Image from page 620 of “Annual report of the auditor associated with state of North Carolina” (1919)

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Image from page 620 of “yearly report for the auditor for the state of new york” (1919)
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Identifier: annualreportofau1919nort
Title: Annual report regarding the auditor associated with the state of new york
12 Months: 1919 (1910s)
Writers: North Carolina. Dept. of State Auditor
Topics: Finance, Public
Publisher: Raleigh : Auditor’s Dept.
Adding Library: State Library of Vermont, Government & History Library
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.14 1.18189.8714.15 State Auditors Report, 1919 145 Report 1—Continued PERQUIMANS COUNTY—Continued. condition taxes—continued.Schedule C. wedding permits, each Total Schedule C Total Schedules B and C-Total basic taxes special tax for pensions. Property..Polls Total fees for pensions Total State fees, basic and retirement benefits.. SCHOOL TAXES PAYABLE TO COUNTY TREASURER. Real-estate listed by corporations considered by State taxation Com-mission, including real home of finance companies Personal property detailed by corporations evaluated by State taxation Commission, including individual residential property of financial institutions Value railway, telegraph, telephone, express, etc Value lender stock Foreign corporations Value corporation excess Listed by white people detailed by negro people White polls Negro polls Unique taxes for schools in county Total amount general and special college income tax.. COUNTY TAXES. County purposes Bridges and roads Unique taxes for bonds.. Total county fees Total State, school, and county fees..

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$ 8,094.8415,481.(1,327.00 10—Part II—1919 146 State Auditors Report, 1919 Statement 1—Continued PERSON COUNTY.N. S. Thompson, Sheriff. STATE TAXES. Acres of land, 242,675..Town lots, 474.. complete valuation of property- ponies, 2,743 Mules, 2,050 Jacks and jennets, 12 Cattle, 4,685 Hogs, 7,402 Sheep, 351 Goats, 49 Value farming untensils Value carriages, use, buggies, wagons, carts, and other cars Value furniture and warehouse fixtures Value resources of mechanics Value family and kitchen furniture, musical tools, conditions of all kinds, firearms.. Value libraries and clinical instruments Money on hand Solvent credits stocks of stock in just about any company not integrated inside State Automobiles, pleasure boats, bicycles, motorbikes Seines, nets, and ships Jewelry, items, wares, product, cotton fiber, tobacco, turpentine, rosin, tar, brandy, whiskey, and all various other property complete valuation individual property Total valuation real and peraonal home..Income

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Image from web page 730 of “yearly report regarding the Town of Andover” (1915)
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Identifier: annualreporto19151920ando
Title: Yearly report regarding the Town of Andover
12 Months: 1915 (1910s)
Writers: Andover (Mass.)
Topics: Finance, Public–Massachusetts–Andover Andover (Mass.)–Appropriations and expenditures
Publisher: The Town
Contributing Library: Memorial Hall Library
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* ir-j y—iir>*-* O* — C*5 -sh »-* co ■ *—• 1/3 vO © CM IT) CM CMCM©CM4^ C U IT. ■ fit « 5 3 co . – CO u ^c 4-> . C3 ^ C o t* c.. aj 5 a to a> J,. cjoC —SCO c o i- £ ecu. -, *- U > << — QJ i- «; — r3 0 P u – c o 9 c . ^ J.cdU * 6—tl/J 131 co tr. STATEMENT OF FINANCE Appropriation March 5, 1917 Highway division 500 00 Sprinkling 1876 46 Lowell Street 2500 00 Massachusetts Highway Commission 2480 84 Essex County * 2480 84 Credits 2897 61 S48735 75Overdrawn 3400 34 Total Expenditures 852136 09 expenses Maintenance 820222 54 building 12199 06 Snow 2940 65 empties 1670 35 Sidewalks and curbing 7660 98 Lowell Street 7442 51 S52136 09 136 09 Overdrawn, shown by Town Treasurer perhaps not obtaining theFranchise or Excise Tax. 31 CITY OF ANDOVER ANNUAL REPORT REGARDING THE Receipts and expenses

