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Home is something everyone takes care individually, but at the office it is the responsibility of the management and owners to make sure that all the security measures are taken care of. Work place or a public place is a meeting place of hundreds of people and so security is definitely required may it be internally or externally.

Some Safety measures required at public places and offices

• Security Cards
• Burglar Alarms
• Security Personnel
• Name Badges
• CCTV that is Closed Circuit Cameras
• Smoke Detectors
• Passwords in Restricted Areas
• Photo Identification
• Metal Detectors
• Fire Extinguishers and Fire Exits
• First Aid Kits and Doctors on Duty
• Safety Gear in case of factories

Let’s discuss Security Cards in detail as a safety measure

Security Cards
Security Cards are cards that have the Company Name, Photo of the personnel, Personal Details like name, birth date, age, address, work title and sometimes a detailed security card states the weight, height, blood group. Security Cards allow persons access to the company premises and avoids any one from just walking into the building without prior appointments. Security cards also allow for a tab to be kept on the movement of people within the company as the designated security personnel can regularly check and also if the security cards have a magnetic strip then it makes a record every time it is swiped anywhere.

Some different types of Security Cards

Photo ID Cards

These cards have photo of the concerned person. This is an added bonus to the security card as then only the person to whom the card is assigned can use it and so there won’t be any misuse.

Smart Cards

Smart cards are self contained cards that are so progressive that they are hard to be duplicated and misused. There are hackers and crackers that try and break these card codes so companies have to develop very high standard security smart card. There are four aspects of a smart card that make it so successful. The smart card security aspects are: Communication, Hardware, Software and Operating System (OS). Smart cards are a very good option for areas where there is a requirement of high security.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are those cards that are given to loyal customers so that they can avail some of the benefits that are offered to loyal customers. These cards allow the customer to collect reward points on every purchase which can then be later redeemed. These cards act as ID cards as well as they have the person’s information on the card which can allow them to use the loyalty programme initiated by the company and prevent any fraudulent use.

Badges or Name Tags

These are also used as a Photo ID Card as they have the persons name on it as well the company from which he is. This allows for easy recognition and allows personnel to keep track of the movement of people. These also create a good impression on the opposite person as it reflects certain professionalism and manners. An employee is easily recognisable and also makes him feel a part of the entire network and company.
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Vincent Alvarez worked in companies dealing in promotional items and photo ID cards for the majority of his working life. Today he likes to share his experiences of the field through the help of his articles online.

Plantable Cards

I have fallen hard for plantable favor and stationary products; I just love the thought of giving eco friendly favors and cards to family and friends that not only are ‘green’, but that also give back to the recipient and environment in terms of beautiful wildflowers. In fact, I have several containers of these wildflowers on my deck that were started from these plantable items.

My favorite are the plantable cards: thank you cards, response cards, birthday cards, congratulations cards, holiday cards – you name it and there is an eco friendly card product available that is embedded with wildflower seeds. Once received, read and enjoyed, it can then (very easily) be planted in a container and soon little flowers will sprout.

What to look for when buying (or searching for) plantable cards:

Ensure that that are made, at least in part, from post-consumer waste material. With a bit of searching you should be able to find products that are made 100% from this type of material.
Check to see what type of flower seeds are embedded in the product. Most are embedded with a mix of annual and perennial wildflowers but if you want to know exactly what type of flowers seeds then go ahead and ask.
Ensure that directions as to how to plant these cards are included in the card – either as an insert or printed on the back of each card.
Ensure that the cards come with envelopes.
Some plantable card vendors give you personalization options such as the inclusion of a photo on the card or the inclusion of personalized text. Of course these are only the case when purchasing custom cards (versus ‘off the rack’).

If you can’t find plantable cards to fit your need, here is a lovely option. I always keep on hand a supply of my favorite plantable favor (which happen to be shaped like a butterfly) and I include one of these in each store bought ‘regular’ card that I send out.

Diva Entertains, Copyright 2009

Deb Rosenberg is an event planner and recommends these plantable cards and plantable favors offered at

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Plastic ID Cards

To make you organization look all the more sophisticated make the use of the plastic cards which will get used as plastic ID cards for the organization. Such plastic cards add some great means of security as soon as you make the addition of all the security features within it. Adding of the security features will enhance safety measures through the office premises and thus these plastic cards get immense importance within the mob. Obtaining of the various services from the company is also possible. To avail those services take a glance on the categories of services that can be obtained from the manufacturer of the plastic cards.

Things you will require:

•  Plastic cards
•  Plastic cards printer
•  Printer ink
•  Card Design Software
•  Computer

Printing Company

Make a search of the companies who are into the business of printing.

1.  Printing Company
•  Find companies that print plastic ID cards in your area.
•  Choose one company based on price, turnaround time and whether they can produce the kind of cards you want. Some companies can add security features, for example bar codes and magnetic strips so that employees can use the cards to enter the office after hours. You can usually include the company logo, a black and white or color photo and text on the card.
•  Specify the layout that you want. Some companies have templates that you can use. Otherwise, you can often create a customized layout. Also specify the number of cards you need and make the payment.
•  Take photos of the individuals for whom you want to create plastic ID cards. These can be digital or paper, depending on the company. Some companies can come to your office and take the photos for you.
•  Submit the information you want to place on the cards, for example the holder’s name, date of birth and position in the company. The card printing company will deliver the cards when they are ready.
2.  Own Printer
•  Design the card layout using the software that comes with the printer. Determine where you want to place the company logo, the photo and the text on a card.
•  Collect the photographs of the individuals who will hold the plastic ID cards. Also collect the details you want to print on the cards, such as name or department.
•  Enter the information into a database and link it to the card design file.
•  Insert the plastic cards into their compartment in the plastic card printer. Also check that the ink level is sufficient.
•  Print the plastic ID cards using the special printer.

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Added Bonus Cards India

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