Renting A Wheelchair Van

There are many reasons why it may be necessary or convenient to rent a wheelchair van for a loved one visiting Seattle.  If  have a disabled loved one traveling to the Seattle area, without their own vehicle,  having a rental wheelchair van at your disposal can make this time visit more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

Having  a rental wheelchair van will solve the issues involved in transporting them while they are here and make them more comfortable during their visit.

There are several good dealers for wheelchair vans in Seattle, and many of them offer rental vehicles. Rentals are available by the day, week or month in most cases, and at rates similar to those of a standard rental agency.

Whether or not they own their own wheelchair van, your visitors can probably tell you the type of wheelchair van they prefer, but here are some things you should know.

There are several types of wheelchair vans, offering many options. There are both minivans and full-size vans and vans offering rear or side entry. These are the first two factors you need to consider. If you will be driving the disabled guest,  either the side entry or rear entry may suit.

The side entry van will allow the disabled person to sit in the front passenger seat if they prefer. A rear entry vehicle allows the person to sit in the middle or rear seat of the van. Discuss these options with them to see what they are used to or prefer. Once the choice of vehicle is made, be sure to practice driving the vehicle while at the dealer, so that you can get used to the difference in weight and handling. You also want to practice parking in both regular and handicapped spots, depending on which method of entry the van is modified for. It’s also important to practice deploying the ramp or wheelchair lift several times before you transport your guest.

When renting a wheelchair van, , be sure to ask about the service and roadside assistance available and to see if you can avoid sales tax by showing a copy of your guest’s prescription for the van. As with any vehicle rental, compare costs of mileage, refueling and insurance.

Renting a wheelchair van is an option that many have never considered, but it can make traveling in a wheelchair or having visitors who are in wheelchairs a much more carefree experience. Just knowing that you and your guests can enjoy all of the sights and activities that Seattle has to offer can make the visit a more relaxed and enjoyable time.

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