Get all 3 Credit Reports Free

Get all 3 Credit Reports Free

Having good credit cannot be underestimated. Good credit will get you a home loan, credit cards and other credit lines at the best interest rates possible. This is vital so that you are not paying too much money for what you need in life. Many people do not understand that if their credit is poor, they will be paying much more over the course of the loan, because their payments will be so much higher. Since most individuals give their credit report little thought, things can be added to the reports that are not accurate. Why should you get all 3 credits reports free? To simply stay on top of what is going on with the state of your finances.

Getting a copy of your credit report can help you determine;

  • Whether there are inaccurate listings on your report
  • If companies are reporting your payments correctly
  • If there are negative reports that you will dispute
  • Whether you need to take any immediate action

How do you get a free report?

To get all 3 credit reports free, you have to contact all three of the main credit reporting bureaus in the country. These three are; Transunion, Experian and Equifax. All of the three report to lenders on the state of your personal credit. However, some report things that the others do not. For this reason it is necessary for people to check all three of the bureaus to see what they are saying about you. The report will say a lot about how you are handling your finances or in some cases not handling them. The current economic climate has seen many people receiving falling credit scores that hurt them in their ability to refinance their homes to get better rates and lower payments.

Do not let this happen to you. It is so simple to get your free report and then to make a plan on how you will get the negative items removed. If the listings are true, and only you will know that, take some time to contact each creditor and see what can be worked out. Most of them will want their money and will work with you, many times settling for a much smaller amount if you can pay all at once, or letting you make some payments to get the account settled. Always ask the creditor if he or she will remove the negative listing from your report, when the money has been repaid. When you are speaking with the creditors, take the time to jot down the time, day and the employee’s name so that you will have good and accurate records should something that is agreed upon not play out.

After the bill has been settled to your and your creditor’s satisfaction, give it some time and log back into your credit report to check to see if the listing has been removed or at least updated. Many people go through hard times, but if you take the time to repair your credit you can definitely are rewarded with better credit scores in the near future. It does take some time to do and if you want to be able to log in and out of your own personal credit report, you will most likely need to pay for a membership which can be as low as 10 dollars per month. This will be necessary for you to be able to have the access that you need to stay on top of what is going on in the credit bureaus. Be proactive and tackle those credit problems so that they do not continue to haunt you in the future.