The Most Important Thing John Oliver Got Right in His Epic Credit Report Rant

The Most Important Thing John Oliver Got Right in His Epic Credit Report Rant
Comedian John Oliver took credit reporting agencies to task on his HBO show, “Last Week Tonight,” on Sunday, saying the agencies should be more accountable for errors in reporting personal credit information for American consumers. “Credit reports.
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DOL issues final fiduciary rule and related exemptions
The final DOL fiduciary regulation (the Final Rule) and other guidance published by the DOL on April 8 will have a significant effect on those who provide investment advice and sell investment products and services to employee benefit plans and IRAs.
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John Oliver Takes Aim At Credit Reports In 'Last Week Tonight' | U.S. PIRG
But on the problems with credit reporting he is exactly correct. If your name is Judy … Last Week Tonight with John Oliver explained how credit reports play a surprisingly large role in our lives, but even more surprising is how often they contain …
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Image from page 734 of “The library of American history, literature and biography ..” (1904)
correct credit errors
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: libraryofamerica00mabi
Title: The library of American history, literature and biography ..
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1846-1916 Birdsall, William Wilfred, 1854-1909 Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909
Subjects: American literature
Publisher: Philadelphia, Chicago [etc.] The J. C. Winston Co

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nized government, commanding the respect, and, to someextent, the fears of the world. Their army is complete in all its details andappointments, and it will be commanded by the foremost soldier of the country.General -Scott, whose devotion to the Union cause is attested by his drawinghis sword against his native State. They have also a navy that in a little while ROBERT E. LEE. 669 will blockade our ports and cut us off from all the world. They have nearly allthe workshops and skilled artisans of the country, and will draw upon theresources of other nations to supply any deficiency they may feel. And aboveall, we shall have to fight the prejudices of the world, because of the existenceof slavery in our country. Our enemies will have the ear of other powers,while we cannot be heard, and they will be shrewd enough to make the warappear to be merely a struggle on our part for the maintenance of slavery ; andwe shall thus be without sympathy, and most certainly without material aid from

Text Appearing After Image:
A SCENK IN PRESIDENT LINCOI-NS CAHINET.Secretary Stanton expressing an opinion about the conduct of the war. other powers. To meet all this we have a government to form, an army toraise, organize and equip, as best we may. We are without a treasury, andwithout credit. We have no ships, few arms, and few manufacturers. Ourpeople are brave and enthusiastic, and will be united in defense of a just cause.I believe we can succeed in establishing our independence, if the people can bemade to comprehend at the outset that to do so they must endure a longer war-and far greater privations than our fathers did in the Revolution of 1776. We•will not succeed until the financial power of the North is completely broken, 670 HIS CLEAR FORESIGHT. and this can occur only at the end of a long and bloody war. Many of ourpeople think it will soon be over, that perhaps a single campaign and one greatbattle will end it. This is a fatal error, and must be corrected, or we aredoomed. Above all, Virginians

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Image from page 285 of “Our College Times” (1913)
correct credit errors
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: ourcollegetimes1119131914
Title: Our College Times
Year: 1913 (1910s)
Authors: Elizabethtown College
Subjects: Elizabethtown College publication
Publisher: Elizabethtown College
Contributing Library: Elizabethtown College, The High Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation

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free of cost, while atother Colleges admission is charged.Remember students, we ar,- pleadingfor better support and greater interestin this kind of sport. Base ball also 24 OUR COLLEGE TIMES has its value, just as well as tennis.Why not then take advantage of itand become a broader minded and awell-proportioned man? On May i a very interesting gamewas played between the Herrites andthe Hersheyites. Only a few errorswere credited to each infield, becauseour base ball diamond has lately re-ceived a finishing touch. The follow-ing was the line-up and score: Hersheyites. Herrites Rose, 2b. Engle, 3b Sheetz, ss. Musselman, p, ss. Reber, A. L., lb Herr,ss.,pKreider, 3b. Geyer, c. Hershey, p Zug, ib. Falkenstein, c. Reber, J. D., 2b. Royer, If. Hess, rf. Wise, rf. Becker, If. Herrites 000023 2—7 Hersheyites 201050 x—8 Runs scored: ,Rose i, Sheetz i, Re-ber, A. L. 2, Hershey 2, Falkenstein i,Royer i, Engle i, Herr 2, Geyer i,Zug 2, Reber J. D. i Two base hits—Herr 2. Engle, A. L.Reber.

