Convenience Of Prepaid Calling Cards

A prepaid phone card is a convenient alternative for people who either do not have a cell phone or are considering getting rid theirs. Most phone cards can be used anywhere, from any phone, at a fraction of the price of a cell phone, and often have cheaper calling rates for long-distance or international calls.

A calling card can be purchased online from a number of providers. Although there are many options, some companies offer an array of services on the cards so that it can be tailored to individual needs. While some are exclusively for domestic calls, and others can be used internationally. Most will call anywhere and simply adjust the rates charged based on the location being called. Some also provide an email address and Internet access.

A prepaid calling card is essentially a debit card for the telephone. The buyer pays a set rate and then can use the card until that money is used up. When a person buys the card it will state the rates on it for different calls, such as long-distance or domestic, and with most services there is a number to call an automated system for free that will check the balance and alert the user when they are running low on money. These rates are usually a lot cheaper than a prepaid cellular telephone, or even a landline. This makes them ideal for people who are concerned about money or do not want to carry a cell phone for any reason.

One of the most appealing factors of calling cards is the convenience. They can be used on any telephone: landline, cell phone, payphone or office or hotel phones. There is no need to carry around change for pay phones or to worry about paying high fees. For travelers, they are often even more convenient than cell phones since there is no need to worry about reception towers or how far the service covers or roaming charges. Almost all prepaid services will offer international plans at cheaper options than an international cell phone or paying company rates from a landline, or trying to use a hotel telephone and paying extra fees.

Another important factor for calling cards is that they are just that – a card. All the important numbers are listed on the card, and then can be copied so there is a record if it is lost or stolen. This can be very useful for someone who has their wallet and money stolen and would not otherwise be able to call for help or contact the appropriate authorities or companies to replace their lost items.

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