How to Reverse Wrinkles

The intake of foods can aid to reverse the appearance of wrinkles. It can help to fight wrinkles found all over the body starting from the eye brow, forehead, neck and down to the toe. It is not all foods that can do this magic, but there are certain foods that can perform this act effectively.

1. Wrinkles occur when matters looking like gel referred to as hyaluronic acid begins to come out on the areas of your skin, eyes and joints. The decrease in the amount of hyaluronic which is as a result of aging triggers the outbreak of wrinkles.

2. You can increment the HA generation inside your system when you consume stew and soup which contains animal bones, sinew and articulate. You should make chicken soup in the comfort of your home using cervix and legs gotten from chicken. Additionally, the phytoestrogen found in soya beans aids your system to generate hyaluronic acid. Another foods which can help this situation are bean curd, soy cheese and soya milk.

3. A group of scientists performing tests in Beiersdorf AG in Hambrug, Deutschland, were able to rejuvenate the skin to erase wrinkles with the aid of ingredients extracted from arctium fruit. They drastically trimmed down crow’s feed in few weeks using this arctium fruit extract. You should take supplements of arctium fruit.

4. Collagen is a type of protein that links your tissues to the cells in your body, thus making your skin to be smooth. There are a lot of natural collagen in vitamin C. Try to consume adequate amount of veggies and fruits which have high amount of vitamin C like broccoli, strawberries, citreous fruits and leaf veggies as well as red and green type of peppers.

5. You should stop smoking as from today. Cigarettes are known to eat up the HA in your body. Red wine and purple grape juices are among the two things that can help to fight wrinkles.

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