Officials from the Australian Tax Office and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission have been invited to speak at Australia’s first global Bitcoin conference, which is to be held in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of March, 2014.

The event, which is hosted by 21st Century Education Group of Companies decided to invite speakers from the ATO and ASIC following a news report that the government bodies were looking to regulate the crypto currency Bitcoin.

CEO of 21st Century Education Group of Companies, Jamie McIntyre says it is a good thing that ASIC and ATO want to regulate the digital currency and he says that he supports their initiative.

“It is only a matter of time before it happens”, says McIntyre.

“If they are planning to regulate Bitcoins, it means that they see a future for the digital currency. I am all for effective regulation and look forward to seeing it happen,” he said.

Monash law professor Dr Rhys Bollen will also be speaking at the event about potential regulation around Bitcoin.

Over a dozen speakers are flying in to speak at the conference this March. Some of the names include Jordan Kelley, CEO and founder of Robocoin; Leon-Gerard Vandenberg- expert in Defence/Technology development, fund raising & commercialisation; Jeffrey Tucker-CEO of and publisher of Laissez Faire Books.

To be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre inside the Trading Property and Franchise Expo (, the event will commence at 9:30 AM and will go on until approximately 6:30 PM, following which there will be Global Bitcoin Networking drinks.

Tickets for the Bitcoin conference start at $ 250, which includes free access to the Expo as well.

McIntyre believes that realistically the value of Bitcoin could go up to $ 10,000 in the next couple of years.

21st Century is also the parent company for 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange; an Australian exchange founded by McIntyre and US Company International Operations LLC. (

McIntyre partnered to launch a Bitcoin Exchange, amongst several other Bitcoin start-ups due to high Bitcoin demand from his 500,000-investor clients.

Recently it was reported that along with other investors, he has established a company called Australian Bitcoin ATMs. They are planning on bringing 100 Bitcoin ATMs to Australia starting with Melbourne in February followed with Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland in March. (

The entire rollout of the 100 ATMs is expected to be within the next 12 months.

McIntyre also recently launched the Bitcoin E-Network, which will provide online e-learning educational courses about Bitcoins via a worldwide online direct sales channel, which will accept both Bitcoins and traditional currencies and offer discounts to buy and sell Bitcoins via

21st Century Education is setting up a Bitcoin Education Resource Centre at 222 Kingsway South Melbourne. The location will also feature a Bitcoin ATM.

In Australia, 21st Century Education Group of Companies has been one of the most vocal advocates of the digital currency. They were one of the first organisations to start accepting payments in Bitcoins.

Recently it was announced that they are offering 25% discount on some of their products if purchased by Bitcoin. They have also agreed to pay some of their employees’ salaries through the digital currency.

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21st Century News is a daily news site publishing current affairs in the world of politics, business, finance, and property. Its popular commentary section provides a wide range of content with political opinion, celebrity profiles, market reports/analysis, and educational articles written by business, finance and property experts.

Execoin: prepared for scrypt ASIC threat

Execoin is a virtual crypto currency with strong resistance to new generations of scrypt ASIC. Designed to overhead future scrypt ASICs development Execoin includes a number of features making it a sort of unique coin on the market. First, it’s resistance to ASIC miners grows progressively to assure strong protection against more and more powerful custom scrypt miners in the future. Then, different core design and implemented Kimoto Gravity Well technology provide resistance to multipooling, which is also a serious threat for cryptocoin’s network. In addition, 45-seconds block time provides blazing fast transaction confirmations and make Execoin the fastest cryptocurrency among ASIC-protected ones.

Execoin implements an idea of ASIC-free zone, where CPU and GPU miners and investors might be protected from the impact of scrypt ASIC. Currently the hashpower of GPU miners operators is oriented to scrypt-based coins. Bitcoin and other SHA-based coins are currently mined by ASIC only due to extremely high difficulty generated by these ASIC. However, new ASIC for scrypt algorithm are on the way to radically change the whole balance of force in crypto world. Obviously, scrypt ASIC will make GPU mining of all scrypt coins financially unfeasible. Execoin, however, offers an alternative to the power of ASICs. Its innovative Progressive-N algorithm progressively increases memory usage required for mining to prevent the impact of more advanced and powerful ASICs that will be released in the future. In addition, Execoin is multipool-proof and has the fastest block confirmation compared to very few other ASIC-resistant coins. Let’s make in depth review of Execoin features and mark the issues crypto market has to deal with!

