Bitcoin Paper Wallet – How to Create One

Bitcoins can be stored in various ways, either as digital assets or as physical assets, either online or offline. One way in which you can store BitCoins in a physical format is by creating a BitCoin paper wallet. Creating a BitCoin paper wallet is also known as placing your BitCoins in “Cold Storage”.

Bitcoins, being a digital currency, is of course subject to the possibility of attacks from hackers who, motivated by greed, would like nothing better than to steal your assets instead of acquiring their own. This is exactly why BitCoins were created with multiple options for storage.

Placing your BitCoins in “Cold Storage” is a good way to ensure the security and safety of your BitCoins, but there are factors that you would need to consider when using this method. In this article we’ll cover those factors and also guide you in creating your very own BitCoin paper wallet.

How To Create A Bitcoin Paper Wallet

In its simplest terms, a BitCoin paper wallet is simply the digital codes of your BitCoin data, printed directly onto a sheet of paper. The paper wallet contains copies of the public and the private keys that are used to access your BitCoin data.

It goes without saying that it is very important to hide your printed data in a safe place (like a safety deposit box for example). If an unauthorized person gets access to your paper wallet (and they actually know how to use it) then your BitCoins are gone. A

nother factor to keep in mind is that paper and ink degrade over time, so make sure that this document is in a safe and dry place. Don’t forget to have a look at it every once in a while and print out another one if needed.

To perform a transaction from your paper wallet, all you’ll need to do is scan the QR Codes (also printed on your paper wallet) and add the data to your software wallet.

Creating a BitCoin paper wallet is actually very simple. Follow the steps below to create your wallet:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Move your mouse cursor around the screen for about 30 seconds or randomly enter characters in the box provided. This adds extra random data to your keys – making it even more secure.

3. Once the process is complete, a new page will automatically open. Your public and private keys will be displayed with their respective QR codes.

4. Next, click on the “Paper Wallet” tab.

5. Specify the number of BitCoin addresses that you would like to generate. Modify other settings as needed.

6. Click on the “Generate” button.

7. Once the wallets are generated, click on the “Print” button to print out your BitCoin paper wallets. Make sure to use high quality paper – keeping in mind the important factors of proper storage that were mentioned above.


Now that your BitCoins are in “Cold Storage”, whenever you need to use them, all you need to do is scan the QR codes (using your phone’s camera) into your BitCoin mobile app. A BitCoin paper wallet is essentially unhackable since a hacker will not be able to find this wallet anywhere online.

As always, treat your BitCoin wallets (whether online, offline or paper) with the same level of security as you would treat your wallet in your pocket and you’ll do just fine.

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Home Building Equity Creation – Build Or Remodel Your Own Home and Create an Equity Bonanza?

Are you thinking of building or remodeling your home? If you have spent any time looking around for a kit home, packaged home, homebuilding books, or a do-it-yourself program you’ve seen some wild claims. What is true?
They usually call it “sweat equity”. The old “do-it-yourself” model of saving money big time. Yes, saving a lot of money, especially in this economy is very attractive, indeed! But, beware! When the economy is rough, and sales slow down, marketing departments and entrepreneurs really start hitting you with exaggerated claims to get your attention.
Truthfully, only you can decide what is a good time to build or do a major home improvement project. Your income, job security, the amount of cash you have, your credit rating, your time availability … all these things factor in.
Notice that I didn’t even mention the economy. Doesn’t the economy matter? Well, it would be naïve to say that it didn’t. But, it would be a crying shame to let some economic upheaval stand in the way of you reaching your dreams … IF you are prepared. This very well could be a great time for you to make your home building dreams come true. Let me outline a few reasons why then give a way to decide for yourself.
Why this COULD be a good time to build:

If you need to borrow, rates are at historical lows
The building industry is very slow now and you can get bargain prices on many homebuilding materials
The costs of labor are down substantially in many areas and labor is a big part of the overall cost
There are many potential bargains when it comes to buying land to build on

Frankly, there is a window of opportunity for those who are financially and emotionally ready to take the leap. Just know that there is always the potential for the market to worsen before it gets better.
My advice is this. If you’re planning to live in and enjoy the home for years – it’s a good time. If, however, your plans are to build a home for “instant equity” and sell it upon completion, all bets are off! No one can say where the market is headed in the short term. So, unless you’re prepared to hang on to it if necessary, I would not take this speculative gamble.
Finally, as to the wild claims, I really can’t say what is reasonable in your market without knowing how you plan to execute your project. Will you do a lot of management and work yourself? Will you use a home-building coach, a site supervisor, or a kit home? What are other homes selling for? How long will it take to build? What is the interest rate on the loan and for how long? There are many factors involved.
Just be sure that you always ask questions and demand proof of any claims. And never move forward until you’ve spoken to the references of any company or individual that you consider working with. Never!
Good luck and I hope this helps. And keep learning all you can!

You can learn so much more about home building and remodeling online. One great option is to take advantage of a very informative yet simple to follow *free* e-course that you can find by clicking here You will also find other tips and tools, surveys, videos, and additional articles by Mel Inglima.

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Create Wealth From Debt – The Importance of Knowledge

The Small Business Administration estimates that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. There can be a number of reasons why businesses fail in the first year, ranging from a lack of experience in the industry to poor location of the business. However, the number one reason that businesses fail is due to under-capitalization. To build and grow a business or to invest into anything requires capital. In other words, the business didn’t have enough money to grow and operate.

Any business requires capital to get it off the ground and for it to continue to grow. Any investment that you make requires capital. The understanding of how to access capital is therefore critical to creating wealth. You could even say that knowing how to acquire financial resources is a multiplier to your ability to creating wealth.

The greater your ability to access money, the greater your ability to create wealth.

When you master the knowledge of how to access capital, the world opens up to you in ways you never thought possible. If you make getting access to capital a priority for you to master then you will never have to worry about money again. Why? Because you will be a master at getting more! Businesses come and go, life happens and you could lose everything. However, if you are a master at acquiring financial resources you can always rebuild and nothing will be able to stop you.

The knowledge on how to acquire it is where most people fail. I have met so many people who attend countless seminars, have read numerous books on wealth yet still don’t feel they are where they should be or want to be. The biggest mistake wealth builders make is failing to understand how money is created and how to acquire it for themselves. I can’t stress enough how important knowledge is in this process.

An English Philosopher from the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon, famously quoted “Knowledge is Power” and “Knowledge and human power are synonymous”.

Through my Millionaire Credit Coaching program, I can give you the knowledge you need to acquire the capital you need to go from broke to millionaire in less than 2 years! Further information can be found on my website

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