3 Free Credit Report per Year

3 Free Credit Report per Year

3 Free Credit Report per Year

A credit report checkup is not something that most people ever think about doing. However, this is a very important thing to put on your to do list. Just as a physical checkup is vital to our personal health, so is a credit checkup vital for our current credit standing. Credit reports are important to check because there can be so many errors that can occur to many people each year. One of the best ways to maintain your credit checkup is to get your 3 free credit reports per year.

The top three credit bureaus are;

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • Transunion

These are the big three in the credit reporting industry. They are necessary for all creditors to check and all three will give a customer a free report at least once per year. All an individual needs to do is to contact each one and request the free report. After you have obtained the free report, what do you do if there are inconsistencies showing up?

Clean it up

After you get your 3 free credit report per year from all three bureaus, it is time to really look them over with a fine tooth comb. There are millions of people who find that there are inaccurate reports listed on their credit report. Sometimes people do not find out that there are problems until they are applying for a loan for a new home or other purchase. This is not the time when you want to encounter trouble. If you are thinking about purchasing a home or other item that will result in your credit being checked, take some time prior to that purchase and make sure that your credit report is the best that it can be. Clean up all the items before you go to your lender.

How do you get these inaccurate items removed? You will need to request that the credit bureaus do an investigation on your behalf, by logging online and denying or appealing that the negative listing is yours. However, not just negatives can affect you. If your report lists that you have had a paid mortgage in good standing and you do not, the lender will wonder why you need to buy another home, and may think that your credit is not good enough. After you begin the appeal of the negative listing, it may take several weeks for the credit bureau to remove it from your report, although it can take much longer. Keep checking your report, even if you need to purchase a monthly plan to do so. It is better to have these things removed once and for all before you set out to obtain loans again.

Free reports

Free reports will help you discover what is going on with your credit and let you take the right steps toward fixing it. However, it is important not to hire any outside firm to fix your report yourself, unless you check them out thoroughly. If you do not, you are taking great risk at losing your money if you cannot make sure that the company is legitimate.

If a company tells you things that seem too good to be true, then they probably are not true. No one needs to hire a credit fixing company, as you can accomplish what you need to do on your own with some old fashioned homework and a determination to succeed and really turn your credit around. Many people get into tight spots during an illness, a divorce, or the collapse of a business and may suffer negative credit times, but those times can be put behind you.

3 Credit Bureau Scores

3 Credit Bureau Scores

3 Credit Bureau Scores

Just what is a credit score and who are the three main credit bureaus? A good credit score can do the following;

  • Get you a lower interest rate on a home loan
  • Lower your rate on any credit cards you obtain
  • Makes your car payment lower with a better interest rate
  • Get you a better position in your career.

While all of these things may not apply to all people, a great credit score will help you get much lower interest rates for the items that you need to buy. To obtain a credit score, one will need to take a look at all 3 credit bureau scores and see how they stack up to each other.

The 3 scores

There are three main sites that a creditor will check when you are applying for a loan or a credit card. When a creditor contacts one of the three he or she will obtain a FICO score, or a credit score on you and that will help them determine whether they can do business with you and at what terms. The 3 credit bureau scores portray certain details about the customer, but certainly do not tell us everything.

Who are the 3 main credit bureaus? The main three that are utilized by most creditors are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. All three of them are a little bit different and it is common for a creditor to really like the relationship that they have established with one over the other and may never use the other two. All three of them have the information that is needed but just like working with any other establishment, someone has a preference with one over the other.

All 3 credit bureau scores are sometimes looked at by many creditors to see if one has some information that is not included with another site. Not all information is included in the same way on all three sites. However, it is important that if you are intending to make a major purchase and take a loan out that you do your own check on all three sites to get all 3 credit scores. Sometimes there are mistakes on a credit report that may get you turned down for credit. It is so important to take a look at everything so that there is nothing on there that does not apply to you.

There is an opportunity to get a free copy of your credit scores at all three credit bureaus once per year. If you have an ongoing problem, or already know that your credit is not where it should be, you can purchase a monthly option that will let you check your report any time you wish. This is important to be able to raise your lower score so that you can qualify for lower interest rates when you decide to purchase a home or a car.

How to Appeal

If when you check your credit report and get all 3 credit bureau scores and find that there are errors listed, you can ask the credit bureau to check out your claims and to notify you in the event that they determine that a mistake has been made and then those mistakes can be removed. Once you notify the credit bureau that a mistake has been made, it usually takes about two weeks for the investigation. In addition, if there are negatives on your report and you have paid the creditor you may request from the creditor that he or she remove the error from your credit report. Be proactive and stay on top of your own credit.

My 3 Credit Scores

My 3 Credit Scores

My 3 Credit Scores 

There are three top services that give credit-reporting information. They are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. All of these agencies deliver a variant of FICO scores that uses the system developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation. Individuals can order their credit report from the three major companies for a small price.

