Looking at the History of Casino Games

The word casino originates from Italian language and it implies ‘little house’. Originally, it meant a small pavilion located on the grounds of big villa. The small house was used for parties that involved music, dancing, socializing and at times games of chance. As years went by it was the ‘games of chance’ that became the prominent themes of casinos and the small house became a formal gambling club.

As we know it, the first modern casino was established in Monaco in 1861 and it is still a centre for gambling. In United Kingdom, casino gambling for real money became legal in 1960 but this did not stop UK citizens from travelling to other parts of Europe to enjoy playing in casino there.

In the United States, gambling for real money has been legit through an on and off basis for 100s of years. The initial gambling laws for the US were passed in 1600s but games of chance had been part of the traditions there earlier than that. In 1931 it was the state of Nevada that first legalized gambling formally and this led to the establishment of casinos in Las Vegas that are famous worldwide now. Then there is the Foxwoods casino in Connecticut having over 6000 slot machines and 350 gaming tables. The small house was not so small ever since such developments.

History of Slot Machines

Charles Fey, a mechanic invented the slot machine in California in 1890s. He named his slot machine the Liberty Bell but the machine became more popular with its mention as ‘One Armed Bandit’. The slot machine over time developed with more reels and paylines, a wider variety of themes and symbols, and more sophisticated technology. Also, the random number generator came in place of the mechanical reels.

The progress that was seen in the making and design of slot machines later culminated into the introduction of online slot machines in 1990s, almost 100 years after the creation of Liberty Bell. After the development of online slots, the gamblers saw the creation of online video poker. The story has not ended and with development of technology, only more exciting online casino games are being created each month.

After the introduction of cryptocurrency in the digital gambling world, seasoned players have started spending hours on their devices – engrossed in the lively word of top bitcoin casinos.

People who used to wait in lines to play the game they love can now enjoy it round the clock from the comforts of their homes. All they need is a secure internet connection on their computer and some of these gaming websites are also optimized for small screen of tablets and mobile phones.

Among other games, Baccarat is one that became popular after its evolution on the Internet. In typical land casinos, only the most special of guests were allowed to come into the roped-off area that was exclusively prepared for a game of Baccarat. Thanks to online versions of the game, Baccarat is now more accessible to any player. What’s more, the minimum betting amount is much lower than in the fancier gaming houses on land.

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