How to Get all 3 Credit Scores

How to Get all 3 Credit Scores 

There are numerous suggestions as to how to get all 3 credit scores online. With such a variety of selections, it may be hard to decide what option is best. Consumers are authorized that gives them the opportunity to obtain one credit report for free every year. But, it requires a fee for a consumer to get his or her credit scores.

A corporation titled, Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) developed a system for calculating credit scores to aid lenders in determining whether a consumer was “credit worthy” and the possibility of the individual to make payments on time. FICO scores benefits businesses and other corporations to expand their decision-making ability about credit lending and lending money. The credit score is produced by data that has been collected from separate credit reporting companies and certain lenders.

Instructions on Obtaining All 3 Credit Scores

  • You can to online to and click “Start Free Trial”. Since you will have to pay for your credit scores, you’ll need to have a credit or debit card. The best method to get all three-credit scores is to pay for all three-credit scores at the same time.

TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are the US agencies that report your credit scores. It has been reported that or are the favored ways of getting your credit scores.

  • If you go online at, you will need to fill out a form of your personal information. You’ll be guided to the credit company’s website to get your data. You’ll need to mark a check on each credit agency that you would like to visit. Those websites will allow you to request a business or personal FICO score that you will need to pay a fee for. Pick the choices that you want.
  • You will be able to get a free credit report if you are refused credit. These reports won’t include the credit scores if the user requests a specific credit score and there will still be a fee for obtaining the score.

If you’d rather not use the Web, you can ask that each credit agency send you your report by mail. Free credit reports that are requested by mail or phone should be sent within 15 days of the original request.

The FCIC recommends against communicating with each credit unit because of an agreement contract.