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Image from page 423 of “From the Earth to the Moon direct in ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes, and a trip round it” (1874)
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Identifier: fromearthtomoond00vern
Title: From the Earth to the Moon direct in ninety-seven hours and twenty minutes, and a trip round it
Year: 1874 (1870s)
Authors: Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
Publisher: New York : Scribner, Armstrong
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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n-founded ; and as to the stone, let us suppose it to be a comet. Ah! those much-abused comets! exclaimed Barbicane,My brave Michel, your explanation is not bad ; but your cometis useless. The shock which produced that rent must have comefrom the inside of the star. A violent contraction of the lunarcrust, while cooling, might suffice to imprint this gigantic star. A contraction ! something like a lunar stomach-ache, saidMichel Ardan. Besides, added Barbicane, this opinion is that of an Englishsavant, Nasmyth, and it seems to me to sufficiently explain theradiation of these mountains. That Nasmyth was no fool! replied Michel. Long did the travellers, whom such a sight could never weary,admire the splendours of Tycho. Their projectile, saturated withluminous gleams in the double irradiation of sun and moon, musthave appeared like an incandescent globe. They had passedsuddenly from excessive cold to intense heat. Nature was thuspreparing them to become Selenitcs. Become Selenites ! That

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A VIOLENT CONTRACTION OP THE LUNAR CRUST. [p. 282.] GRAVE QUESTIONS. 283 idea brought up once more the question of the habitahility of thomoon. After Avliat they had seen, could the travellers solve it ?Would they decide for or against it ? Michel Ardan persuadedliis two friends to form an opinion, and asked them directly ifthey thought that men and animals were repi-esentcd in the lunarworld. I think that we can answer, said Barbicano ; but accordingto my idea the question ought not to be put in that form. I askit to be put diflPerently. Put it your own way, replied Michel. Here it is, continued Barbicane. The problem is a doubleone, and requires a double solution. Is the moon habitable? Ha3the moon ever been inhabited 7^ Good ! replied Nicholl. • First let us see whether the moonis habitable. To tell the truth, I know nothing about it, answeredMicliel. * And I answer in the negative, continued Barbicane. Inher actual state, with her surrounding atmosphere certainly verymuch reduce

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