Losing Weight and Gaining Energy – Peer Challenges

Peer Challenges

Listen, the hardest thing about losing weight may have nothing to do with the changes you will make in your eating or in anything else you do. It will come from those you spend the most time with, your peer group. You know, the friends you go out to lunch with everyday. They are going to be threatened by you losing all this weight and gaining all this energy for two reasons.

One, they will think, although they might not say it, that you are going to stop hanging out with them, because they are not skinny like you. They are afraid they are going to lose their friendship with you. Even you own family is going to react like this, because they are going to be afraid that you will not like them if they eat stuff you chose not to eat. I know, I went through this with my friends and family. I had to tell them I loved them and wanted to spend time with them, no matter what they eat and not matter what I ate. I wouldn’t stop loving or wanting to be with someone who all of a sudden became allergic to a whole bunch of foods, would I? So just tell them you have become allergic to lots of foods you used to eat, because they make you break out in fat. Hopefully they will understand.

The second reason your friends and maybe, sadly some loved ones, will try to talk you out of this new way of eating, or have you just have one bite, because one bite won’t hurt anyone, is they are going to be jealous. They are going to see you fit into clothes they dream of fitting into, you having the energy and desire to take the stairs everyday, and they are wishing they had to the will power you had. So this will make them uncomfortable. and unfortunately, for some of them, you will have to stop spending time being with them, or stop trying to lose the weight and gain the energy. There is just no other way.

But, your health, the fact that you and so many who love you deserve you to be healthy, is worth it. So please, if your peer group will not let you have health and energy, then find another peer group. You life is too precious to give in to them.

Until I see you again, live with energy and be great to yourself!

Bob Krulish lost 20 pounds in 30 days and gained a ton of energy while eating all day long. He lost 10 inches around his waist in 5 short weeks and has the energy of a 6 year old all day long. And, he has a passion to share this information on how he did it and how you easily can to. He shares all of this for you on his free video blog at http://www.bobkrulish.com

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Investing: 7 Ways to Build Credibility with Your Peers

When you have no experience investing in apartment buildings, you may feel a little like Rodney Dangerfield in that you get no respect. When you also have no money it can be even more of an uphill battle to get others to take you seriously.

No money and no experience make a strong double negative. But the reality is, most of us started at zero or pretty darn close to it. So don’t worry about it. Here are 7 credibility-building strategies that you should follow whether you’re a newbie or an old pro.

1. Continually educate yourself. A lot of people jump head first into shallow water when a little research would have saved them a big headache. When venturing into unfamiliar territory, your goal is not to become an expert, but simply to learn the basic strategies that have proven to be winners and to also know what common pitfalls to avoid. Getting the facts (and taking action) are the two keys to wealth. And nothing builds your credibility quite like wealth.

2. Know your audience. Whether you’re making an offer on property, seeking private money to fund a deal, or negotiating with rehab contractors, familiarize yourself with the needs and concerns of the person you’re dealing with. The art of negotiation hinges on knowing your opponent’s needs and presenting yourself as the solution.

3. Network. Gleaning tips and insight from others who have already been down the path you’re taking is an astute way to learn and build your reputation at the same time. It may seem like there are six degrees of separation between you and local experts, but that isn’t the case. Start with the Chamber of Commerce; it’s their job to be connected. Give them one goal you have, such as finding a local apartment owners association, and your networking will be off to a stellar start.

4. Reputation trumps experience. Reputations follow people like shadows. Someone who is just starting out in real estate, but who has a solid reputation as a trustworthy businessperson in another area, will have higher credibility than an experienced real estate player whose credibility is shot full of holes. Stress your success. The fact that I control real estate worth more than $ 240 million buys me enormous credibility as a businessman even if I wanted to open a motorcycle repair shop.

5. Speak with authority. People are less likely to wonder, “Have you done this before?” if you sound like you know what you’re talking about. The idea is not to bluff, but to speak intelligently. When you’re in the dark, ask intelligent questions. But rather than ask a question as if you don’t know the answer, ask as if you want to know if the other person knows the answer. For example, with a rehab contractor ask, “How do you plan to approach this project and what is your timeline?”