Text Appearing After Image:
In the last i&sue we stated that AmosGeib, 09, was soon to assume his du-ties as pastor of the Brooklyn church.We wish to correct this error. Eld. J.Kurtz Miller, who has been pastor forthe past fourteen years is still thepresent pastor and elder in charge.However. Eld. Miller is giving Mr.,Geib the opportunity to get valuableexperience in church work in general,along with his studies at ColumbiaUniversity. Miss Irene Sheetz, 13, was marriedto Harry Shank of Quarryville, Pa.Mr. Shank also was a student hereseveral years ago. Holmes Falkenstein, 10, filled a va-cancy in a western Pennsylvania highschool for several weeks. Mr. Falken-stein also called at the College severaldays ago. Merton Crouthamel, 11, is finishingan unexpired term, as teacher in agraded school. He will finish the A.B. course this spring at Juniata Col-lege. Ray Gruber, 10, was lately marriedto Miss Violet Shank of Reading, Pa.He now lives near Bachmansville, Pa.,where he has been teaching since hisgraduation. KA

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Against Carolina, an 'ugly,' 'unacceptable' defeat for Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta was also penalized six times for 54 yards, many of those errors coming at inopportune times. The Falcons' first penalty, for instance, came when linebacker … We didn't want to lose our poise and we wanted to make correct decisions.” Quinn was …
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4 fascinating uses of Microsoft Excel: artistic, uber-geeky, life-saving, and
Number calculations in Excel are limited to 8-bytes and 15 digits, so the numbers in the final column have zero for the 16th digits (not correct). Included is Pi typed out to 32 digits which is … It could include our bank transactions, telephone …
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Taking a look at the Celtics valiant effort against Golden State on Friday
And it was amazing how much coverage they were giving him all errors the stick bear is inside. All look at all … We talk you better give credit of what I thought but I just you know back to back nights can be very very good you know these legal road …

Attacking the Client
Look to libraries like the Apache Commons Validator for help in how to properly check for data types like dates, currencies, IP addresses, URLs, and credit card numbers. You can test how solid your input … There are lots of places to make mistakes …
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Four Errors In Daily Food Diet

Affected by the custom or practices in day-to-day diet plans, there are numerous tips which have existed in people’s brain for some time. Indeed, these types of ideas are not proper, plus may bring harms to man health.

Initial error: renal rock patients shouldn’t supplement calcium.
Nearly all of kidney stones tend to be due to the deposition of calcium oxalate in urine. This might be mainly due to the intake of way too much oxalic acid. As soon as the oxalic acid is omitted out from the urinary system, it’s going to complement calcium and form calcium oxalate, that may more cause kidney rocks. The key to avoid kidney stone is always to reduce the intake regarding the meals containing a lot of oxalic acid, including spinach and bamboo shoots.

The second mistake: customers with diabetes should eat carbohydrates as low as possible.
The degree of blood sugar is closely related with the consumption of carb. Diabetic patients should properly manage the consumption of carbohydrates, to be able to prevent excessive blood sugar levels. Under the condition of keeping typical body weight, they need to hold an ordinary intake of energy, in which the consumption of carbohydrates should account fully for 60% to 65% for the total power. Diabetic patients should eat noticeably more foods abundant with fiber, such as for instance oatmeal and fresh veggies, that could slow down the digestion and absorption of carbs, so that the blood sugar levels won’t increase prematurely and may stay at a well balanced amount.

The third mistake: old men and women drink milk will trigger cataracts.
Many people say that milk contains cysteine. If the cysteine is oxidated, it’ll damage the lens of the eye and cause cataracts. Consequently, they hold that old people should not drink milk. In reality, milk is high in calcium, so it’s a very important dietary way to obtain calcium. What’s more, the casein within milk can be a kind of top-notch protein, which is effortlessly soaked up and used by body. So that you can avoid cataracts, seniors people can augment more antioxidant nutritional elements, such supplement C, vitamin e antioxidant, -carotene, selenium, zinc along with other trace elements.

The fourth mistake: supplementation of supplement C is easy resulting in renal rocks.
Vitamin C is the cofactor of chemical, which will be closely related to the formation of collagen, the healing of injury, plus the fragility of blood vessel. Additionally, vitamin C has also an antioxidant result, which can advertise the consumption of iron and improve the protected purpose. So long as the everyday intake of supplement C is significantly less than 1,000 milligrams, it won’t cause kidney stones.