The opportunity is also available for individuals to use numerous identity and credit monitoring facilities that will give the consumer their credit score weekly or even on a monthly basis. Finally, the consumer is allowed to view their credit report from each of the companies for free once a year. Although, this free credit report won’t show the individual’s credit score. It will only show his or her credit record or report.

My 3 credit score companies are:


The agency, TransUnion is a main credit bureau. It proposes the consumer a monitoring service that is monthly and entitles him or her the opportunity to view his or her credit report and score monthly. After a free trial of one month, TransUnion credit bureau will begin charging a monthly price.


Equifax presents consumers with a service that they call Score Watch. Score Watch lets the consumer have the ability to monitor his or her credit score each month for a monthly fee. The subscription that includes the monthly fee gives consumers the opportunity to have admittance to explanations of the user’s scores or score, admittance to two FICO scores, in addition to the ability to monitor and give alerts if something fluctuates on his or her Equifax reports. Not only that, Equifax provides many different products that are designed to help consumers to have the ability to monitor their credit scores, which comprises a “3 in one” report on their scores. This allows consumers admittance to their credit report from the three top credit bureaus, as well as receiving their credit scores. There is a price for this service.


Another one of the 3 credit scorefacilities, Experian computes the consumers credit score. Experian provides free admittance to an individual’s credit score and report just for enlisting in a package called Triple Advantage. If an individual fails to stop the Triple Advantage program in trial period offered that allows the consumer to a free score, he or she will need to pay a monthly price for the service. This membership, however, gives the consumer admittance to the three major credit scores and reports.

How to Get all 3 Credit Scores

3 Credit Bureau Scores

How to Get all 3 Credit Scores 

There are numerous suggestions as to how to get all 3 credit scores online. With such a variety of selections, it may be hard to decide what option is best. Consumers are authorized that gives them the opportunity to obtain one credit report for free every year. But, it requires a fee for a consumer to get his or her credit scores.

A corporation titled, Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) developed a system for calculating credit scores to aid lenders in determining whether a consumer was “credit worthy” and the possibility of the individual to make payments on time. FICO scores benefits businesses and other corporations to expand their decision-making ability about credit lending and lending money. The credit score is produced by data that has been collected from separate credit reporting companies and certain lenders.

Instructions on Obtaining All 3 Credit Scores

  • You can to online to myfico.com and click “Start Free Trial”. Since you will have to pay for your credit scores, you’ll need to have a credit or debit card. The best method to get all three-credit scores is to pay for all three-credit scores at the same time.

TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are the US agencies that report your credit scores. It has been reported that annualcreditreport.com or myfico.com are the favored ways of getting your credit scores.

  • If you go online at annualcreditreport.com, you will need to fill out a form of your personal information. You’ll be guided to the credit company’s website to get your data. You’ll need to mark a check on each credit agency that you would like to visit. Those websites will allow you to request a business or personal FICO score that you will need to pay a fee for. Pick the choices that you want.
  • You will be able to get a free credit report if you are refused credit. These reports won’t include the credit scores if the user requests a specific credit score and there will still be a fee for obtaining the score.

If you’d rather not use the Web, you can ask that each credit agency send you your report by mail. Free credit reports that are requested by mail or phone should be sent within 15 days of the original request.

The FCIC recommends against communicating with each credit unit because of an agreement contract.

3 Bureau Credit Scores

3 Free Credit Reports

3 Bureau Credit Scores 

What a Credit Score Is:

When an individual applies for a loan, 3 credit scores are frequently used by the creditor to assist them in determining the likelihood of whether the person is likely to pay the loan off. Whether the individual applies for credit for a car loan, a credit card or a mortgage, lenders need to be aware of any risk they may take by loaning the money.

Most of the lenders use FICO scores to help them to establish whether the person applying for credit poses as a credit risk or not. Individuals have 3 bureau credit scores – one score for each credit bureau – TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Every credit rating is based on data that the credit bureau maintains on record about the individual applying for credit. While the data change, a person’s credit score are inclined to also change. A person’s FICO credit scores influence both what the terms of the loan will be and what interest rates a lender may offer. Improving one’s FICO score can aid in receiving a better interest rate from a lender.

For an individual’s three FICO credit scores to be computed, each of the 3 bureau credit reports needs to have at least one of his or her accounts to have been open for no less the six months. Not only that, every report needs to have at least one of his/her accounts to have been updated within the last six months.

FICO Scores

3 Bureau Credit Scores are frequently referred to as FICO scores for the reason that the majority of credit bureau scores that are used in the USA are made from software that was developed by Fair Isaac & Co. – hence FICO.

FICO scores deliver the best monitor to prospective risk that is solely based on the data of the credit report. The higher score indicates a lower risk. However there is no score that can say whether a particular individual would be a bad or good customer. Despite the fact that most of the lenders use FICO scores to aid the in determining their lending choices, every lender provides a strategy of its own, which includes the amount of risk the lender finds is satisfactory for a credit product. Lenders do not use a lone cutoff score and there are a variety of other factors that lenders may use to decide what an individual’s interest rate will be. Nevertheless, individuals now have the ability to see what the typical interest rate lenders will offer which is founded on the FICO score spans.