Bank Interest Rates ? Factors Affecting Bank Interest Rates

Bank interest rates in the United States

The interest rates that banks offer fluctuate depending on the situation of the nation’s economy. The economy of the United States has not been doing very well in the recent past, to say the least. This has resulted in the federal government slashing interest rates. From 4.5%, the interest rate is down to 4.25%. According to banking experts, the interest rates will remain low until 2013, when the economy is expected to recover. Further, different banks in the United States offer different rates of interests to customers. By comparing the rates of different banks and studying all the underlying terms and conditions, you can make the most of the banking system despite the lowering interest.

How economy influences rate of interest

In the constantly fluctuating economy, if you want to make the most of your savings, then you need to put your money in the bank at the right time. You can only understand the optimum time for investment by studying the factors that influence the interest rates. There are numerous factors that pull the strings of bank interest rates. One of the major factors is, of course, the economy of the United States. When the bank is doing well and is in a position to pay high returns, the rate of interest will be high. Banks first focus on sustenance. Whatever excess they are left with is distributed in the form of interest rates. For the banks to do well, the economy has to be strong and so, invest your money when the economy of United States is on an upward swing.

Demand for loans

Banks make money through interests that they receive from loans and mortgages that they provide to people. So, when there are a large number of people demanding more loans, it implies that banks receive higher incomes and hence, the rate of interest will be high. Again, the economy of the country comes into play. When the economy is strong, people can spend more and be able to pay interests for the loans that they receive. Further, banks provide loans only after ensuring that the borrower is capable of paying it back. The incomes of people of the US are steady and their jobs are guaranteed when economy is doing good.

Inflation effects rate of interest

Pressure of inflation on the nation severely affects the rate of interest. Inflation refers to the condition when the rates of all goods and commodities in the country escalate. So, potential borrowers put their plans for taking a loan on the back burner. They prefer for the economy to recover and inflation to dip so that their standard of living can increase and they can afford to take loans. Having to shell out huge amounts for basic commodities such as food and gas implies a fall in interest rates. Owing to inflation the rate of interest decreases for those who invest their money, the rate increases for those who take loans. Understanding the various factors that effect the rate of interest will help you choose the right time to invest and have some good security for your retirement.

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Interest Rates are the building blocks of finance. I lend you money, you pay me back my money with interest.

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Bernie Sanders's misleading comparison of mortgage rates and student loan

Image from page 69 of “Suburban homes on the “Old Colony.” A directory for those who seek a suburban residence” (1889)
home mortgage loan
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: suburbanhomesono01oldc
Title: Suburban homes on the "Old Colony." A directory for those who seek a suburban residence
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Old Colony Railroad Company. Passenger Dept. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Old Colony Railroad Company Railroad stations Suburban homes Cities and towns
Publisher: Boston, Passenger Dept., Old Colony Railroad
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
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Text Appearing Before Image:
n, about 4,000. A loan in-stitution, telegraph, telephone,and all city privileges. Build-ing lots from thirty cents to.00 per foot. This suburb isone of the pleasantest andthe grounds of broken and hillyFine drives in the neighborhood. 5 miles from Boston. 41 trains from Boston, week days. 40 trains to Boston, -week days. 9 trains each -way, Sundays. One-hundred ride Ticket … 75 .30 .09 A Boston suburb; popula-tion, about 1,000. The situa-tions here are very fine.Among the hills in the neigh-borhood are three of Bostonsfinest cemeteries, the well-known Forest Hills beingwithin this suburb. Bussey Park and Franklin Park are in the imme-diate vicinity. The Bussey Institution (Agricultural Department) andArnold Arboretum of Harvard University are attractions of the sub-urbs on this side of the city. There are some fine estates in ForestHills, and the section is growing rapidly. Building lots from twelveand one-half to twenty-five cents per foot. Four to six per cent onmortgages. 58

Text Appearing After Image:
59 MOUNT HOPE. A suburb of Boston (Ward23). Population, about 3,000.A growing neighborhood, withmany line estates and resi-dences. All Boston city privi-leges. The celebrated ArnoldArboretum forms an attrac-tion of this place, and there are many fine driveways, among woodedhills and diversified scenery, in the vicinity. For suburban residence,the place cannot be excelled. Building lots from one to twenty-fivecents per foot. Five and six per cent on mortgages. Mail delivery. 6 miles from Boston. 23 trains from Boston, week days. 25 trains to Boston, -week days.4 trains each way, Sundays.One-hundred ride Ticket …..75 Five-trip Ticket 35 Fare, one way 12 CLARENDON HILLS, 7 miles from Boston. 23 trains from Boston, week days. 25 trains to Boston, week days.Four trains each way, Sundays. One hundred ride Ticket .50 Five-trip Ticket 45 Fare, one way 13 with modern-built residencesPark.] HAZELWOOD A village of Hyde Park ; pop-ulation, about 1,000. One mileto Hyde Park. Building lotsfro

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Bernie Sanders's misleading comparison of mortgage rates and student loan
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Low Mortgage Rates Assist Canadian Housing Market Rebound

Housing Sales Continue To Grow

The CREA report for Summer, 2009 had some really encouraging figures:

Sales in Summer were up 8.7% from May, 2009.
Summer product sales had been 17.9percent higher than those who work in June of the previous 12 months.
More sales and a lot fewer brand-new directories have actually caused inventories to drop for their cheapest levels since August, 2007. Minimal stocks are very important to ensure price increases are more widespread.
Normal residence costs increased by 1.7per cent over June, 2008.

Increases were taped around the world, but were specifically strong in west. B.C. led the way with almost 40% even more domiciles for sale year over year. Double-digit gains were made in other places also: Saskatchewan was up 25.2per cent, Alberta 22.2percent, and Ontario 15.7percent.

CREA in addition predicts that task within the second half of the season will match or meet or exceed the results in the first 1 / 2.

There are many reasons for the powerful overall performance of Canada’s housing market. It appears Canadians discovered a great deal from the property bust regarding the early 1990s. Because of that knowledge, the Canadian government launched stronger principles for borrowing money, which assisted Canada steer clear of the style of subprime financing that caused so much injury to the U.S. housing industry.

Another crucial difference between this recession in addition to previous housing breasts is rates of interest. In the early 1990s, borrowing prices had been increasing, but now, interest rates have-been suprisingly low. As reported when you look at the Calgary Herald, Millan Mulraine of TD Securities noted that Canada’s relatively stable housing market and healthier banking industry permitted homebuyers to make best use of reduced interest levels and reduced prices.

Housing Starts May Also Be Up

Another positive indication appeared looking for brand new homes. Housing begins were up 8% in Summer over might of 2009. Again, the results had been strongest in western Canada, where metropolitan housing starts in Prairie provinces increased by 60per cent and the ones in B.C. jumped by 25percent. In Ontario and Québec – hard hit by manufacturing task losings – the numbers are not as strong. Ontario had a growth of only 3per cent in urban housing starts, while Québec practiced a decline of 6per cent. Atlantic Canada additionally experienced a drop of 4percent.

Overall, the figures for housing starts were much higher than analysts had anticipated.

All informed, the figures for June housing product sales and starts appear to suggest that the Canadian housing market is getting energy. Sufficient reason for mortgage rates nonetheless affordable, this might be a perfect time for you to look for a unique house.

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