Staging Your Home to Sell

Living in one’s home requires a great amount of hard work that goes into pampering and maintaining the house from time to time. It requires even more of this when the question of selling your home comes in the area of Los Angeles and nearby Beverly Hills and Bel-air. Even if you are looking forward to sell any property in West Hollywood staging the home becomes an imperative. Finding an apt agent and then listing the home is only the first step. There is much to follow.

The realtor is an experienced player in the game of real estate and any agent of that kind, particularly of the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area, would suggest to the sellers to pimp their homes to a level, which is warmly attractive to the buyers. Listing with an agent would attract many responses and it becomes very important that the visiting buyers go out satisfied.

Staging your home is a step-by-step process and it starts with bidding farewell to the house. This can be done by depersonalizing your home, which involves getting rid of any personal photographs on the walls and as showpieces. This process gives out an impression that there is enough space for the buyers to settle in. Seeing personal artifacts around the house distract the buyers who have come with an intent to look for their home in your house on sale.

The Next thing to get out of the way is the useless pile of junk that might have accumulated over the years. There are often things that have been just lying around and thus must be done away with. You can start with emptying the bookcases and then take unwanted stuff out of the old closets. If you are short of space, hiring a storage unit is not a bad idea. Selling your home also involves packing out and this might just give you a head start.

A way to make the house look more clean and less congested is to minimize the furniture lying around the house. There may be pieces of furniture that block pathways and walkways. The bookcases that are now empty can also be done away with. Big leaves in the Living room can be removed to create more space. The storage unit can serve as a place to store this. This removal of unwanted furniture makes the room big enough to walk around in and simultaneously highlights the purpose that the room serves.

Keeping away the favorite items from the buyers’ site is the only assured way to retain them. There may be many items in the house that the buyers would want for themselves. Now as polite and hospitable hosts you cannot refuse a request of your prospective buyers. Thus removing the noticeable favorite items is the advice worth taking to avoid such a complicated scenario.

Worn out and damaged areas of the house give out a very substandard and tainted impression to the buyers, and such houses would face a plain no in the West Hollywood and Bel-air localities to name a few. Therefore fixing and repairing of your home is one job that should not be ignored. Cracks and patch holes in the walls must be mended. Walls should ideally be painted with neutral colors and faulty doors and windows must be taken care of.

These are a few tips that are to be kept in mind apart from listing with an agent when selling your home. Staging the home for buyers is a crucial step of the overall process of auctioning off the property.

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Painting Your Home to Sell

Once you get started in preparing your house for the market, one aspect that needs serious consideration is whether to do a painting job or not. The decision to paint or not to paint depends upon the overall condition of the real estate property. Once you have decided to proceed with the painting job, you also have to consider the scope of the job; the part of the house that needs repainting, colors to be used, etc.

You should remember that the painting job hopes to restore a ‘new’ and ‘fresh’ look of the house. The job also aims to evoke an image of a well maintained real estate property.

Essential Aspects of a Painting Job

1. Consider Curb Appeal
Consider the view of the house from across the street. If you think that the house looks forlorn and faded, then a serious painting job is in order. Ask a friend, relative or a neighbor for his impartial assessment of the overall appearance of the house exterior. You should always consider the painting job as an investment; as it spruces up and adds value to the property.

2. Choosing a Color
You should choose a color that is neutral. It doesn’t have to be unusual and garish. Stick to the conventional and popular shades that perfectly fit to the dominant color of the neighborhood. In most cases, using different shades of yellow paint seem to be the safest and effective way of eliciting the best response from buyers, whether it is used as trim or basic color of the real estate property.

3. Painting of the Roof
If your roof leaks, do the repair of the affected part or parts before starting with the painting job. When painting this part of the house, it is important that you closely observe for water stains. These stains are sure indication that it needs some serious repair.

4. Type of Paint
It is highly recommended that you use quality 100% acrylic latex paint. This type of paint can last for more than 10 years. This results to lesser maintenance work on the part of the prospective buyer.

5. Scope of Work
You should always include proper preparation of the surface for repainting in order to achieve the best results and improve on the life-expectancy of the work.

6. Painting of the Interior of the House
Oftentimes, the color of the interior and the condition of the wallpaper impacts on the overall impression by prospective buyers. If you decide that the wallpaper has to go, stripping it is not the proper way to do it. This approach is time consuming and can damage the underlying surfaces making the painting difficult. A better way is by priming the wall paper with an oil-based primer before painting it using water based paint.

7. Seek the Help of Professional
Before you embark on a serious painting job, it is a good idea to consult with a professional house inspector or building contractor for their expert recommendations. In this way, you don’t do unnecessary work on areas that don’t require any painting and concentrate your effort, time and investment on the more essential parts of the house.

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Want to Sell Your Own Home?

There is no one better to sell your home than you. There will be no one more passionate and driven to sell your home, no matter what commission they are promised. So why not try selling your own home before using an estate agent? You have nothing to lose, and with a fixed price of just £89 for 12 months there are significant cost savings.

