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Grading the 10 Biggest techniques for the 2014 NBA Offseason, Midseason Edition
Players switched teams, franchises hired new mentors and, most importantly, instant futures were enlivened. At least, they were supposed to be. Moves geared towards immediate improvement are usually fulfilled with daunting hype and similar acclaim.
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To Rebuild The Middle Class, Don't Stop With Free Community College
… that enable pupils to make use of financial aid across brand-new types of educational programs, pilot programs to spur even more improvements in online and hybrid education, and when and all, jettisoning anachronistic policies that measure mastering via chair time …
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Digital archeology: just how Double good, Disney, LucasFilm and Sony resurrected
Making use of a program known as Retrospect, he rebuilt the catalog data per plus, slowly, restored Grim Fandango toward tune of nine hours per tape, including renovation. (The unlabeled DLTs, he discovered, weren’t regarding Grim Fandango.) As he …
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