Ethereum News: National University of Singapore Comes up Advanced Tool

The updated and latest Ethereum news help traders and investors make smart decisions. Following the latest and updated news and events from around the world you can make competitive decisions. The latest news for Ethereum users is that researchers from National University of Singapore will soon release a tool.

The tool according to experts will help Ethereum users determine whether the smart contracts they’ve coded are valid or not. This has been a major issue and once it is solved there will be huge potential for the users of this cryptocurrency. Developed in the wake of the massive hack of the first large-scale smart contract – The DAO – in June, it gives lots of hope for users.

Needless to say the researchers at the university described the tool as an attempt to curb future problems that could lead consumer funds to be lost. They also believe that this solution is going to help the cause to great extent. The university calls it Oyente which according to them can be used successfully pinpointing bugs in thousands of smart contracts.

Advanced Level Solution for Next Generation

The latest and updated Ethereum news from the National University of Singapore PhD student Loi Luu is that his team first began its work by analyzing smart contracts for security bugs. He explains that after finding all these problems, his team wanted to measure how many smart contracts have these problems.

Once they had a fair idea about the number of contracts with the issues they started searching for the solutions. Needless to say Luu’s team now plans to release the code for the smart contract analyzer before Devcon2, the Ethereum development conference. It is all set to be held later this month in Shanghai.

Important Ethereum News from DAO Hackers

The event was extremely important for the whole cryptocurrency space. However, the DAO hacker has moved his stolen Ethereum from the Ethereum Classic chain, donating part of it to the Ethereum Classic developers. This way he is helping the cause so well that in future there will be better and great solution for the users.

Least but not the last the move of the stolen funds from the DAO hack is being appreciated a lot. As his first action with the funds the hacker sent 1,000 ETC, about $ 1,500, to the address associated with Ethereum Classic’s development team.