Credit Union Forms – CA/NV Reach Conference

The California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues held their annual conference in Palm Desert, CA on November 4 through 6. Oak Tree, the leading provider of credit union forms, recaps the main topics and keynote speakers from this event.

Everything from featured topics to the breakout sessions were lively and engaging. Dave Logan did a great job explaining the importance of community and leadership with his presentation on tribes. Sometimes we forget how closely we are connected to each other. The cryptocurrency talk by Brock Pierce was enlightening. With the new automation and increased security measures, it will be interesting to see how this plays out over time. Pablo’s keynote presentation that discussed the vulnerabilities of EMV chip technology raised more than a few eyebrows. They were quickly lowered though, once he began to explain how he and his team work to combat hackers on a daily basis.

The breakout sessions were just as good. For instance, the session on “understanding how to market yourself as a credit union to high-risk lenders, and navigate the process successfully” was beneficial. Brett Christensen gave that talk, as well as the one on increasing the efficiency of your loan department. The 10 critical factors that help maximize and determine your lending success are invaluable tips.

Beyond that, we learned how to use our iPads as productive business tools, with talks from featured and breakout session speakers. It’s amazing that we live in a world that has become so fast-paced in such a short period of time. If you don’t keep up, you could get lost, or lose business. Conferences like REACH help you stay sharp, and so do businesses like Oak Tree. As your lending forms provider, we have you covered. We keep you up to date, compliant, as well as work with your system to make sure form integration is seamless. When things need to change, we change them. Everything we do is centered around keeping you up to date, so your business can stay on the cutting edge of innovation, and continue to deliver quality member service.

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All About Crypto Currency And The Popularity Of Bitcoin

All the new age amenities like online shopping stores, online business websites and social networking websites would not have existed without internet. Now you can use video calling to talk face to face to people sitting in the other corner of world. From pictures to documents, music and even audiovisual files, you can easily exchange any type of information online. In a nutshell it can be said that internet has expanded the limits of possibilities.

Online shopping has become a rage in the world of internet and is becoming popular amongst individuals of different age. Nowadays people find it more convenient to buy products online than visit a physical shop to hunt for various requirements. In our fast paced lives, we hardly get time to shop for commodities that are an essential part of our lifestyle and most of us prefer ordering stuff online. The stuff that we get online is delivered directly to our doorstep, so it is less time taking and in case you need something urgently then you can chose express delivery also, which some of the online shopping websites offer. The products that we buy online are also quite reasonable because there are no middlemen in the deal and online shopping websites offer great discounts.

The ever increasing popularity of online shopping websites paved way for the invention and development of crypto currency. This virtual currency exchange medium was specially designed for the E-Commerce world. This currency exchange medium entered the coin market in 2009, after the invention of first crypto currency Bitcoin. It was invented to make online money transfer easier and more secure. This cryptocurrency engrossed the E-commerce market within few months and managed to impress E-Commerce giants, who welcomed this new money transfer technology.


This decentralized currency employs peer to peer technology which enables collective currency issuing, verification and transaction. The processes involved in online money transaction are collectively accomplished by a single network. Bitcoin is free from any external interference and even government regulations. This digital currency is created through a process which is known as mining. This process involves solving of extremely complex crunch numbers and algorithms and the currency is evaluated with the help of a Bitcoin mining calculator. This process can generate around 25 Bitcoin within ten minutes, which is restricted to a level when 21 million coins at once. This limit is standards and every individual or organization that deals in Bitcoin has to follow it.

In this article the author has explained about the development of the E-commerce world. Here in the author has also introduced about the invention of bitcoin mining calculator.

Overview and Benefits of Potcoins

Buying marijuana or cannabis has now become an easier process, all thanks to potcoins. They are the best answer and helps in buying marijuana legally and without much hassle.

What are potcoins?

Well, they are basically digital currency which is largely used for buying cannabis and marijuana. They have gained immense popularity in the cannabis industry. A large number of people prefer buying them with the usage of this currency. It is safe and easy to use. The transactions are done from peer to peer network. This further ensures you are in safe hands. They are also called as cryptocurrency. It is just the same as bitcoin. A potcoin is specifically designed to help facilitate payments all through the ever increasing cannabis industry.

Apart from making use for online transaction, this digital currency can also be used as in person payment. It is fast and easy mode of payment. Furthermore, they are much affordable as compared to other traditional electronic methods. All the transactions are done through a procedure called as mining. The transactions done are unidentified and are not shared with third party. Furthermore, there is no need for you to pay any extra international exchange rates. There is no middleman to collect the fees. The reason for its growing popularity is because with the help of this you do not have to use other traditional currencies. Every state has its own regulatory body which regulates the currency. Taking this aspect into consideration it is worth using the pot coins. They are used, stored and sent between the users. The sending is done with the help of software either on the phone or the computer, known as wallet. These wallets have distinctive address. The address has to be shared with users which help in sending and receiving the coins.

All the transactions are processed through the pot coin wallet. Furthermore, a user can also make use of paper wallet. The wallet is used to store unique registration number and address. These pot coins can be easily purchased with real money. There are a number of providers who offer these services and hence it is wise to hire a reliable one. A legalized is the best choice among all. Furthermore, they also offer instant 5 pot coins on registering with them. Once the registration is done all you have to do is to offer them your deposit address which will be used to send the rewards. You can also go through the testimonials page to know more about the exceptional services. A reliable potcoinjoint helps other potcoin fanciers to engage in discussion. The main aim of these providers is to help people know about it and connect with the community. The discussion is done by forum. You can offer feedback which will help in knowing more of it. It is worth that you take a tour of the relevant website for more details on the exceptional services. You can seek professional help in case of any queries or doubts. They are worth every penny!

