Losing Weight and Gaining Energy – Peer Challenges

Peer Challenges

Listen, the hardest thing about losing weight may have nothing to do with the changes you will make in your eating or in anything else you do. It will come from those you spend the most time with, your peer group. You know, the friends you go out to lunch with everyday. They are going to be threatened by you losing all this weight and gaining all this energy for two reasons.

One, they will think, although they might not say it, that you are going to stop hanging out with them, because they are not skinny like you. They are afraid they are going to lose their friendship with you. Even you own family is going to react like this, because they are going to be afraid that you will not like them if they eat stuff you chose not to eat. I know, I went through this with my friends and family. I had to tell them I loved them and wanted to spend time with them, no matter what they eat and not matter what I ate. I wouldn’t stop loving or wanting to be with someone who all of a sudden became allergic to a whole bunch of foods, would I? So just tell them you have become allergic to lots of foods you used to eat, because they make you break out in fat. Hopefully they will understand.

The second reason your friends and maybe, sadly some loved ones, will try to talk you out of this new way of eating, or have you just have one bite, because one bite won’t hurt anyone, is they are going to be jealous. They are going to see you fit into clothes they dream of fitting into, you having the energy and desire to take the stairs everyday, and they are wishing they had to the will power you had. So this will make them uncomfortable. and unfortunately, for some of them, you will have to stop spending time being with them, or stop trying to lose the weight and gain the energy. There is just no other way.

But, your health, the fact that you and so many who love you deserve you to be healthy, is worth it. So please, if your peer group will not let you have health and energy, then find another peer group. You life is too precious to give in to them.

Until I see you again, live with energy and be great to yourself!

Bob Krulish lost 20 pounds in 30 days and gained a ton of energy while eating all day long. He lost 10 inches around his waist in 5 short weeks and has the energy of a 6 year old all day long. And, he has a passion to share this information on how he did it and how you easily can to. He shares all of this for you on his free video blog at http://www.bobkrulish.com

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