The Crucial Advantages of using Bitcoins at

Bitcoin is the revolutionary CryptoCurrency and it is notably shaping the way of fund transfer across the globe. Being autonomous from the conventional banking system, Bitcoin offers robust and flexible currency that is immune to the inflammation. Conventional currencies may lose its purchasing power, on the other hand, Bitcoin maintains its worth consistently and offers most reliable ecurrecy that has very low risk of collapsing.

There are numerous reasons why Bitcoin has become the most famous choices for international and national money transfer. It is fast and cheap but what does make it stand-out-of-the-crowd is the security and reliability. Bitcoin eliminates the risk of fraud. When using Bitcoin from the third party payment system (, it becomes more reliable and even more secure.

Currently, Bitcoin is used in different markets; whether it is the retail markets or the hospitality, many bigger and smaller businesses have started to accept bitcoins. Moreover, the ecurrency widely availed in the forex market. The traders are using this currency for numerous benefits. When it comes to the casino markets these benefits become double.

Many casino websites allow the players to participate with the bitcoins. As governments do not regulate this currency, the users can have more freedom of using his/her money.

It is recommended to use bitcoins from the third-party wallet. is such payment system that not just offers cheapest and reliable platform to deal in bitcoins, but it also lets its users exchange one currency to other.

With an account, you can have access of multiple currencies and you can effortlessly exchange them to others. Nevertheless, this is not the all; provides cheapest payment system to deal in ecurrencies like Bitcoins.

Get your free account right now, and enjoy the most secure and inexpensive payment system.

During market sell offs, it’s always important to watch for what is holding up best and what recovers the quickest.

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Crypto-Bit Brothers

We’ll take a look at many potential leaders that could emerge when the market resumes its uptrend. While I dont look at the current leaders in this video those should also be included in this list. Cryptos such as DASH, ZCash, Monero, Ripple, etc.

We’ll look at some familiar names and a few obscure and smaller market cap projects. These should be investigated further as potential buys should Bitcoin and Ethereum resume the uptrend. Lot’s of good ideas in this one… you’ll want to take some notes on these and add some to your watch list.
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What Are BitCoins?

Bitcoins are a decentralized, open-source, worldwide digital currency. It is not controlled by any bank or owned by any government.

Unlike other currencies (which can be easily manipulated and controlled) Bitcoin transactions are transparent and can be verified on the global Bitcoin spreadsheet – referred to as the “BlockChain”.

The BlockChain is made up of thousands of computers around the world, all verifying transactions within the Bitcoin network.

The spreadsheet (BlockChain) is actually duplicated and synced live around the world through thousands of computers. This process is very similar to a peer-to-peer system which has no focused centralization, thereby not allowing any single person or organization to manipulate the BlockChain data.

The only essential component that you need to perform Bitcoin transactions is a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallets are free – you should never have to pay to use a Bitcoin wallet. You can download and install Bitcoin wallet software on your computer (or mobile device) or you can sign up of an online wallet service.

Bitcoin transaction fees are either at 0% or a tiny fraction compared to the cost of a credit card transaction or a bank transfer fees. Also, when compared to other international online transactions, the time taken for verification is dramatically reduced – on average; a transaction is verified within 20 to 30 minutes.

Why Are Bitcoins Better Than Traditional Currencies?

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoins are not printed. There is simply no need to do such a thing – it is completely unnecessary.

Banks around the world simply print out more and more money in a vain attempt to cover their national debt. This constant “money printing” floods the market – thereby reducing the actual value of the currency.

Bitcoins however are created digitally by many people around the world. Do you have a good working computer? If you do, then you can create (mine) Bitcoins. Bitcoins are “mined” using computing power in the distributed worldwide network. “Bitcoin Mining” is the task of processing and securing each transaction to verify and lock them into the “BlockChain” ledger.

So is there an upper limit to the total amount of Bitcoins that are in use around the world? Yes there is. The Bitcoin protocol – the code and mathematical rules that Bitcoins are based on state that there will only ever be a total of 21 million Bitcoins created by miners.

This finite number means that Bitcoins are deflationary, rather than inflationary like all other national currencies; i.e. because the banks are constantly printing more money to cover debt and to fill new loans, the value of the other currencies as a whole falls – thus we have inflation.

