Seabrook man convicted of credit card fraud

Seabrook man convicted of credit card fraud
Seabrook-resident Bruce Ardavon Rafighi, 45, was recently sentenced to seven years in state prison after pleading guilty to felony charges of credit card fraud. On Thursday (March 10), Rafighi appeared in Galveston County Criminal Court and was …
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Attorney general warns of credit fraud, computer scams
“My office is committed to protecting consumers against identify theft and credit card,” Laxalt said in a statement. “I encourage Nevadans to take advantage of the increased security chip cards offer, and to be mindful of the risks and scams that still …
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Police: Credit card scam at Wegmans thwarted
MOUNT LAUREL – Authorities arrested four New York men on charges they were involved in a credit card fraud scheme. Mount Laurel police said they responded Wednesday afternoon to Wegmans on Centerton Road after two of the men tried to use …
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AG: Prieto's Auto Sales shut down; accused of violating Consumer Fraud Act

AG: Prieto's Auto Sales shut down; accused of violating Consumer Fraud Act
Three different Attorneys General–Terry Goddard, Tom Horne, and Mark Brnovich–have each obtained judgments against the company and its owners for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act. The most recent was in July 2014. Owners Gustavo and Rita …
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Bevin orders state's prohibitions against price gouging activated to prevent
The emergency order triggers several consumer protection measures that will remain in place for 30 days, but may be extended past that time as needed. This order empowers the Attorney General's office to be on the lookout for consumers and prosecute, …

3 arrested for investigation of credit card fraud

3 arrested for investigation of credit card fraud
American Canyon police reported arresting 3 men at the local Wal-Mart for investigation of credit card fraud and conspiracy. A Wal-Mart asset protection officer notified police at 9 p.m. Saturday that three men in the self-checkout area were using …
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Newark man charged with credit card fraud, possession forged birth certificate
JERSEY CITY — A Newark man has been charged with credit card fraud and possession of four forged legal documents, according to a criminal complaint. Lance Thomas, 24, of Broadway, was arrested on Tuesday and made his first court appearance …

Three tried to go on shopping spree with stolen credit card info, police say
A faked phone call led to the arrest of three people who allegedly used stolen credit card information to try and buy more than $ 4,000 in merchandise at a Pembroke Pines department store, police say. Freddy Antonio Valle, 22, of Hialeah, Nancy Valle …
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Newest Charge Card Fraud News

Oshkosh authorities release surveillance photographs in bank card fraudulence case
Oshkosh police have actually introduced surveillance pictures of you they do say fraudulently used a charge card at a store. The fraudulence occurred Nov. 3 at Dick's Sporting Goods, 1015 N. Washburn St., police state. You aren’t information is asked to phone Oshkosh …

Credit card fraud
Dependent on would you the mathematics, bank card fraudulence into the U.S. costs financial institutions, consumers and retailers somewhere north of $ 30 billion per year. The xmas shopping season ended this last weekend introduced a good amount of options for crooks to ply their …
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Georgia reveals 1.5m GEL international credit card fraud system
Later [the accused] utilized special technical products to help make the deceptive charge cards in Georgia additionally the private data [from the intercontinental sufferers] ended up being imprinted onto the magnetic pieces associated with the artificial cards,” launched the Investigation division.
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Consumer Fraud in Retail Wrinkle Cream Market?

We often hear about wrinkle ointment organizations taking advantage of consumers with items that do not work, or with outrageous costs.  It is really not as common, however, to listen to of consumers benefiting from wrinkle cream businesses, however it is happening all around the world.  Consumers are buying items from organizations offering money back guarantees and utilizing the item with no any intention of honoring the fee.  They purchase the item understanding that they will be asking for a refund, no matter what the top-notch the item.  Is this behavior becoming condoned, or is blatant fraudulence?

Strangely adequate, numerous consumers seem to genuinely believe that this is an excellent thing.  Displaying complete disregard the businesses that produce the products that they are buying, people believe using these businesses is something becoming celebrated.  They pay little awareness of the way they would feel if they worked an entire week and their boss thought to them sorry we aren’t gonna pay you.  There is no way to have that really work few days back, and the services already are rendered.  Equivalent is true with one of these wrinkle ointments.  This product is utilized, it’s already been purchased to make, but consumers gladly make use of these businesses that offer cash back guarantees.

Why is this even worse is they are assaulting the firms that are in fact using their clients into account.  When they did not care about the pleasure of these consumers they might state that product sales are final, as much organizations do.  But they don’t.  So that they can work by copying the products which they develop, they expose by themselves to these predatory consumers just who go from business to business without previously intending to honor their particular payments.  Its a sad situation whenever you stop to take into account it.  It is a little like purchasing a dress putting on it and returning it, only the store about receives the dress as well as can sell it.  Wrinkle lotion companies are remaining merely dropping earnings. 

While there are wrinkle ointment organizations that don’t offer quality services and products nor offer refunds it’s barely a reason to take it out on other businesses.  And even though we understand that there are a few frauds available where ındividuals are being cheated, it hardly makes scamming honorable organizations appropriate.  It generates organizations matter whether to supply these guarantees to consumers and everyone else will totally lose.  These reimbursement fraudsters are having a significant impact on a lot of companies in these already troubled economic times. 

From a company perspective, you simply can’t manage to leave a revenue leak of the proportion available.  It has been identified and its particular solution is effortless, simply stop supplying it.  But then most people customers who purchase products in hopes it works and then we can continue to use all of them lack the comfort of once you understand we can get a refund if we have a reaction into the services and products.  The behavior of a few customers who will be blatantly exploiting these wrinkle ointment companies is having significant impacts on these business and eventually it’s going to start getting the same impact on most people.  As consumers we have to reconsider our behavior before we start purchasing things that we could both perhaps not pay for, or that individuals plan to return.  If this could be taking place to us, we would feel much in a different way about it.  If you are planning purchasing a wrinkle cream or any anti aging item, do so aided by the objective of keeping it.  When you yourself have a reaction to it, then please return it, but don’t just buy it intending on scamming the company, it hurts people.

Mark Robbins is a consumer advocate whom contributes reviews and product warnings to benefit the customer. He explores one other region of the equation here, but he mostly is a defender of product consumers’ passions. Their main tasks are seen on blogs where he ratings the best wrinkle lotion products which consumers can purchase.