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All You Need To Know About Crypto Currency And Its Use

The global system which comprise of interconnected computer networks is known as Internet. It is designed for sharing information on a worldwide platform and can be rightly called the base of technology. All the modern amenities like social networking websites, online shopping stores and online business websites would not have existed without Internet. Now you can talk face to face to person sitting in the other corner of world through video calling or skype. You can easily exchange almost any type of information online, from pictures to documents, music and even audiovisual files. It can be said that Internet has made impossible possible.

Online shopping is a recent rage in the world of Internet and it is increasingly becoming popular. E-Commerce industry is developing at a fast pace because nowadays people are finding it more convenient to buy products online than visiting a physical shop to hunt for their requirements. In our fast paced lives, we hardly have time for shopping so we prefer finding stuff online and ordering it. The stuff that we buy online gets delivered to our doorstep, so it is less time taking and more reasonable because online shopping websites offer great discounts.

The increasing popularity of online shopping websites made way for the invention of crypto currency, which is a currency exchange medium designed for the E-Commerce world. This currency exchange medium was invented in 2009, when the first crypto currency Bitcoin was launched. It was invented to make online money transfer easier and more secure. In just few months this cryptocurrency managed to impress E-Commerce giants, who eagerly welcomed this new money transfer technology.


It is a decentralized currency, which employs peer to peer technology enabling collective currency issuance, verification and transaction processing. All the processes that are involved in online money transaction are accomplished collectively by a single network. The decentralization makes Bitcoin free from any external interference and even government regulations.

This crypto currency is digitally created through a process which is known as mining. Mining is a process in which extremely complex crunch numbers and algorithms have to be solved. This process is capable of generating 25 Bitcoins in ten minutes, which is limited to a level when 21 million coins are mined at once. Transaction anonymity is a major benefit of this crypto currency but in last few years it has came out as a major problem.

It is because this feature of Bitcoin has made way for people who want to commit cyber crimes like theft and fraud. However the popularity of Bitcoin is still unsurpassed and most of the people prefer them instead of the latest crypto currencies.

In this article the author has talked about online shopping websites and the developments in the E-Commerce world. The author has also introduced about Bitcoin, which is The First Crypto Currency that became a part of E-Commerce industry.

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Ex-NATO Chief Cautions Scottish Independence Would Be ‘Cataclysmic’

(Reuters) – An ex-secretary general of NATO has warned that Scottish independence would be “cataclysmic” since breaking up Britain would rob the West of a premium anchor of stability and solidarity at a hard time.
An ex-British defense minister and NATO head from 1999 to 2003 George Robertson, said a vote for independence at a September 18 referendum would wear away Britain’s role in the West and undermine the international balance of power.
Robertson, a Scot, said Scotland clearing its 307-year tie with England would have outcomes across Europe, triggering a potential fragmentation secede movements in Catalonia and the Basque country in Spain and in Belgium followed suit.
“The loudest cheers for the break-up of Britain would be from our adversaries and from our enemies,” Robertson said in a speech delivered at the Washington-based U.S. think tank, the Brookings Institution, late on Monday. An audio recording of the speech was made accessible on the think tank’s web.
“For the second military power in the West to smash this year would be cataclysmic in geopolitical terms: Nobody should underestimate the effect all of that would have on existing international balances and the forces of darkness would simply appreciate it.”
He said dividing the United Kingdom, Washington’s staunchest ally on the international stage, would spearhead to a torrid, tough divorce that would take years and deprive the West of a serious partner at a time “when firmness and cool nerves will be fundamental” amid renewed territorial pressure.
He cautioned the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) promise to do away with Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet from western Scotland would also have broader implications.
Ripple impact
“It is one thing to unilaterally defuse yourself but to unilaterally defuse your neighbor is playing with fire,” Robertson said. “The ripple impacts will go much broader than our own shores.”
Saying this was not a purely domestic matter, Robertson urged the U.S. government and other United Kingdom allies to make their observations public as Scottish independence would influence them too by undermining stability within the region.
Robertson’s comments emerge as Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was in New York on a business mission.
The Scottish government rejected Robertson’s comments as “crass and offensive” and that he added nothing positive to the discussion.
Opinion polls have limited this year although the nationalists carry on to trail in support, with the economy and future currency becoming as big battlefields in the discussion.
British economic research group, the National Institute of Economic alongside Social Research (NIESR), declared on Tuesday it would not be in the interests of Scotland or the rest of the UK to share the pound after independence.
This contradicts the SNP’s opinion that both states would save on currency conversion costs if Scotland kept sterling, a proposal undoubtedly thrown out by the main UK parties. NIESR said the cost of a prospective currency menace if a sterling union broke up would dwarf other savings.
NIESR also said Scottish independence may ring alarm bells when ratings agencies glimpsed at the rest of the UK’s general government debt as a share of GDP. This is possible rise above 100 % due to the Westminster government’s commitment to honor all united kingdom debts, and seek separate remunerate from Scotland.

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