6. Partner with someone. You can marry into higher credibility when you partner with someone. Real estate investing is a complex business and two minds are better than one. Choose a partner who brings something to the table that you lack because you don’t want all the weight on one side of the ship. Keep in mind that compatibility is essential and that your potential partners will be as stringent in checking your credibility as you are in checking theirs.

7. Build a team. The time to build a team is before you need it. Team players include a real estate agent, attorney, tax advisor, lender, contractor, and mentor.

All these strategies are interwoven. If you’ve been investing for years, you know that the real estate market changes and with it can change the fortunes and reputations of those in the industry. Your credibility will need constant maintenance but it’s well worth the effort because success attracts success.

David Lindahl, also known as the “Apartment King” has been successfully investing in single family homes and apartments for the last 14 years and currently owns over 7,000 units around the US. David regularly shares his secrets and experience on the same stage as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump! Visit http://www.rementor.com for more information on how to invest in real estate and other property investing techniques.

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Lending and Borrowing

Lending and Borrowing

An all-natural extension associated with Markowitz evaluation would be to think about the problem of building profiles including riskless assets and profiles purchased in part with borrowed resources as well as portfolios of risky possessions covered in full using buyer’s equity.

Recall that the efficient frontier for profiles comprised of numerous risky assets is usually concave from the following in the plane whoever axes tend to be threat (as measured because of the standard deviation) and anticipated return. For almost any given period of time, there are possessions whoever prices of return is predicted with digital certainty. Since atomic holocausts, natural catastrophes, and transformation are imaginable, the phrase “virtual” is necessary inside preceding phrase. Nonetheless, many people have an extraordinarily great confidence that they can predict precisely the price of return on securities of authorities regarding duration which will be add up to their maturity. For example, Treasury bills maturing in a single year have a precisely foreseeable rate of return for 12 months.*

The introduction of riskless possessions into profiles features interesting consequences. In the after diagram the return on a risk-free asset

If riskless” asset is represented by i, additionally the portfolio of high-risk assets at the point of tangency by ;, it is easy to see that only the second term of the equation has actually a confident value. The value of first term is zero considering that the return from the riskless asset features zero variance; the third term has actually a value of zero because the return regarding the riskless asset has actually a typical deviation of zero. It’s also correct that the difference of the portfolio of dangerous assets is a parameter which can be given. Hence, the variance associated with the combined portfolio depends exclusively in the risky possessions at point B with all the riskless asset, or by levering the portfolio B by borrowing and spending the funds in B. Profiles on RfBD tend to be favored to profiles between A and B and between B and C because they offer better return for a given level of danger or less danger for confirmed degree of return. The efficient frontier is now linear with its totality. The range RfBD is Sharpe’s capital marketplace line. It relates the expected return on a competent portfolio to its danger as calculated because of the standard deviation.

In the diagram above, there is certainly one portfolio of dangerous possessions that is optimal, which is equivalent for many investors. Because there is only 1 portfolio of dangerous possessions which will be ideal, it should be the market portfolio. That is, it offers all assets in proportion for their market price. We are able to now explain the administrative centre market range mathematically with regards to the risk-free interest rate and also the return on the market profile.

This says the anticipated return on an efficient profile is a linear function of its risk as measured by the standard deviation. The pitch of the line happens to be known as the price tag on risk. This is the additional expected return for every single additional unit of risk.


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Great Things About Joining A Ceo Peer Group

You must have heard of the phrase, ‘It is lonely at the very top’. Really, this term holds therefore real for CEOs alongside top ranking folks of a company. Whenever you possess a business it really is very not likely that you will share your fears or difficulties before your employees. Plus should you choose therefore, its unlikely that your particular staff members gives you genuine recommendations. This causes frustration in which you desperately search for assistance over your online business methods and decision-making process.

Due to the not enough assistance, an ever-increasing range CEOs, COOs, managing directors along with other top level people are now looking at CEO peer teams to exhibit all of them the right path. Through the years the popularity of CEO peer groups in Atlanta along with other urban centers in the USA has grown manifold.