Chenxia Wang may be the independent journalist for ecommerce site into the biochemistry. is a place for you yourself to choose Chemicals! Our LookChem provide the most convenient conditions when it comes to intercontinental buyers and allow these leads benefit most of the businessperson.

Blackbaud Signs Pledge to Admire Student Data Privacy

Charleston, S.C. (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

Blackbaud, Inc., a number one international provider of software and services for the nonprofit, altruistic providing and training communities, features signed the pupil Privacy Pledge developed by the continuing future of Privacy Forum (FPF) together with Software & Ideas Industry Association (SIIA). FPF and SIIA created the Pledge to shield student privacy into the collection, maintenance and employ of personal information.

The pupil Privacy Pledge for K-12 school service providers outlines a set of obvious and concise objectives that parents and training officials have actually for safeguarding student data. U.S. Representatives Luke Messer (R-IN) and Jared Polis (D-CO) collected with school companies, knowledge businesses along with other stakeholders to produce the Pledge with FPF and SIIA.

“Blackbaud is committed to protecting sensitive and painful pupil information and protection,” stated Travis Warren, president of Blackbaud’s K-12 professional institutes Group. “The Pledge will better inform our consumers, providers and also the public of your dedication to safeguarding student privacy.” The Pledge details ongoing industry techniques that meet (and perhaps, go beyond) all national demands, and promotes companies to more demonstrably articulate their particular information privacy methods.

With its part as a K-12 school company, Blackbaud commits to:

    Not offer student information
    Not reveal student information for usage in behaviorally targeted marketing and advertising
    Utilize information for authorized academic purposes just
    Maybe not alter college supplier privacy guidelines without notice and option
    Enforce time limitations on retention of pupil data
    Support parental access to, and correction of mistakes in, their children’s information
    Preserve a comprehensive safety program
    Be clear about collection and employ of pupil data

For additional information in regards to the Pledge and exactly how to support it, check out

About Blackbaud

Providing the nonprofit, charitable providing and knowledge communities for more than three decades, Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) integrates technology solutions and expertise to assist organizations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 nations to guide above 30,000 clients, including nonprofits, K12 personal and higher education organizations, healthcare organizations, foundations also charitable providing organizations, and corporations. The company offers a full spectrum of cloud and on-premise solutions, and related services for companies of most sizes, including nonprofit fundraising and relationship management, eMarketing, advocacy, accounting, payment and analytics, also give administration, corporate social duty, training as well as other solutions. Utilizing Blackbaud technology, these organizations raise, invest, control and award a lot more than $ 100 billion each year. Seen as a premier business, Blackbaud is based in Charleston, sc and has operations in the us, Australian Continent, Canada, holland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. For more information, check out

Forward-looking Statements

Excluding historical information, all statements, objectives, and assumptions found in this development launch are forward-looking statements that involve numerous dangers and concerns. Although Blackbaud attempts to be accurate to make these forward-looking statements, it’s possible that future circumstances might vary from the assumptions where these types of statements tend to be based. In addition, various other important factors might cause brings about vary materially include the following: general financial dangers; doubt with regards to increased business and renewals from existing customers; continued success in sales growth; handling of integration of acquired businesses also risks involving purchases; dangers of successful implementation of multiple integrated software services and products; the capability to attract and keep crucial employees; dangers regarding our dividend policy and share repurchase system, including possible limitations on our power to develop together with possibility we might cease repayment of dividends; risks concerning limitations imposed because of the credit center; dangers related to handling of growth; long product sales and implementation cycles, especially in bigger company; technological changes which make our services and products less competitive; plus the other threat facets set forth from time to time in the SEC filings for Blackbaud, copies that can be obtained free of charge in the SEC’s site at or upon request from Blackbaud’s buyer relations department. All Blackbaud product brands appearing herein are trademarks or signed up trademarks of Blackbaud, Inc.