Scrypt ASIC problem

No doubt that ASIC for scrypt algorithm will significantly change the entire crypto coin market and this will happen soon. Several models of scrypt ASICs already been announced recently and their number will grow with time like a wave. Looking at Bitcoin ASIC progress we can predict the same scenario for scrypt ASICs, which means they will be released in a progressive manner, more and more ASICs will be announced by different vendors.

Execoin is positioning and designed for the coming scrypt ASIC era. What will happen when GPU mining rigs will be pushed out of their comfort zone by this custom mining hardware? Scrypt ASIC will make mining with GPU absolutely pointless and hashpower of GPU rigs will need to switch to some alternative, still profitable for mining. Execoin has been created to provide such ASIC-free zone. This migration will lead to rapid rise of hashrate in Execoin network and the same rise of EXE price in the exchanges, however both network difficulty and exchange rate should self-balance not being affected by enormous hashpower of ASICs. So GPU mining in this network will stay profitable for a long time.

Multipools impact

Multipooling is a known problem for any coin network. Multipools immediately raise the difficulty when start mining some coin and then leave the network with lower hashrate when switch to another coin. Many scrypt-based coins implemented Kimoto Gravity Well to be protected from multipools effect. This technology has been successfully implemented in Execoin as well. However, Execoin developers believe KGW alone doesn’t not guarantee effective multipool-resistance. Multipools require that the same miner software with the same parameters to be used to mine any scrypt-based coin. Execoin is based on a different algorithm and requires modified miners and custom settings not compatible with multipools making it impossible to mine by multipools. This algorithm design factor and Kimoto Gravity Well together effectively resist multipooling.

“Buy and Hold” investment

Investment into scrypt ASIC proof coins is the choicest investment option now, when it’s obvious that scrypt ASIC are real and will be unpacked and start mining late this summer. Buy and hold strategy is likely to bring a high profit when scrypt ASIC will say their word. Despite of constantly growing market value Execoin is still undervalued and have a high margin potential being purchased before the price rise. Coins similar to Execoin with ASIC resistance are likely to repeat the rise of Litecoin in 2013 when ASIC for Bitcoin were massively released. Huge hashpower of ASIC turned Bitcoin GPU mining into something non-profitable and GPU mining operators turned their heads to Litecoin, which provided resistant to Bitcoin ASIC. Litecoin prices on exchanges soared as a reaction to growing popularity. The same scenario is likely to happen soon to Execoin. Being highly undervalued this coin has a higher potential margin than any other cryptocurrency on the market and is currently a coin of choice both for investors and miners.


Execoin is a cryptographic currency designed and oriented to resist scrypt ASIC (custom mining devices for Scrypt algorithm). A very high chance that upcoming crypto market changes will play into Execoin’s hand make it a coin of choice for GPU miners and investors. Fastest block time, strong multipooling resistance, innovative scrypt ASIC resistance based on progressive-N algorithm and growing infrastructure are major features of Execoin. According to the recent publications and facts about new scrypt ASIC Execoin looks like very promising coin and investors should definitely pay attention to it as to buy and hold investment.

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Execoin is a scrypt-ASIC proof and multipool-resistant crypto currency with the fastest block confirmation time.

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Litecoin Asic

We are a team of crypto-mining enthusiasts looking to share our knowledge and products throughout the world. Like many others we were frustrated with the poor quality of products and customer service. Our goal is to bring an end to that by providing you with the best products and service possible.
Litecoin is associate degree elective crypto currency dependent upon Bit coin. It varies from Bitcoin in this it focuses on a faster sq. rate (2.5 minutes) and utilization scrypt for the essential hashing finished in mining. Whereas scrypt was declared to be run-resistant to GPU-built mining early with relevancy, Gpus are presently the foremost skillful instrumentality with that to mine Litecoins. One in all the points of Litecoin was to administer a mining calculation that completed not wear down Bit coin. The GridSeed ASIC represents the latest in crypto-mining technology. Not only is it the world’s first ASIC Scrypt miner, it is capable of mining SHA-256 as well. In fact, you can mine Scrypt and and SHA-256 simultaneously with it.
We area unit a team of crypto-mining enthusiasts trying to share our information and product throughout the planet. Like several others we tend to were annoyed with the poor quality of product and client service. Our goal is to bring associate degree finish thereto by providing you with the most effective product and repair doable.

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