Roberts Class Monitor

Class overview




 Royal Navy

In commission:

1 April 1941



General characteristics (Roberts & Abercrombie)





7,973 tons (Standard)

9,150 tons (Full load)


8,536 tons (Standard)

9,717 tons (Full load)


373 ft


89 ft


Roberts: 13 ft 6 inch

Abercrombie: 14 ft 5 inch


2 shaft, Parsons steam turbines, 2 boilers, 4,800 hp


12.5 knots (14.4 mph)


442 – 460


2 15-inch/42 Mk 1 guns in a single turret

8 4-inch AA guns (4 2)

16 2-pdr “pom-pom”s (1 8, 2 4)

20 20 mm guns


Turret: 13 inch

Barbette: 8 inch

Belt: 4-5 inches


Ships in class include: HMS Roberts (F40), HMS Abercrombie (F109)

The Roberts class of monitors of the Royal Navy consisted of two heavily-gunned vessels built during the Second World War. They were the Roberts, completed in 1941, and Abercrombie, completed in 1943.

Features of the class, apart from two 15″ guns in a twin mounting (taken from two First World War era Marshall class monitors), were shallow draught for operating inshore, broad beam to give stability (and also resistance to torpedoes and mines) and a high observation platform to observe fall of shot.


HMS Roberts (F40), named after Field Marshal Frederick Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts.

Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank, laid down 30 April 1940, launched 1 April 1941 and completed on 27 October 1941. She reused the turret of the World War I monitor Marshall Soult. Roberts provided bombardment support during Operation Torch in north Africa, where she was damaged by two 500 kg bombs. She was repaired in time to support Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily), Allied landings near Salerno Operation Avalanche, the D-Day landings and the Walcheren operations. She was scrapped in 1965.

One of HMS Robert’s guns (formerly in HMS Resolution) is mounted outside the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, South London, together with one from the battleship Ramillies. HMS Roberts herself was sold for scrapping shortly after the war, but hired back by the navy as an accommodation ship at Devonport until 1965: it was widely rumoured that the ship-breakers who bought her had more than recovered their purchase price in rent before they then sold her remains as scrap metal.

HMS Abercrombie (F109), named after General James Abercrombie, built by Vickers Armstrong, Tyne. She was laid down 26 April 1941, launched 31 March 1942 and completed 5 May 1943. She used a 15-inch gun turret originally built as a spare for HMS Furious. She was damaged by contact mines on several occasions while supporting the invasion of Italy, but was repaired. Scrapped in 1954.


^ Conway, All The World’s Fighting Ships 1922-1946

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Roberts class monitors

HMS Roberts

HMS Abercrombie

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Roberts-class monitor

Abercrombie  Roberts

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List of monitors of the Royal Navy

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British naval ship classes of World War II

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H  L  Odin  Parthian  Rainbow  S  River  Grampus  T  U  P611  V  Amphion  X  XE


Isles  Tree (trawlers) Erebus  Roberts (monitors) HMS Pegasus  HMS Albatross (seaplane carriers) Merchant aircraft carriers Fighter catapult ships – Armed Merchant Cruisers

 A – American built X – Cancelled C – Completed after the war

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Monitoring Weight Loss

Quite often, after putting in laborious weeks in the gym to try and lose some weight, we are disappointed by the numbers staring back at us from the scale. WHY can I not lose weight after all of this? If this sounds a little too familiar to you then don’t worry; it’s probably just a simple case of not using all the right tools to track your progress.

Different weight-loss goals also have different needs. And even these come into play when you are trying to track your progress. For instance, if you are trying to perfect your hour-glass figure without really losing much weight, neither scales nor body fat percentage will be able to help you out. It thus becomes very important to use multiple methods to track your progress through your routine.

Many people often forget the basics and some underestimate their effectiveness. Get the measuring tape, dust it off and put it to good use. Measure not only your target areas, but everything that you can. For instance, measure the bust (around the fullest part), chest (right under the bust), waist, hips, upper arms, thighs, calves and forearms. Remember that as much as we might be trying to work out a specific part of a body, other parts get affected too. So this way, you will soon realize which parts of your body are responding to your efforts and to what extent.

