Datadotdna® – How To Protect Your Computer From Theft.

Theres not much to like about having your computer stolen. Everything, including your personal information, goes with it. It can be a real disaster if someone who knows how to get at your data and ID is involved. DataDotDNA is a unique type of computer support.

DataDotDNA uses DataDots to identify and protect your property. DataDots are little discs around 1mm across. Theyre etched by laser with an individual serial number identifying the owner on a registry.

The dots use a UV-reactive adhesive, a bit like dental fillings. Theyre applied and hidden in various places around the computer. The dots are almost invisible. Its extremely difficult to locate all of them. A single dot is enough ID for police. Having DataDots hidden everywhere, and not knowing how many of them there are, selling the computer, or even having it in their possession makes it a risky business for thieves. Warning stickers are placed on the computer, which is another big disincentive for anyone thinking of swiping your stuff. (Anyone who doesnt know not to steal DataDot protected things will find out soon enough from their friends that its not a good move.)

DataDot ID codes are stored on a national database, instantly accessible to the police. When they find DataDots on suspected stolen property, it takes seconds to identify the owner. The database will provide the customers ID number (passport, drivers license etc.), but not a name. The police contact the relevant authority for those IDs to get a name and address. This double-protects the owner by requiring both legal access to DataDotDNAs database and the issuer of the IDs. (The Privacy Act is the law behind this process.)

DataDots are so useful theyve even reduced the number of stolen vehicles in Australia, and a lot of car manufacturers are getting involved in the DataDot concept. Subarus started using DataDot technology in 2003 for Subaru Imprezas, which were once one of the most commonly stolen cars in the country. A special spray was used to apply the

DataDots, coding them with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) all over the cars. Even parts became impossible to sell. The number of cars stolen dropped almost instantly.

Insurers tend to like anyone who goes to that extra effort to have their belongings protected, so its worth asking your home and contents insurer, if they will reduce their premium.

Think about DataDots for your really priceless things. Its better to get them back, right?

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