You could ask, what is a CEO peer group? A CEO peer group is a consulting group which consist of CEOs, COOs, Presidents, General Managers, handling Directors, and companies just who come together to hear each other people’ issues and gives solutions. It is a think-tank environment in which highly skilled people from different sectors share their each day challenges, frustrations, some ideas and issues and counsel each other. Regardless if you are intending to increase your company or thinking of offering your company, a CEO peer team offers of good use advice, consultation and tips about just how most readily useful it is possible to expand your organization or consider exit planning. Lets discuss a few of the significant benefits of getting person in a CEO peer group:

Advantage no. 1: use of specialists with rich knowledge

A CEO meeting is a platform for which you get to satisfy CEOs of various organizations with vast knowledge and study from them. It is possible to share your thinking and ask for their honestly intense viewpoints regarding your company strategies. It’s likely that issues you might be facing within business now was faced by CEOs of others. You’ll study from all of them as to how they overcame the obstacles and so stay away from making blunders they could have dedicated. Here is the particular environment that you simply will not get a hold of any place else.

Advantage # 2: powerful assistance network

A CEO group acts like a stronger support system that you simply tend to be unlikely to get within organization. Here it is possible to open heartedly share your opinions without anxiety about becoming mocked at and will anticipate straight-forward, no-frills-attached opinions from other colleagues who’ve no reason to be dishonest, no schedule and no have to be a “yes man”.

Advantage #3: Give and take

It’s a give-and-take style of environment in which each CEO or COO within the group is ready to give their suggestions and in return accept solutions of the issues also. CEO peer teams is available and then those people who are happy to assist other-group members
and available to accepting guidance and a few ideas. Therefore you can be guaranteed whenever you discuss your problem in spite of how huge or small it is, you will see individuals who will generously offer their particular guidance.

Advantage no. 4: less expensive than Counselors

Its way cheaper to join CEO peer groups than taking the assistance of counselors just who charge excessive charges for a few hours of guidance. Including, you are able to become a member of a Atlanta based CEO group which meets as soon as in per month and enables members to honestly talk about problems and offer practical solutions.

Deciding on all these previously listed advantages, it makes sense to participate a CEO peer team as soon as feasible for achieving your goals. There are various CEO peer groups in Atlanta along with other urban centers all around the American that provide expert assistance. Explore the net and be an associate of a CEO team near where you are.

Tom Bordon is a freelance journalist who may have thoroughly discussed CEO peer teams in Atlanta and executive business mentoring. Their articles target leading CEOs, COOs and top level professionals in making home based business methods, attempting to sell a small business and exit planning.

Ideas To Choose A Ceo Peer Group

These days a growing number of individuals are joining CEO peer teams when you look at the hope of having understanding and expertise of other CEOs which will help all of them handle vital business and strategic management issues and then make their organizations more lucrative and effective. Nonetheless it is very important to become listed on just the right CEO group that will be suitable for your preferences. An incorrect CEO conference is a sheer waste of your work-time and money. Listed below are few tips to assist you to choose the best CEO group:

A CEO peer team must offer diverse expertise

Become a part of a CEO peer group in Atlanta or other city which is comprised of CEOs from different sectors with different skills and strengths. By way of example, joining a group which includes CEOs from only production business will not be fruitful at all. Alternatively, a CEO summit which has an architect, a designer, CEO of a textile business, somebody with a MBA degree among others with diverse expertise will promise better results.

Measurements of the CEO group

Choose a CEO team which contains not more than 10 to 15 members. Any group containing over 15 CEOs will not be able to yield results because over fifty percent the full time you will wait for your look to be heard. Additionally steer clear of any CEO conference which doesn’t feature a great attendance record of the CEO users. As a CEO group with an undesirable attendance record won’t ever have the ability to built an environment of trust and self-confidence where people can share their issues freely. Simply speaking, a CEO summit with 10 to 15 folks is an ideal dimensions.