Body Fat
The entire story is not told by the scales alone. Some people have heavier bones, some are built broader while some might actually have more lean tissue than normal. Measuring your body fat percentage gives you a fairly accurate view of how much of your body is really made up of non-essential fats- those that need to be targeted. With a simple set of body fat calipers, one can easily measure and calculate the body fat percentage.

Though scales are not the most reliable indicators, they have their benefits. Scales are the easiest available equipment that we can measure our bodies with. And when combined with the body fat percentage, give us a number that we can work better with. Simply multiply your weight (e.g. 150 pounds) with the non-essential fat percentage (e.g. 20%) to understand how much weight you need to lose (150 x 20% = 30 pounds).

Waist to Hip Ratio
With specific goals, arise specific measurement needs. In case you want to improve your hips, you might be better served with this method. It is very simple to do at home and all it needs is a measurement tape and a calculator.
Measure the waist at the narrowest point and the hip at the widest point, both in inches or centimeters.
Divide the waist measurement by that of the hip.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), a ratio greater than 0.8 for women and greater than 1.0 for men puts them at an increased health risk due to their fat distribution.

We all have that pair of jeans that fit us two months ago and don’t anymore, or the sleeves of the top that fit too tight now. These and other clothes can be very strong indicators of our progress. Remember how certain pieces of clothing fit you and you won’t need anything else to tell you that you’re on the way to that bikini body.

Snap a picture of yourself every week in a specific pose and compare these snaps over a period of time. And soon your camera will become a better friend than your mirror.

Additional Tips

• Perform these measurements in the nude or with minimal clothing on.
• Perform the checks at the same time of the day (ideally first thing in the morning) to avoid errors.
• For females, keep in mind the extra water your body retains during your periods.
• Keep a tabulated record of all your readings.
• Do not check your progress daily. Do it every week or even every month. The body does not respond as fast as we might want it to.

Hannah Wright
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Blind Spot Monitoring

Maybe you have attempted switching lanes traveling, and you realized at the eleventh hour that there ended up being a car within blind spot? Ideally, you noticed in time for you avoid a collision. If you don’t, you had been most likely associated with a significant, or at the minimum, frightening, crash. Blind spots tend to be areas where the motorist struggles to see, therefore may miss vehicles or any other possible hurdles being attempting to pass by.

Thankfully, automobile manufacturers attended with a method to assist prevent this all also common danger. It is known as blind spot tracking. The automobile will “monitor” areas where the driver’s sight is impaired and respond with either an audible or noticeable alarm. The aim is to inform the driver of this obstacle before a collision takes place. The alarms will often stop when the change sign is used or whenever driver is apparently switching lanes or “lane drifting.”

Over the years, more and more vehicles may have blind area monitoring as a typical choice. Strategy Analytics estimates that by 2012, over four million cars will have the monitoring devices. This quantity may grow greater as customers look for safer cars, and producers seek to produce safer vehicles.

It will also be mentioned that while blind place tracking technology is a superb new security function, it does not replace cautious driving practices. Motorists will nonetheless need to utilize their mirrors, go over their particular shoulders, and match the traffic around them. The duty cannot rest entirely on backs of vehicle producers. There might be legal implications if a monitoring system malfunctions and a collision takes place. However, the obligation is in the end with all the driver. The system is supposed to help using real blind places, but ultimately its within the motorists hands on how-to react. Blind area monitoring is a safety feature which revolutionary and practical. Though it doesn’t replace protective driving, the feature is likely to defend against numerous crashes and potentially save yourself many lives.

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How To Use Computer Monitoring Software To Check On Employees’ Performance

Workplace privacy has grown into a major controversial issue in recent times because nearly all states today legally sanction employee monitoring. Sophisticated technological innovations have led employees to come under surveillance both at the workplace and even outside the premises. Such workplace monitoring is seen to be crucial in maintaining daily business operations to avoid low work ethics. Losses due to employee theft and lawsuits are costing companies heavily. To curtail this, employee monitoring is being encouraged. This move is advantageous for employers and employees alike.


In larger businesses, there may be a special department assigned with the task of employee monitoring, but for smaller corporations, this may not be cost friendly. These small firms then use software programs to monitor employee performance. Today, employees can be monitored through various electronic monitoring means, something that employees have come to loathe. Most employees do not wish their every move to be watched and analyzed by their employers. Lack of laws for employee protection and technological abuse by employers have led to a widespread concern for employee privacy at the workplace.


