Fall in bankruptcy numbers, rise in other debt options

Fall in bankruptcy numbers, rise in other debt options
The fall in bankruptcy numbers comes as there was a 26pc surge in new applications for personal insolvency applications (PIAs), the solution designed to keep people in their family home. Changes in the law mean that homeowners that have had a PIA voted …
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Next in line: bankruptcy laws for individuals
Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organisation to pay its creditors. A bankruptcy happens when a person voluntarily declares herself as an insolvent and goes to the court. On declaring the person as …
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Student loan issue may muddy Cruz's appeal to young voters
While working previously as a private lawyer in Houston, Cruz helped represent a lender who went to the Supreme Court to keep an Arizona man from avoiding interest payments on his student loans by filing for bankruptcy. Cruz's half-sister … A brief …
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