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We offer all the help, support and tools needed to sell your own home; with sophisticated technology to manage property listings, buyer’s facilities such as SMS and email alerts and various marketing facilities to help your house sale go as smoothly as possible.

Do i need an agent to sell my own home?

No, it’s not a legal requirement to use an agent to sell your own home. Through our site we give you all the tools that an estate agent does at a fraction of the cost. If you would still like to use an estate agent then there is nothing stopping you using our services as well to increase the exposure of your home.

Can i use Sell Your Own Home in addition to an agent?
There’s no reason why you can’t use our services to increase the exposure of your property as well as the services that an estate agent offers. We would however encourage you to try us first as we offer very similar services to estate agents at a fraction of the cost.

What does it cost?
From as little as £89 per property, for a 12 month listing, you will have access to our advanced management system allowing you to add/edit your own online and printable schedule and manage all of your marketing yourself. We will also send e-mails and SMS notifications to buyers interested in your property, all as part of our fees.

With average house prices at £191,000 even at just 1% commission you would pay a £300 marketing fee followed by £1,910 commission, so including VAT you would pay £2,541.50. Compared to our fees of just £89 including VAT this represents a saving of £2,452.50 for what is essentially the same service!

Why not try us before an agent and see what you can save? Register for a free account first to see what we can offer you, and how easy it is to Sell Your Own Home.

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Great Pictures Will Sell Your Property

sell residence

As you prepare to market home, which are the tips that you would try provide you with sufficient prospective purchasers in the future and have a look at your premises atleast when? While enlisting with listing agencies also engaging real estate brokers tend to be one of the more commonly dome advertising tasks, pictures of the residential property accompanying the listings has also gained popularity. But, just what have not gained adequate appeal is that these photographs aren’t consumed a way that entices buyers ahead and inspect your house. Taking great photographs the most significant things to do to advertise your home.

Photos from various sides are a good option to entice buyers into coming and inspecting your property; which can be on the block. Its best if you get these pictures carried out by an expert photographer to ensure that these appearance actually appealing when they’re loaded to the net and a description associated with residential property. Though plenty of proprietors have started utilizing this marketing tool to drive the sales, whatever they lack is imagination as far as these pictures are concerned. The photographs of your home should always be combined with images of something into the area, that are really attractive including a secured asset into community. This may consist of golf programs, ponds, hills, deserts, horse properties or barns in addition to shopping spots. This shows to be an extra incentive for everyone people who have a mind to get these properties and serves as a additional marketing and advertising tool.

Some important steps that can help you are taking some great pictures of your property, should you want to publish these together with the commercials into the directories, is always to make certain you just take these photographs as the climate is bright and brilliant. These types of normal lighting effects background helps you to get great photographs including make sure that the colour shades of your home just isn’t changed inside picture. Choose a digital camera, one with great technical features, which shall help you to get good quality, along with make sure that you don’t lose the potency of the picture while you load it into the listing website on the net. Whenever you simply take photographs of this interiors, there are certain places you need to focus as far as the images are worried. Leading view, family room, kitchen and height are some of the crucial angles that you need to capture to provide the buyers advisable about what to anticipate. Additionally, guarantee not to ever trim the images, as trimming tends to make these shed quality.

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Tips to Short Sell Your Home

We all know that the real estate market is currently swimming in a large amount of trouble. People no longer have the money to buy new homes. On top of that, those who do own homes are suddenly finding themselves in an upside down mortgage. This happens when the house is worth far less than what the person owes on this. If you are breaking under the pressure of your mortgage, it may be time to sell. Selling your home is another great way to get out from under a current foreclosure. If you are in a hurry and do not have a lot of time to waste you might want to try a short sell.

There are many advantages that come along when you do a short sell. For one thing, the buyer is going to be getting a great discounted price on the current home. The person that is selling the home will be able to get out from under their home. This means if you are facing a foreclosure, you should look to short sell so that you can get out quickly.

There are many things that you need to know about before you actually get started with this selling process. For one thing, you need to decide if you need a real estate agent or not. Real estate agents can get the job done in a quick amount of time.

The only problem that comes along with working with an agent is the fact that they cost extra money. If you already do not have money, it may be best to sell your home all by yourself. This may be trickier and more hard work, but it will keep you out of more debt.

You need to determine the current market value of your home. This can be difficult for most people. At one point you may have bought your house for more than it is worth in the market today. You can talk to an agent for free about the value of homes within your neighborhood. Of course, you can always get this information online as well.

From there, you can put your home up for sale and see who bites. If you already have someone that wants to buy your home you can get the short sell process started. Remember, the sooner that you get your home sold, the better your life is going to become.

Many people do not actually exhaust all of their options. If you have not talked to your loan company, you may want to. There are ways that you can avoid foreclosure and short sell. Many companies are a lot more willing to work with people to keep them in their homes.

Right now, everyone is struggling. The state of California is completely bankrupts and many other states are starting to follow. If you need a quick way out from under your future foreclosed home, look for a short sell. This is going to be the best way for you to get out and start all over again.

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