A competent facilitator

A facilitator or a co-ordinator plays a crucial role in conferences of CEO peer teams. In fact a big part of the success or failure of a CEO group depends upon the facilitator. A facilitator makes certain that each member in team gets a chance to speak and share his/her problems. He promotes the peaceful visitors to come out due to their some ideas and issues freely and prevents any CEO or participating user from monopolizing or dominating the conversation. Whether you join CEO peer teams in Atlanta or any other town, be sure you research your facts about the facilitator before becoming an integral part of that team.

Confidentiality issues

Privacy is taken very seriously in a CEO peer group. Any breach of information will never be tolerated. Most likely numerous CEOs share their tips, company programs, issues, exit preparation methods honestly with other folks. If some member is found accountable of moving on information, he or she can be removed from the CEO group.

No soliciting business

A CEO group is made you might say to allow members to generally share their particular issues with various other experienced men and women freely. A CEO conference isn’t a location to obtain business or refer someone. It’s if you look for useful solutions of their problems which they cannot get in their own business.

Before joining any CEO peer group, make certain you keep all those things in your mind. Good CEO group takes your company to a new degree whereas a bad one could spoil every thing. Therefore choose prudently.

Tom Bordon is an independent publisher having thoroughly written about CEO peer teams in Atlanta and executive business mentoring. Their articles target directing CEOs, COOs and top level professionals in making start up business plans, and exit preparation techniques in a CEO meeting or a CEO group.

Homeschool Help – How to Handle Peer Pressure

When you think about needing homeschool help, you don’t often think about peer pressure. After all, no peer pressure is one of the perks about teaching your children at home. They don’t have to worry about the class bully. They don’t have to worry about having the coolest, in-style clothes. So why worry about peer pressure?

The peer pressure that I’m talking about is not on your children…it’s on you.

Dealing with Peer Pressure in Homeschooling

You love homeschooling. You love being able to choose the curriculum that best suits your child. You love being able to teach at the speed your child needs – giving extra time for difficult subjects. Everything seems to be going just fine. That is until you have to face one of these scenarios:

Homeschool field trips, co-ops, and activities.

As you’re enjoying your time visiting and sharing with other moms, you begin to pay attention to what other homeschooled children are doing. What level of math are they doing? How well are they reading? What languages are they learning? How well they write, etc., etc., etc.

Instead of feeling relaxed and uplifted from your time visiting, you find yourself stressed out and doubt begins to creep in about your teaching skills.


Planning on having a pleasant Sunday dinner with your parents or in-laws? You thought they were serving grilled chicken — turns out you’re the one being grilled. What curriculum are you using? Do you follow the school schedule? What if Johhny gets behind? What? Suzy isn’t doing Algebra yet! Will they be accepted by colleges? Will they get scholarships?


Standardized tests have always been my downfall. Nothing bothers me like these tests. This seems to be the measure that society grades our children by. Never mind that the school systems have declared these tests worthless for years.


How about the trips to the grocery store? The clerk finds out your child is homeschooled and immediately begins quizzing them about who the 17th President of the United States was. What was his dog’s name? What state was he from? Really…does anyone know this off the top of his or her head?

I’m sure, at one time or another, you’ve faced one of these scenarios. If you’re like me, it left you feeling inadequate, doubtful, and insecure. So what’s the answer to withstanding this type of peer pressure?

Confidence in knowing why you homeschool. Take time to sit down and think about this.

Do you homeschool to build character in your children?

Do you homeschool to avoid public school socialization?

Do you homeschool because your child has learning disabilities and you can give individualized attention to her at home?

Do you homeschool for religious beliefs?

Take some time. Remind yourself why it is that you home school and build your strength upon this. I personally homeschool my children because the Lord lead me to do this. Any time I feel peer pressure or feel like giving up, I draw upon my faith and obedience to God to keep me going.

Those standardized tests? They don’t bother me anymore. I have faith that the Lord will give me guidance to prepare my children for the work he has set aside for them to do. Have confidence in knowing that God gave your children to you to raise and He will give you the help and guidance you need to accomplish the job.