Computer monitoring software can come in different types and enables the employer to check how accurate an employee’s performance and keystroke speed are, especially for those involved in data entry work. A video display terminal can be used to show the number of errors an employee is making every hour, the typing accuracy, the number of jobs being done, and the rate at which employee transactions are being made. This naturally helps management to maintain employee performance records that are used in appraisals later. Computer monitoring also discloses the time an employee has spent away from his or her computer. Besides, the employer gets a peek into what is stored in the employee PC terminals and hard drives. This lets them maintain close tabs on workers, and employees in turn can also benefit from access to this data to upgrade their own performance.

Things To Remember When Selecting Your Computer Monitoring Software

Go through reviews of employee monitoring software to come to a decision. Experiences of smaller entrepreneurs can be useful in making your own decision.
Find out how the software can be useful to your business operations.
Find out how easy it is to install the software and maintain it.
Examine whether it is possible to install the software on a server or if it must be installed separately at all workstations.
Determine whether the installation can be kept discreet.
Ask if support can be easily obtained in case a need arises.


Installing such employee monitoring software at the workplace is easy because all you have to do is inform your workers that their workstations are being monitored. This move is justified because employers have a right to know how company resources are being used in order to minimize losses. But, employees practicing this must have clear rules as to what they will be monitoring. Today, there are plenty of software monitoring programs that can be downloaded according to your needs and preferences. The key to success in any office is learning how to monitor employees and keep abreast of everything that is going on in the workplace. Advantages of such programs are more than obvious, and the greatest benefit is that they are easy to install and can be kept secret. These programs maintain a log of all the keystrokes being typed in a PC, chats, e-mails, and instant messages, which can be reviewed from the employer’s PC via a server.

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Trademark Monitoring

After you’ve had your trademark application filed, it’s absolutely necessary that you monitor your trademark in some way. The USPTO does conduct a search of their own files so if someone does file for a Federal trademark after your registration it typically is rejected. However, relying on the USPTO to protect your trademark is a mistake for several reasons.

First and foremost, the USPTO is going to operate by their guidelines, which are strict to an extent. However, they may not be strict enough for your own liking. Let’s look at a real life example:

• Norcross Safety Products has a registered Federal trademark for Ladybug for “garden clogs and garden boots,” which is in International Class 25, the clothing class
• TSP Fashion has a pending Federal trademark for Lady B. for clothing of all types in International Class 25 and specifically mentioned “shoes, sandals and slippers”

On the surface they look different except in looking at the record for Lady B. you can see that there is also an inclusion of a design of a ladybug. Again, the names are different but the message of the name is similar as is the industry, namely clothing. This is not to say that the USPTO is wrong in not refusing Lady B’s filing but it does prove my point.

Let’s just assume that Norcross would take issue with this mark. Unless they’re monitoring their mark in some way, Norcross would not have a clue that Lady B. is close to becoming registered.

Second, it can take the USPTO almost 6 months to conduct a search of their records. This means that a competitor can be using the same or similar name that whole time, which means you’re likely losing customers and if so, you’re definitely losing money.

Third, the USPTO only searches their records, which consist of the Federal trademarks. Yes, that’s a large number of records however State trademarks are going to be relevant to your business as well.

Let’s say your business primarily does business on the West Coast but you have plans to expand to the East Coast. A Federal trademark does give you the right to the entire country, however, if someone has a New York trademark you’ll have new hurdles to deal with in expanding that can be time consuming and costly.

Those are three important reasons why monitoring your registered trademark is a necessary part of your business plan. There are a couple of different ways you can go about monitoring your mark – 1) hire a trademark monitoring service OR 2) have comprehensive trademark research conducted every 2-3 years.

Shannon Moore is the General Manager for TradeMark Express. Since 1992, TradeMark Express has met the needs of their clients with comprehensive research, application preparation, attorney referrals and trademark consultation. For further details, please visit us on the web at TradeMark Express or call Shannon directly at 800.340.2010.

