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How to Calculate the True Savings from Refinancing a Mortgage
There's no one way to calculate the true savings from refinancing a mortgage. You can – and should – crunch the numbers to make sure that the refinance will actually save you money (it doesn't always). But you also have to take non-monetary factors …
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Is a refi for you? Low rates make refinancing mortgages popular
Attractive rates and residential mortgage financing promotions helped to drive refinancing activity upward in 2015, but it might taper off in 2016 as fewer homeowners will want to take that financial option. While Wisconsin mortgage lending officials …
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perfect time to refinance your mortgage
Janine Louden was not going to just let inertia rule and do nothing when mortgage interest rates fell below what she was paying on her fixed-rate mortgage. She is refinancing the loan she has with her husband on their house in Newcastle in NSW …
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