As 2014 Comes to a Close, American Consumer Credit Counseling Reveals the Top 5 Money Must-Dos Before the End of the Year

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

As the end of 2014 quickly approaches many consumers will begin to think about the year ahead and what goals they have for their financial future. According to a recent survey by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, 40 percent of Americans have identified managing money as their top goal for the coming year. But before those consumers start looking to 2015, there is still time this year to tackle those end of the year financial tasks and help to ensure a New Years resolution success. To help with the process, leading financial education nonprofit American Consumer Credit Counseling has revealed the top 5 money must-dos that every consumer should consider before closing the books on 2015.

The start of a new year provides consumers with the unique opportunity to set new goals or recommit to old ones, and this is especially true when it comes to finances, said Steve Trumble, President and CEO of American Consumer Credit Counseling. Unfortunately, many consumers wait until the last minute, which may result in poor planning and missed opportunities to kick off the New Year already heading in the right financial direction.

ACCC offers these smart and easy tips on five things to do with your money before 2015:

Research Benefits: The start of a new year is often accompanied by a renewal or new enrollment into employer benefits, including retirement savings accounts, healthcare reimbursement, and wellness savings. Be sure to enroll in an employer sponsored 401k if available and, if you are already enrolled, look for ways to increase your weekly contributions, especially if your employer matches your contributions. Does your company provide a health or transportation reimbursement program? What about a flex-spending account to cover co-pays and other medical expenses? Dedicating money to these can save you hundreds over the course of the year, and the best part is that they are pre-taxed dollars. Meet with your HR department to walk through any company benefits that you may not be taking advantage of.

Be Pre-Emptive: Think now about your budget for the coming year so that on day one, you can start an emergency fund for just in case; you never know when you are going to be impacted by an unexpected event like a job loss or medical expense. The best way to plan for this is to review your monthly expenses and develop a plan to save for at least 6-9 months of expenses. This can be one of the most challenging goals to obtain, but it is also one that you will not regret if a financial disaster strikes.

Check Your Credit: Given that, according to a FTC study, one in five consumers had an error on at least one of their three credit reports, and five percent of those with errors endured less favorable terms for loans, this is a must-do for all consumers. Remember that every consumer is entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the credit reporting agencies. We recommend to get your free copy of your credit report. Once received, review to ensure the accuracy and if there is any erroneous information work with the credit reporting agencies to get this corrected.

Pay off What You Can in 2014: Reviewing your credit report also provides the opportunity to review your outstanding debts and develop a plan to get any of your credit cards paid off. There are different methods of paying down/off your debt and its a personal choice; the Debt Avalanche or the Debt Snowball methods, for example. The avalanche method suggests you put more money towards the account with the highest interest rate, and then make minimum payments on any other accounts. Once paid in full, apply more funds to the next highest interest rate, and so on. The snowball method approach is when you disregard interest rates and pay off the debt with the smallest balance first and so on.

Budget: The best way to organize your finances and paint a clear picture of your financial situation is to get it all down on paper or a spreadsheet. Identify your total monthly income and expenses. Break it down into categories so you know how much you are spending in each area (rent, utilities, car payment, groceries, dining out, cell phone bill, clothes shopping, etc.). If you dont know how much youre spending, then track yourself for a month or two. Once you can identify how much you spend on everything, you can identify areas to cut back. This will also help you find more money to apply towards your debts, or add to your savings.

American Consumer Credit Counselings certified and experienced counselors offer various financial education, counseling and debt management services to help consumers achieve long-term financial health and stability.

ACCCs certified and experienced counselors offer a variety of financial education, counseling and debt management services to help consumers achieve long-term financial health and stability. These financial education programs help consumers to better understand and manage their finances. ACCCs holiday spending poll is the first in a series of planned monthly polls related to budgeting and spending habits, intended to help consumers recognize their budgeting needs. ACCC plans to post these polls and the results on their website and Facebook page.

ACCC is a 501(c)3 organization, that provides free credit counseling, bankruptcy counseling, and housing counseling to consumers nationwide in need of financial literacy education and money management. For more information, contact ACCC:

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Held Captive by Flawed Credit Reports
Investigators found which the firm regularly mixed up reports of customers whom have the same name, enabled erroneous info to be included about credit reports plus wouldn’t correct the mistakes which customers had diagnosed. The organization moreover failed …
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Cork's double players should realize we can't serve 2 masters
However what Fitzmaurice ought to be provided many credit for is the merging of thetraditional Kerry passing plus moving attacking fashion with a contemporary protective program that, past at smallest, worked like ying plus yang. Travelling house last evening I was inside no …
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