Reading the Latest and Updated Ethereum News

There are various portals that provide the latest and updated Ethereum news to readers and even traders or investors can take advantage of the same. The latest development is that Zhong An, China’s first online insurance company, has established Zhong An Technology to conduct research and development on artificial intelligence, Blockchain and cloud computing.

The news reports claim that the major focus of the company is on implementing Blockchains into their online insurance platform. The Ethereum news claims that with the latest development the firm aims to be an innovator in the healthcare and finance sectors. This has been welcomed by the entire industry that thinks it can invite further investments.

Talking about the development Xing Jiang, CTO of ZhongAn said that with the creation of ZhongAn Technology, they are developing a new FinTech ecosystem. They are not just integrating technological research with financial innovation but also aim to be an accelerator for both the finance and healthcare sectors.

Updated Ethereum News on the Uses of Ethereum

Ethereum has caught popular attention in very short time; the latest development in China just an evidence. Needless to say the subsidiary has already worked with more than 20 partners from Blockchain-applicable sectors. These sectors include banking, insurance and healthcare and they all aim to create the Shanghai Blockchain Enterprise Development Alliance.

The alliance according to the various Ethereum news reports one of China’s first Blockchain-focused bodies to develop Blockchain applications. Notwithstanding what Zhong An Technology has even teamed up with Fudan University’s School of Computer Sciences and Technology. The two organizations aim to set up a FinTech laboratory focused on Blockchain and security.

Finding Out Latest Ethereum News for Fundamental Analysis

Like what happens in equity market, in Ethereum trading traders go for technical and fundamental analysis so that they are able to make a profitable trading decision. The portals providing the latest and updated Ethereum news know the requirement and custom design the solution. In their news stories they also bring in the fundamental analysis.

There are some portals like NewsBTC that provide Ethereum technical analysis where they provide coverage to the trading ideas and tell when to enter into a position and when to exit. With the help of technical and fundamental analysis traders are able to make profitable trading decisions. Needless to say Ethereum news and analysis has become fundamental for traders.