For more homeschool help visit http://www.Home-Schooling-Haven.com and get advice and helpful information from a homeschool mom with 16 years of experience.

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Emma Dunkley, FT retail banking correspondent, examines the risks and benefits of alternative peer-to-peer lending platforms, which use technology to match lenders to borrowers directly in an easier and more efficient way than traditional banking.

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Aarkstore enterprise—Mobile Wallet: Location-based Commerce and Peer-to-Peer Payments

World-wide, mobile commerce and peer-to-peer payments are in their infancy. While Japan and Korea are leading, France, Finland, and the U.K. are just moments behind. Key South American and Central American countries are exploring business process and market acceptance of mobile commerce. African nations, challenged by politics, have seen recent developments in peer-to-peer payments collapse while India has seen success. And, the United States and Canada, leaders in banking business process and industry regulation design are aggressively pursuing global partnerships.

But where are location-based services? This report looks at the significance of combining the mobile wallet with mobile local search. Covered are emerging mobile application developers – we look at what they need to do next in their evolution towards bringing commonality of usage to the masses for rapid service adoption.

Additionally, we look at WHY mobile location-based transaction services are behind the implementation expectations of consumers. Research and pilot testing of the mobile wallet has been taking place well-over a decade. In 1997, Coca Cola installed vending machines in Helsinki that provided a canned drink when SMS payments were sent to the machine. That same year, Merita bank, also in Helsinki launched the first mobile phone SMS based banking service.

So what is slowing progress of mobile location-based banking services and mobile commerce in general? The hold-up is consumer protection – ensuring the safety and security of transactions from the first mile through the last mile of data transfer. This report looks at developments in security including encryption, authentication, and cloud computing.

Finally, the report provides several break-outs of vendors and research tools that readers can use in their evaluation of the market place.

Questions Answered in Report:

What is the evolutionary path for the Mobile Wallet to achieve mass adoption in North America and Europe? How can Asia engage the adult market?
What location-based technology companies are poised to lead in profits and market share for mobile commerce and Peer-to-Peer Payments?
What are the critical security technologies to protect consumers?
How will location-based technologies deliver a higher resolution of data to drive clearer strategic business analysis?
What are the current models of transactions that enable the mobile wallet?
Why are location-based services for mobile financial peer-to-peer transactions behind consumer and industry expectations?

For more information please contact :



From:Aarkstore Enterprise
Contact: Neel
Email: press@aarkstore.com
URL: www.aarkstore.com

Aarkstore Enterprise specialize in providing online market business information on market research reports, books, magazines, conference booking at competitive prices, and strive to provide excellent and innovative service to our customers.

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Competitor says peer-to-peer lending heading for meltdown
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The Problem With Peer Review

The accepted route for the dissemination of analysis findings is thru their publication in peer-reviewed analysis articles. this can be a superb system in several regards – alternative researchers within the field are given a chance to assess whether or not the strategies used were applicable, the experiments well-controlled, the interpretation of the results per the info, which the study very adds to this understanding.

But for all its blessings, pre-publication peer-review doesn’t tell us one easy thing: will the experiments be replicated? All too typically, researchers from alternative labs have difficulties replicating revealed findings. Usually, this can be owing to refined variations within the methodology used between labs. Less frequently, the revealed information could have arisen from an honest mistake; a malfunctioning piece of apparatus say, or a forgotten step throughout the statistical analysis. Sadly, there’s a 3rd risk, that despite its rarity, gets all the attention: the spectre of fraud.

Peer-review isn’t a safe-guard against fraud, as exemplified by the appalling case of Diederik Stapel. Currently, one’s scientific productivity is gauged by publication output, and as such, there’s huge pressure to publish work in fine quality journals. One unfortunate consequence of this can be that researchers (and editors) are reluctant to retract revealed work when errors (innocent or otherwise) return to light-weight. The competitive ethos of ‘publish or perish’, combined with the absence of adequate checks and balances, has allowed the foremost corrupt and eager to commit fraudulent acts.

