Dubstep Musical Mastering – Part 1

I’ll present a ‘ground up’ training of learning methods that can be placed on dubstep, and a genuine world example inside final component. This way is preferable to giving you countless real world examples because you find yourself with a genuine understanding of for you to EQ and compress things in a specific method, not just copy a formula that may fail you.

Perfect your mix.

Do not think mastering will be a magic solution that may cure all your defects. You ought to ensure you get your dubstep blend sounding as near to perfect as you possibly can before also considering mastering. Ensuring you have got your sounds well-separated, with great slight EQ and 3D sound stage placement (using pan, and reverb etc). When you feel you cannot do any longer with the resources readily available you really need to then turn-to the tricks of mastering such as for instance multi-band compression, linear stage EQ and solid brick wall restricting.

Don’t learn ‘in the combine’.

Even believed it is extremely attractive to add some nice EQ and compression in the master production when you are nevertheless making / combining the track, it’s highly recommended which you hold back until you have got done until using these processes. You’ll usually get a significantly better final dubstep track at the conclusion. Of course its OK to evaluate harsh mixes with master EQ / comp, but constantly bounce the finished find ‘dry’ and also make a backup copy before you begin mastering.

Get some good human anatomy else to get it done.

The most essential things a professional dubstep mastering professional may bring, is a brand new group of ears. You’ve probably heard your track a hundred or so times and now have become accustomed to its defects, its therefor suggested to outsource this last part of the procedure. There are lots of on-line solution that provide songs for around 30.00 (2009). If that is certainly not a choice, you can constantly ask a buddy.

Less is more.

Each time you use a dubstep mastering process you’re risking degrading the quality of the audio, also merely adding ‘normalization’ or gain change can add small undesired artifacts into the file. So constantly prepare your processes and try and make use of as few as feasible. Therefore as opposed to normalizing in the beginning and at the conclusion, only do so when at the conclusion etc.

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