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#1. FreeScoreFinder

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage loan, auto loan, credit cards, etc, it’s important to know what your credit score is. It’s the key factor used by lenders and creditors in gauging your creditworthiness. Loan approvals and loan interest rates are based on your scores. A low credit score makes it difficult to to get approval for certain loans, and/or the loan interest rates will be high. With the help of tools such as that offered by FreeScoreFinder, you gain the ability of improving your credit score, not to mention being able to see your scores for free. You see all three major credit bureau scores for free- Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Normally you need to buy them from each credit bureau.

FreeScoreFinder is a trustworthy credit monitoring agency faithful to their mission of helping people manage their credit rating by closely keeping track of your credit files.

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Features and Highlights

FreeScoreFnder makes it possible to view all 3 scredit scores for free during their free trial offer. Their 3-in-1 Triple Credit offering provides clients with credit scores from three of the biggest credit bureaus in the United States namely Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, all in one easy-to-understand report. This feature simply eliminates the hassle of having to contact all three agencies separately, thus saving you time and money resources.

Instant Access to your Credit Scores
View your credit scores any time and keep track of any changes.

Identity Theft Monitoring

Potential fraudulent activity will be identified right away so you can take the necessary steps.

$1Million Identity Theft Policy

Subscribers receive a $1 million product guarantee. Your identity theft related expenses is covered by thier credit monitoring service.

Online Credit FAQ Center

If you have any question regarding your credit score, they have a rich resource to go to.

Toll-Free Access to Customer Service

If you do not immediately find the answers you seek, you can call their toll-free hotline for fast help. FreeScoreFinder is staffed with skilled credit monitoring specialists ready to assist you and answer all the questions you may have regarding credit.


FreeScoreFinder is a reliable credit monitoring service with excellent features. Their website is outfitted with security features so all sensitive personal and financial information are kept safe and are not distributed to third parties.

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