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Of Good Use Tools To Boost Application Efficiency Monitoring

Among most of the latest resources that are meant tend to be use to improve application overall performance, RTI normally regarded as a very good device that carry out the duty of monitoring performance tuning in most effective manner. By using this software, code writers and testers focusing on the program can guarantee to a certain extent that they will achieve the maximum system overall performance because it offers many assistance in satisfying all fundamental requirements and fulfilling the goals of customers when you look at the best manner.

RTI locates its application inside java tuning since it undertakes the assignment of overall performance tuning tracking by assessing the reaction some time additionally providing full visibility. When there is no these types of system being set up to handle the job overall performance tracking, huge dilemmas get surfaced that have the potential of causing break down of a java function and/or closing along the entire community. That is a significant point in which RTI tool plays an important role helping to improve application overall performance.

Another cause of RTI rising as a favored tool being used to improve application overall performance is the fact that it includes all those functionalities which are necessary in any tool or software intended for appraising  java tuning issues that generally speaking come to surface. This tool meant for the purpose of overall performance tuning helps in identifying the issues also helps in locating the appropriate diagnose for deal overall performance issues.

Often times, the expert testers who’ve been because of the work of undertaking the performance tuning need certainly to in fact work very difficult to discover the issues into the exchange overall performance which are resulting in big bottlenecks and hampering the performance. For anyone overall performance testers, the RTI device features proved to a boon that will help all of them to enhance application performance and reaching the targets.

Using the RTI tool helps them improving the performance tuning since it works to be sure that performance testers have all possible aid in finding out the issues and then additionally in asserting the performance constraints after analyzing the estimated response time, scalability, deal price and failover. Making use of RTI software in java tuning provides an entire and detailed review of all those complex calculations thus making it somewhat uncomplicated for the overall performance tester to identify the basic concern that pushed the machine to stop work, without devoting extra time and power.

As soon as the performance testers can figure out the exact dilemmas into the java deal performance, they have most of the reasons to assign the charge of fixing the issues on programmers. From now onwards, it becomes the responsibility of programmers to explain the difficulties and also discover a solution to eliminate all the problems hampering the performance tuning. Moreover it reveals that the reason why RTI tool has become a well known and efficient device intended for carrying-out performance tuning in rather efficient way. The varied applications of the amazing new device is offering countless advantages to customers including  the transformation of assistance desk presence into a feature that may offer full guarantee of user pleasure which will be very challenging achieve in current times.

For more information on java tuning, overall performance tuning and enhance application overall performance, please see

OPM, DOD announce identity theft protection and credit tracking

Monitor Amphitrite.
credit tracking
Image by Mississippi Division of Archives and History
Collection: Painter (Milton McFarland, Sr.) Collection
Call Number: PI/1988.0006/Box 557 Folder 1
Program ID: 97315.
Url to the catalog

From Monitor Amphitrite.

Please see our profile web page for home elevators ordering.

Scanned as tiff in 2008/03/03 by MDAH.

Credit: due to the Mississippi Department of Archives and background.

OPM, DOD announce identification theft security and credit tracking
ID professionals will give you all influenced individuals and their dependent minor children (under the chronilogical age of 18 since July 1, 2015) with credit monitoring, identity monitoring, identity theft insurance, and identity repair services for a period of three …
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Could you trust credit tracking agencies together with your data?
And Experian is providing credit monitoring services to your same people whose information it lost within the breach. Credit tracking, however, doesn't block crooks from opening brand new lines of credit when you look at the victim's name. It instead may alert men and women …
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Devices, “energy Efficiency Labeling” Virtual Lack Of Standard Tracking

Now, casually enter a

Home Appliances

Marketplace might find all the appliances have a “energy efficiency label attached.” Found that the current energy efficiency labeling on these figures tend to be marked by the manufacturer right, whilst the marketplace has not however led to the forming of a successful supervision system identifies appliances for the home energy efficiency, “liquid” huge, formed a misleading consumers. Someone engaged in home device sales informed reporters: Now makers, whether or not the highest energy efficiency score, nevertheless they choose to mark the best energy efficiency score, so the energy savings label is now the customer does not have any research worth.

