercial cars. Cheshire Police Department. Published: 12/29/15, 2:51 PM EST | Updated …
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December is National Identity Theft Prevention Month

December is National Identity Theft Prevention Month
It is also National Identity Theft and Prevention Month. As you do more and more shopping this holiday season, your financial and identity security becomes more of a risk. 5 News spoke to someone from the Better Business Bureau that serves West …
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Dothan police to host an ID theft prevention workshop
The identity theft prevention workshop will be held from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Dothan Police Department's Community Service Division office located at 620 Sixth Ave. in Dothan. The workshop is free and open to the public, but has limited seating and …
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Illegal Immigrants Turning to ID Theft to Evade Tougher Scrutiny

Before going to why illegal immigrants choose for ID theft, it is important to know who illegal immigrants are. They are not necessarily undocumented rather there is some fraud involved in their documentation. This may include bogus driving licenses, social security cards of may be a fake green card. Illegal Immigrants usually turn for such ID thefts to get the employment, and person doing this can be convicted of felony.

According to the reports it is found that the states with more illegal immigrants have a high number of social security number thefts, as illegal immigrants use these numbers with their own names to find jobs. A SSN is a 9 digit number issued by U.S. government under Social Security Act to permanent residents, working residents and U.S citizens.

Most of the times these fake Social Security Numbers are created by dealers, which automatically leads to a situation where one number is used by two people at the same time. One with original identity and the other one with forged. In these cases the person with original identity has to face serious problems. Sometimes, when the ID created by dealers does not exist, is given to an infant by the authorities and the kid is left with due taxes without even knowing what they actually are. Kids are most vulnerable to such ID thefts, even in the case of illegal immigrants. Kids of these fake documented immigrants don’t have any ids and when the need like employment arises, they get to know that they are not documented at all leave only the security numbers.

With those fake IDs illegal immigrants also fill false 1-9 form (Employment Verification form), this form is crucial to get a job in the U.S and employers use it to verify the identity of job seeker.

People with fake Social Security Numbers send millions of money to their native countries without paying any taxes in the U.S. This hampers the economy as the nation is not benefitted by the money these people earn. The money made by these people is counted in the account of real owner of that SSN and that person becomes liable for paying taxes on that money, which he never earned.

Cyber crime also contributes in ID theft, as people with some knowledge of technology can get your personal information available in emails.

However, with the latest technique E- verify program, it would be possible to detect the identity frauds very easily. This technology will allow the employers to keep a track of employment eligibility of their new employees. This would help the authorized citizens to save their jobs. Available in very few states, this technique would be activated in almost every state in the coming times.


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