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WMIIIHIllWf**0^ FOR FISCAL SEASON ENDING DECEMBER 31, 1918 ANDOVER, MASS. THE ANDOVER PRESS1919 CONTENTS Almshouse Expenses 55 private Property at 59 Relief from 59 Repairs on 57 Superintendents Report 65 Aiding moms 58 Animal Inspector 70 Appropriations, 1918 16 Art Gallery 128 Assessors Report 61 possessions 83 Auditors Report 90 Board of Health 37, 72 Board of Public Functions Appendix Sewer Sinking Funds 44 liquid Sinking resources 44 Bonds, Redemption of 49 Brush Fires 34 Collectors Account 81 Cornell Fund 71 County taxation 45 Dog Tax 45 Dump, proper care of 50 Fire division 31, 62 Finance Committee 91 G. A. R. Post, 99 44 Hay Scales 42 Insurance 42 Interest 48 Jury record 103 Liabilities 83 Memorial Da) 43 Memorial Hall Library 44, 105 Librarians Report 110 Miscellaneous 51 Moth Superintendents Report 69 Moth Suppression 39 New twelfth grade 27 Notes Given 46 Notes Paid 47 Overseers of this bad 53 Old Schoolhouse, Ballardvale 26 Police 35, 64 Printing and Stationery 38 Punchard totally free class, Report

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Image from web page 172 of “Genealogical notes associated with Carpenter household, like the autobiography, and private reminiscences of Dr. Seymour D. Carpenter, lieutenant colonel when you look at the war when it comes to union. With genealogical and biographical appendix ..” (1907)
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Identifier: genealogicalnote00carp
Title: Genealogical records for the Carpenter family, including the autobiography, and private reminiscences of Dr. Seymour D. Carpenter, lieutenant colonel into the war for union. With genealogical and biographical appendix ..
12 Months: 1907 (1900s)
Authors: Carpenter, Seymour D. (Seymour David), 1826?- Walker, Edwin Sawyer
Subjects: Carpenter household Carpenter, Seymour D. (Seymour David), 1826?- Soldiers — United States United States — History Civil War, 1861-1865 individual narratives
Publisher: Springfield, Ill., Illinois state diary co., printers
Contributing Library: New York Public Library
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from Maine, from ny and Chicago, amongwhom had been Charles Walker, of Chicago, the President of theNorth-western Eailroad. Our deputations had been swept from theirold moorings, and immediately joined up with fingers with one of these guys andformed a company, the Chicago, Iowa and Nebraska, to buildwest from Clinton, by-the-way of Cedar Eapids, to the Missouririver. Cedar Eapids was presented with first directors, as follows.George Greene, John Weare, H. G. Angle, S. C. Beaver, and S. D.Carpenter, which positions we held through to the road ended up being built toCedar Eapids. This brand-new deviation for Cedar Eapidsintensified the sensation of rivalry between the lady and Marion. Adirect line between Clinton and Cedar Eapids, would leaveMarion off the course; besides, the all-natural obstacles had been lessfrom Mt. Vernon towards the lake, and thence to Cedar Eapids.The Marionites denounced us as traitors into initial plan,with a malignant intention to leave them call at the cool. Wedenied the allegation and defied the alligators. roentgen f i

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GABRIEL CARPENTER, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.Born 1801, Lancaster Co., Pa. Died 1881. SEYMOUR D. CARPENTER. 123 FINANCING A RAILEOAD. We said there was clearly nothing behind the old project, but thatours ended up being a live plan, with experienced males, with bags ofmoney to put it through. Our representatives had pledged$?00,000 from Cedar Eapids, which we proceeded to raise—0,000 by private membership, and 0,000 by town bonds.Greene & Weare, after that bankers, subscribed ,000; GeorgeGreene, ,000; John Weare, ,000; X. B. Brown, ,000;S. C. Beaver, ,000; Gabriel Carpenter, ,000; and numeroussmaller sums to make within the quantity. After that a city election washeld, additionally the 0,000 voted by an overwhelming majority.Surveys of this route had been begun at the same time, from Mount Vernonand Cedar Eapids, two lines, one incidentally of Marion, and theother by the river. It absolutely was ascertained your second routewould be smaller, and less expensive by 0,000, than the previous, butthe organization proposed to adopt the Marion rou

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