Actually, the subject of energy efficiency dilemmas when you look at the trade of digital identity isn’t secret. “What class tend to be marked on their own, stated the operator, mainly decreased guidance caused industry.” Device sales reflect this. A year ago, a number of nations also have conducted sampling, the outcome from sampling of view, the energy use of a regional digital device shops reached 50per cent regarding the standard issue, which identifies the vitality efficiency of small businesses practically 100per cent associated with the virtual standard, though some huge There is also the phenomenon of digital brand name standard.

What is causing

home electrical appliance companies are able to do energy-efficiency labeling of Deficiency?

“Hidden rules” of digital exposure to energy efficiency standard issue

Because the nationwide energy savings are not the topic of false identification to be checked, then real question is how the virtual standard discovered it? Reporter with a

Ice Box

a business roentgen & D personnel meeting that: at the moment, refrigerator standard issue of virtual businesses are common. At the same time, the scientists also described a “hidden guidelines” are exposed fundamental dilemmas of energy efficiency digital object.

Stated, based on the roentgen & D staff: At present, a lot of companies have actually introduced informative data on use of 0.35 levels below the refrigerator, some enterprises have also reached the Japanese use of 0.27 degrees, 0.29 degrees, this propaganda is untrue propaganda. This roentgen & D personnel reveals that, in the fridge business, there is a “hidden rules”: any one of an organization launched a super-efficient refrigerators, therefore the super-efficient refrigerators must be other manufacturers to understand from. Other companies usually purchase a rival claim associated with the low-power associated with the ice box, first test, then dissected to see opponent’s production procedure, utilizing just what technology. This will be a “hidden guidelines” allowing this analysis found that the marketplace is reported on their energy businesses 0.27 levels, 0.29 degrees of the refrigerator in line with state laws out from the laboratory test values had been 0.38 degrees and 0.41 levels far beyond the national scope for the provisions of this energy savings of floating.

“this is actually the only laboratory results, if positioned in regular environments, power consumption about significantly more than 0.5 units of electricity, not merely virtual target problem which is arbitrary standard.” This roentgen & D employees stressed to reporters . Another reporter additionally made a big domestic ice box company pertaining to workers, although various other failed to provide a definite solution.

Businesses usually do not lack faith market guidance

Traditional for energy savings labeling of virtual companies worried, the industry specialist analysis: home devices put lots of energy-efficiency labeling indicates the trap that some organizations with “Every potter praises hit” kind of solution to publicize the lack of self-exaggerating the integrity of rehearse, therefore in immediate need of relevant norms.

‘s research found that having less market supervision, nearly all energy-efficient sales station recognition stickers are to be published up product sales, and product sales of specific brands of cabinet as well as a large number of various energy-efficiency labeling stickers following the model ice box can place unique paste, because of its own product sales staff do not know just what the ice box is amount of energy efficiency, it often would be the highest energy savings labeling a paste on the refrigerator, this method is actually false recognition enterprises are lacking faith, consumer fraud techniques.

“Are items that consumers choose energy efficiency a significant factor when you look at the fridge, therefore some producers digital standard of energy savings will definitely mislead consumers identify the objective of attempting to sell products, whether you look at what is now the shopping mall fridge dare Paste the best energy efficiency rating label. “a refrigerator brand sales associate angrily.

It really is stated that the power effectiveness of appliances when it comes to building of nationwide identity is a conserving culture to a recommended policy, just a few bad faith business practices in genuine terms is misleading, fraudulent behavior. Ningbo Yongcheng a household electric device business veteran told reporters, numerous home electrical devices “grade virtual standard”, this profiteering, “especially in the rural market, the sensation of digital standard much more concentrated.” Therefore, the vitality performance label urgent national authorities regulate .

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Latest Credit Tracking News

T-Mobile Has Free Credit Monitoring
Regarding T-Mobile clients whom be concerned among their particular data was hacked, the business has provided two years of no-cost credit tracking and identity tracking. As with many breaches, the offer to possibly affected clients cannot appear significant …
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New deadline to register for credit tracking after Premera breach
Folks waiting until the eleventh hour to register for 2 years of free credit monitoring and identity-theft protection following the Premera cyberattack ran into issues Wednesday when the Experian site providing the solution ended accepting enrollees …
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Tens of thousands subscribe to credit tracking
Excellus has contracted with Kroll to deliver free credit monitoring for consumers for just two years. Young ones of members will even get identity theft defense and tracking through September 2019. That was an essential addition for Lynette Baker. The Woman …
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We’ve Ranked The Best Rated Credit Monitoring Services!

