How To Reward Yourself

Ok so you’ve set out a list of goals you hope to achieve and are now on your to set about accomplishing them. But, like many people, there comes a time when all that motivation that you started with begins to dwindle. This can often happen when we feel that we are putting in a lot of effort but seeing very few results.

Sometimes this happens because our goals are long-term ones that take a little bit of time. At other points, the results are simply less tangible and so we can tend to forget why we set the goals originally. Whatever the case, when motivation slips it helps to re-evaluate our goals and put ourselves back on track by thinking about the rewards these accomplishments will offer.

A less tangible long term goal might be something like wanting to be more peaceful or wanting to be a better partner, son, daughter, parent or whatever. This is obviously a truly important goal, but again it might be one that we can’t really measure as well as say our weight loss goals. That is why it is so important with these longer term and less tangible rewards to take the time to pat ourselves on the back when we make progress towards meeting them.

Becoming more peaceful or calm obviously doesn’t happen overnight and as such we need to reward ourselves even when we make a little bit of progress. Waiting for perfection will just make you feel disappointed with yourself, because aside from a few saints most of us will lose our tempers now and again. So think small. Try setting smaller incremental goals along the way and make sure that you give yourself a reward each time you make that progress. For instance, each time you can stop yourself and count to ten rather reacting in your usual way to stress or conflict, tell yourself you’ve done a great job and pick something nice to treat yourself with. A nice massage, a quite bath or something along these lines is always good. By offering yourself a peaceful reward you will reinforce your own peacefulness too.

Rewards should match up to what you’ve accomplished. Don’t make the mistake of rewarding yourself with a piece of chocolate cake after losing five pounds. If you want to reinforce the goal itself, it is better to find a reward that matches the challenge you’ve set yourself. So, if you’ve been working hard and hitting the gym in order to lose weight, then you might want to reward yourself with a new gym outfit or an overnight camping trip with hiking. When the rewards match your goals you will be much more motivated to continue on.

Whatever your goal is, be it as tangible as a number on the scale, or a more long-term or less tangible achievement, be sure to set reasonable milestones and to reward yourself appropriately. Offering yourself rewards, even small ones, will help keep you motivated and will make the journey a little more joyful.

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