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WSDOT comes clean about 2013 Good To Go data breach
The Washington State Department of Transportation said Thursday that a former contract employee is to blame for a 2013 credit card breach at Good To Go. The breach in the state's toll collection system was kept quiet until now. Two years ago, a …

Surprise! Your Credit Score Matters More Than Ever In 2016
However, maintaining a high credit score now might allow you to land a 0% introductory APR credit card offer and do a balance transfer before a change in the interest rate environment forces card providers to nix these offers. (Just make sure you read …
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New Monopoly game uses credit cards, not cash, to keep up with the times
"While I definitely appreciate the convenience of credit cards, it seems like counting up those ones, fives and tens is a good learning experience the next generation will miss out on." Social media users were also quick to complain that credit cards …