Does subscribing to credit monitoring services make sense? Well, in this day and age of the internet where identity theft has become rampant, it makes sense to obtain some sort of credit protection. Consider these staggering stastistics:

  • Every year over 1 in 10 americans will become a victim of identity theft or credit fraud, and the annual trend is getting worse. Average losses incurred are said to be over $5000 per individual. This is when you rely solely on paper statements to monitor your credit. For all we know your personal information may have already been compromised. It’s just that this stolen data which contains your personal information hasn’t been actively used by the identity thieves as of yet. It’s just a matter of time before they do… (*You can always read more details here regarding the shocking facts & statistics of identity theft*)
  • On the otherhand, studies have shown how those who utilize credit monitoring services only reach losses of around 1/10th of that amount ($500+) because they’re quickly alerted to any fraudulent credit activity. And since pretty much all credit monitoring services have identity theft insurance in place, any losses you’d incur from identity theft or credit fraud is quickly recovered. In essence, you lose $0.

Out of the many free trial best credit monitoring + identity theft protection services you’ll come across on the net, we rate these as the TOP offers, based on quality of service, features, and overall customer feedback. If it’s not on this chart, then it didn’t make the grade.

Offer Name: Our Rating:
Free Credit Scores Received: Credit Bureaus Monitored: Trial Period: Benefits:

See Offer

Free 7-day Trial
$29.95/mo thereafter
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring. All Free 3 Credit Scores.

See Offer

Single Credit Score TransUnion
Free 7-day Trial
$17.95/mo thereafter
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring.

See Offer

Single Credit Score TransUnion
Free 7-day Trial
$29.95/mo thereafter
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring.

See Offer

Single Credit Score TransUnion
Free 7-day Trial
$29.95/mo thereafter
3 Bureau Credit Monitoring.

How We Rate These Services

Key Factor #1. Comprehensive Credit Monitoring – This is obviously an important factor in seeing which service is good. You want the best and most comprehensive credit monitoring and identity theft protection service for maximum protection. Pretty much all of the Top services will have 3 bureau credit monitoring.

Key Factor #2. Free Credit Scores Received – Pretty much all of the top rated credit monitoring + identity theft protection services allow you to see your credit score(s) for free during their trial period. Some let you see all 3 scores. Also, their trial period varies.

Key Factor #3. Overall Customer Feedback – Last but not least, you want to sign up with a service which enjoys the best customer service and customer satisfaction ratings.

About Credit Monitoring Services

Does subscribing to credit monitoring services make sense? Well, consider these facts: Over 1 in 10 americans will become a victim of identity theft or credit fraud. Average losses incurred are said to be over $5000 per individual. This is when you rely solely on paper statements to monitor your credit. On the otherhand, studies have shown how those who utilize credit monitoring services only reach losses of around 1/10th of that amount ($500+) because they’re quickly alerted to any fraudulent credit activity. And since pretty much all credit monitoring services have some sort of identity theft insurance in place (up to $1 million in some cases), any losses you’d incur from identity theft or credit fraud is quickly recovered.

About Credit Scores

Credit scores are used by different financial institutions, lenders, and creditors. Credit scores reflect your creditworthiness. It is used to determine if you will be approved for a loan request. It also determines your loan interest rates. If you have a bad credit score, the higher interest rate would usually mean that you’ll end up paying higher monthly payments for the same loan amount, compared to someone who has an excellent credit score. The data from your credit report is used to figure out your scores using particular algorithmic equations.

About Free Credit Reports

Free credit reports from all 3 bureaus on the other hand records loan payment obligations of your various credit or loan accounts. Accounts listed usually include mortgage loans, credit card balances, auto loan accounts, and personal loans, but they are not limited to these. Any loan obligations are usually reported by the creditors to one or all of the 3 credit bureaus – TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. They do offer your credit report for free once an year. This is what’s often called ‘free government credit report’ or annual credit report. Each of these credit agencies will also provide you with a credit score but you’ll have to pay for them.

*original article courtesy of free credit score government.