There are alternative issues with this system. Currently, it is many years between a completely unique discovery and its eventual publication, and therefore the vast size of the literature defeats makes an attempt to stay abreast of developments in divergent fields. worry of being ‘scooped’ causes several scientists to become secretive regarding findings, impeding progress.

I propose a radical solution: the whole abolition of analysis papers.

The nature of publication is counter to the terribly concept of science as a method and not a product. an alternate approach may entail the submission of all novel analysis findings to on-line databases, with credit being given to the first contributors – given that alternative establishments are ready to replicate the results. Hence, it might be in everyone’s interest to supply detailed methodology, and support alternative researchers in makes an attempt to copy their work. Unless the work is shown to be reproducible, it might wither and die on the wiki-vine.

Clearly, this doesn’t apply to any or all fields. Not everybody has access to a particle accelerator of the dimensions of the big Hadron Collider, and lots of techniques are highly specialised. In these cases, the researchers would be expected to demonstrate their findings to colleagues among the sector.

In this method, analysis would become a a lot of collaborative effort, and fledging lab heads would be higher ready to compete with their competent peers. Journals would publish periodic review articles primarily based on confirmed findings within the database, written by researchers among every field.

The advantages of such a system are considerable. information would become an open resource, with authors a lot of willing to gift at conferences. Scientists would be rewarded for his or her continual analysis outcome instead of punctuated papers, raising morale, and information reliability would be assured. Finally, shorter author lists would build individual contributions a lot of clear. we have a tendency to should acknowledge an antiquated system for what it’s, and start to implement the mandatory changes.


EntranceCorner.com giving latest information about a Entrance Exam, Admission Alerts, Check Preparation for Entrance Exams – DA IICT 2012 Eligibility Criteria, DA IICT 2012 Faq’s, DA IICT 2012 Important Dates and more.

LendingClub CEO: Peer To Peer Lending Revolution | Mad Money | CNBC

Imagine lending money to people you’ve never met. Cramer takes a look at the peer-to-peer revolution with the CEO of LendingClub
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LendingClub CEO: Peer To Peer Lending Revolution | Mad Money | CNBC
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Peer-to-Peer Network, a Brief Discussion

With Peer-to-Peer networking one computer could be connected with another directly for sharing files of various types like music, audio, images, documents and software. This popular distributed application architecture was first initiated by companies such as Napster and Kazza. With P2P networking you don’t need to rely on a centralized client server relationship. Instead, all of the computers on the network can take care of security and administration among themselves. But the users must specify about who will get access to what. Apart from having network cards in all the computers, in peer-to-peer network, the user needs to use the same cables, hubs and switches alike the client-server model. Only difference is there will be no server. For network setup, you can get in touch with a computer repair company that is experienced in offering technical support in this context.

Peer-to-peer network is ideal to connect a small number of computers. Although this is a very popular concept, but as far as security features are concerned, it is not very strong. In that case, it is better to go for a client server model. Here the users must have access permission to folders, and for this, they will be asked for passwords. They can choose to not require passwords. This lack of hierarchy has a tremendous impact on the security of your network and you will need adequate training for your users to prevent problems.

There are a number of risks of Peer-to-Peer networking. It exposes your PC to any and all types of infections such as viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware, and Trojan horses, etc. Hackers can easily access to your computer and can steal important personal data. Statistics shows that breach of security is very common in Peer-to-Peer networking. If the user is not conscious enough there is always a chance of stealing personal information.  There are a number of hackers who are looking for unaware computer users. It is always suggested not to use P2P applications. But if you are using it, you must take enough security measures to minimize risks.

You must use anti-virus software to protect your computer against viruses. This antivirus software program must be updated in regular basis. There must be spyware software installed in your PC. It is also a must to install operating system updates and patches. The firewall on your computer must be turned on as it blocks hackers, worms and viruses that try to access your computer over the Internet. If you are downloading a file, ensure it is virus free. Run a virus check before downloading.  

Back up your files in regular basis. If your computer gets virus infected or if you lose valuable files you can easily get it.

For tech support on P2P networking, you can consult a computer help provider. There are many such help providers in the market.