How a 'Fair' Credit Score Can Cost You $130K

How a 'Fair' Credit Score Can Cost You 0K
If anything is certain about credit scores it's that they change. How much they change can depend heavily on your decisions, and if you want to save money, there are steps you can take to attain and maintain a high credit score. How you manage your …
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12 Ways for College Grads to Build Good Credit
Sadly, credit scores increasingly are used as a measure of our worth. Your score is supposed to measure the likelihood you'll repay a loan. Credit card companies and lenders of every type check your score before lending money and deciding what to …
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Millennial, Gen-X or Boomer, Here's How to Boost Your Credit
The 2015 Chase Slate Credit Survey shows that Millennials, for example, might draw inspiration from Generation X instead of their Baby Boomer parents. Chase says that 96% of Gen-Xer's have checked their credit scores, while 28% of Boomers are defined …
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