However with Bitcoins, only 21 million can ever be created, so this currency is deflationary. As the demand for Bitcoins rise, so will its price, since there is a fixed, definite, limited supply of Bitcoins to trade.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “Well if there are only 21 million Bitcoins to trade, how can this be all shared with billions of people”? Well here’s the answer. Every individual Bitcoin is broken up into 8 decimal places (0.00000000) so there are 210 trillion units of Bitcoin in use. There are more than enough Bitcoin units (also known as satoshi) to share with everyone around the world many times over.

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In this video I will talk about what is means for the NEO to have its first Dapp in AdEx, as well as talk about the August 23rd INNOxNEO Night.

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Buying Bitcoins: 3 Major Risks You Need To Know About

The experimental digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been gaining in popularity among online and offline merchants in recent months, and if you are considering putting any of your money into this new digital currency then it is important that you know the risks associated with this type of investment. Learn about three of the risks that investors and early adopters can face from buying real Bitcoins so that you can evaluate this opportunity to see if it is right for you.

You Can Lose Access To Your Bitcoins

There are two main security protocols that are used when you are transacting or making purchases with Bitcoin: There is the public key encryption which is published freely in an open source manner on the internet, and then there is the private password that the user must enter in order to spend from their digital wallet. If you ever lose your private password that allows you access to the Bitcoins in your digital wallet, it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to gain access to that money again due to the level of encryption. This is seen as a positive by some people because if you never forget your password then nobody else has access to your digital wallet except you.

No Bitcoin Transaction Can Be Reversed

When you make a regular purchase with a credit card, it can be possible to reverse that charge at a later date by disputing a charge and receiving a chargeback credit. This is not possible with any Bitcoin transaction because once a transaction is verified it is permanently added to the ledger of Bitcoin transactions known as the block chain, meaning that the only way you could get your money back is if the counter party agreed to refund your money.

Bitcoin Mining Becomes Decreasingly Profitable

Many people who are learning about Bitcoin recently for the first time ask the question whether it is profitable to engage in Bitcoin mining, which is when you run the Bitcoin algorithmic block chain software on your own computer in order to contribute computing resources to the peer-to-peer transaction network. The truth is that mining Bitcoins is not nearly as profitable as it was several years ago, and a good replacement strategy the does not require special hardware is to simply trade the price of Bitcoin instead of trying to mine it. By learning about some of the risks associated with transferring cash into Bitcoins you can decide whether you are interested in this type of digital currency.

Discover the money making secrets of Bitcoin power users by clicking on Bitcoin Secrets.

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The 3 Biggest Reasons For Buying Bitcoins

The new Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency has been gaining in popularity with both early adopters of the payment technology as well as those merchants that are willing to accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. The growing acceptance and popularity of paying for goods and services in Bitcoin has led to the development of a number of correlated industries and companies such as Bitcoin exchange merchants that allow people to swap their own currency such as dollars, euros, or yen for Bitcoin.

There Is A Limited Supply Of Bitcoins

One of the benefits of denominating a portion of your money in Bitcoins is that the currency itself differs largely from other major world currencies because it is not susceptible to central bank inflationary pressure and quantitative easing due to the fact that there are a fixed number of bitcoins that can ever be created. This, however, would not decrease the ability to use bitcoins for transactions as the units of currency can be divided down by eight digits, or the hundred millionth decimal place.

Your Digital Wallet Fits In Your Pocket

Those merchants that are willing to accept Bitcoin as payment in person will usually be using the digital wallet software on their smart phone, and you can facilitate a Bitcoin transaction when the merchant creates an invoice with a QR code that the customer can scan with their phone to complete the transaction. Once the customer scans the generated code with their smart phone the transaction will update on the merchant’s phone and be complete in just a few seconds.

Reduced Transaction Fees For Merchants

One of the reasons many merchants and online business owners have decided to accept Bitcoin as an optional payment method is that it offers them reduced transaction fees as opposed to the costs associated with credit card processing. This will benefit the merchant who is able to keep a larger percentage of the transaction price without the need for higher credit card processing fees, and it can also protect the merchant from the risk of chargeback fraud where a credit card charge is reversed at a later date.

This type of purchase transaction may also benefit the consumer as the merchant will be able to offer products or services at a slightly reduced cost due to the money that is saved from lower transaction costs. Considering the option of owning Bitcoin in a digital wallet or accepting Bitcoin as payment with your small business can be a financially rewarding choice for individual investors.

The Bitcoin digital cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity and is used by more and more people. Discover the secrets of Bitcoin power users by reading about this fantastic opportunity at

In this video I will cover a bunch of exciting information related to NEO, and why all of it put together could result in the price of NEO continuing its upward trend.

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