What to Do When You Are Kept on Hold For Long Periods Or Your Calls Get Blocked at the Credit Bureau

People often experience problems when contacting reporting agencies about their credit reports. When this happens to you most of the time, then it could be a tactic by the agency to prevent you from reaching them. But since you need them to solve problems on your report, it is in your own interest that you are not barred or delayed.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the law ensuring that reporting agencies practice in fairness, agencies can only block a limited number of calls and are allowed to keep a caller on hold for a limited time. If these are violated, then you have a right to take legal action. Sometime in year 2000, Equifax, Transunion and Experian were made to pay fines totaling $ 2.5 million for delaying millions of people for unreasonably long periods and barring a large number too.

The reporting agencies will only take your attempts at contacting them for granted because they believe that you do not know your rights in the credit system. When you choose to repair your rating, you have either of two ways to go so that your rights will not be abused by agencies. One way is to spend some time learning the laws regulating the industry. The second way is to consult a professional repair services firm to help do the entire task for you.

What you will be saving if you choose the do-it-yourself method is money, in addition to increasing your score and putting your rating in good state. But if you prefer to pay a professional firm for the repair task, you will be saving quality time in addition to them getting the job done for you.

Whichever of the two methods you choose, it is legal for you or the repair firm to know and take legal action if bureaus are blocking calls or placing holds for unreasonably long periods and not adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Postcard Marketing – Hands Off Case Study #2 – Speakers Bureaus

Here’s a postcard campaign that was profitable for me some years back.

To get more speaking engagements, I wanted to be represented by more speakers bureaus. However, bureaus were inundated with information kits and phone calls from wannabes.

Therefore, I decided to offer to help bureaus market themselves better. This would cut through the clutter, and I’d come to their attention as a marketing expert and a speaker on marketing, in a back-handed way.

I obtained a mailing list of directors of speakers bureaus and created a postcard containing one of my Marketing Minute newsletters. Besides the complete text of my 180-word Marketing Minute, the card invited them to subscribe to get tips on growing their business from my no-cost weekly email newsletter.

Six times in one year, I mailed a card like this to the speakers bureau directors. The card was the same each time except that it contained the text of a different Marketing Minute.

When I did this campaign, it was before the advent of online postcard marketing companies. I changed the master file in my computer, took a printout of the card contents to my local Kinko’s, they printed up the cards on card stock that they cut into quarters, I stuck on the bureau mailing labels and stamps, and finally dropped them at the post office.

Today, the process is much simpler. You can design a postcard template online, cut and paste new content into it for each new mailing, upload the data file for the postcard recipients just once, and have PostcardBuilder.com or another online postcard print-and-mail company print and send the cards for you. There’s no need to touch or mess with mailing labels, stamps or even the postcards. Just place the order and it’s done.

And my results? One bureau owner hired me for copywriting from the first mailing and lined up a speaking engagement for me a year later. Three other bureau owners I mailed to added me to their roster, with two additional bookings coming out of that. Several other bureau owners joined my Marketing Minute list and purchased products or services from me years later, or referred others who did so.

Financially, the campaign brought me at least fifteen times as much in revenues as I spent, with results trickling in for more than seven years.

And I didn’t make a single cold call to a bureau owner, which for me was an unspeakably big plus!

Your payoff from postcards could certainly be as satisfying as mine.

Veteran postcard marketer, consultant and author Marcia Yudkin is the creator of The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course, which teaches the strategic, logistical, design and copywriting secrets of successful postcard marketing. Download a free one-hour audio interview in which she and the co-owner of a postcard printing and mailing firm reveal the basics of marketing with postcards: http://www.yudkin.com/postcards.htm

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A 5-Step Course to an Impressive Credit Score

The journey to an impressive credit score begins with a resolution: The need for a change and to re-establish a good report with reporting bureaus. The steps explained in this piece are meant to be guides for improving your rating. You should undergo a repair task for excellent results on your file. Make a decision on the method you want to use in repairing your file from the two available methods: do-it-yourself or agency repair methods. But you should still use these five steps to build and maintain a good score.

One: Obtain your report the law has given you the privilege and rights to get a free copy of your file once a year. You can decide to get the three versions: Experian, Transunion, and Equifax at once from annualcreditreport.com or you can get the three individually at different times of the year. This step is a necessity so you can know what has been entered into your file.

Two: Scan thoroughly It is estimated that about 89 percent of all credit reports contain errors and there’s a great possibility that your own file has an error. Reporting agencies enter the information they are furnished with into your file and they cannot alter it. A thorough scanning should reveal some errors or expired accounts.
Three: Challenge Accounts don’t be nonchalant about negative accounts on your file just because it is printed there. Nothing gained, nothing ventured. You should make attempts to get rid of destructive accounts from your file by disputing it with the bureaus or the original creditor.

Four: Negotiate and Pay Do not ignore collections on your report. Try to reach a compromise with collectors, and when you do so get them to do you a favor in return for settling them. A trade of payment in exchange for deletion of a collection account will do you a lot of good.

Five: Get working Try getting some good activity going on and talk to creditors whom you know you’ve got their goodwill to report your activities to bureaus.

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