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#3. is one of the biggest names in the industry and are highly acclaimed for their wide variety of credit monitoring services. They offer a 7-day trial where you’re able to see all 3 credit scores for free. This includes a feature where you can see all 3 credit reports for $1. So basically for $1, you can view your credit scores and reports from all 3 credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. It’s hands down the most comprehensive program you can enjoy for $1. Your total credit picture. If you decide to keep using their services, you continue to enjoy their useful tools, 24/7 credit monitoring and alerts and id theft protection. Getting started is quick and easy.

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Features and Highlights

Obtain your credit scores and reports conveniently and enjoy the rich resources and sophisticated tools found at Comprehensive Credit Reports and Scores. Conveniently thru

Educational Resources

One of the features that sets apart from its competitors is their rich archive of educational articles that help subscribers in becoming more sensible and wiser with their financial spending and credit transactions. There’s tips on how to improve your credit scores in the fastest possible way so you can get better loan interest rates and deals in the future.

Financial Tools

By subscribing to, you are empowered with financial tools that will help you manage your credit better. Improving your credit scores.

Protection from Identity Theft

Identity theft and fraud have been commonplace since the inception of the Internet. Your credit information can be used by others without your permission which will affect your credit scores negatively. By subscribing to, you receive alerts to any unusual credit activity. You get regular notifications and email alerts regarding changes that have occurred under your name. And since you have all 3 credit reports, you can easily contact the credit bureaus about this, take the necessary steps. You can ofcourse contact their customer service for further assistance.

Sign Up Process

Signing up with’s free trial is easy. The website’s interface is very user friendly allowing guests to complete signup in just a few minutes.


he price of getting all three credit reports and scores is just $1.

Customer Service

As a premier company providing credit monitoring services, is committed in providing support and assistance to all of its subscribers. Toll-free hotline or via email. And with the tools and resources offered by, it’s a sound investment to make for better credit management.

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