Learning How to Trade Bitcoin for Beginners

The general perception among investors and particularly new traders is that they are bound to lose money when they start trading. However, contrary to what every ‘expert’ out there would have you believe, it’s easy to learn how to trade Bitcoin and make money. Though trading the cryptocurrency is one of the most challenging skills, traders can learn it with ease.

They though findit hard to learn how to trade Bitcoin successfully at the beginning; they learn it gradually and slowly. Therefore, the question, can a beginner make money trading Bitcoin has a simple answer and that is, yes. If you have a look around the many websites, forums, seminars and magazines, you will come to know that there are indeed traders who never lost.

Thus, it seems like everyone’s making millions of dollars trading Bitcoin. All those who had invested a couple of years ago when it was trading below $ 200 are making huge returns. The thing is, traders should love to trade and at the same time learn how to trade Bitcoin from experts. Read the latest technical analysis for accurate entry and exit points.

Following the Guidelines from Experts

As it has been mentioned above there is nothing better than the expert opinion from the experts and seasoned traders, the new traders should follow them well. There are various methods that traders employ when they are learning how to trade Bitcoin to make attractive returns from their investments; they share these with fellow traders as well.

Following these methods traders can make informed decisions and reap the benefits. Similarly, the traders who have traded equities or Forex know it fairly well that news influence a lot of things in market. They are the ones who should follow the latest news and make decisions based on the developments. This will help them make professional Bitcoin trader.

Finding Out the Right Source for Learning How to Trade Bitcoin

It is now established fact that technical analysis has long been an accepted method for trading whether it is Bitcoin or other trading assets. Therefore, for any trader learning how to trade Bitcoin, following the technical analysis is important. Similarly, there is fundamental analysis based Bitcoin trading; traders should also mix technical with fundamental.

Least but not the last, learning how to trade Bitcoin and then make a career in it can be an exciting experience for a traders; however, for that they must commit for following the guidelines from successful traders. Portals like NewsBTC guide traders with regular news and reviews of the brokers and technical analysis, they can be relied upon.

Read more on how to exchange Bitcoin for higher returns.

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Get Bitcoin ATM Visa Debit Card That Works Worldwide

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Visa Bitcoin ATM Card is fully anonymous. There is no name on the card. You can use any name while you are spending money online. It will work with your real name as well as any fake name. This is the best card if you do not want to show your identity. Without providing any documents you can get this card and you can spend any amount of money without being noticed anywhere.

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Finding Out Trustworthy Bitcoin Brokers Reviews

Those who have traded currency pairs or stocks for that matter, they know it well that the role of a brokerage firm is paramount. Similarly, when trading is done using Bitcoin as an asset, it must be kept in mind that before trading with brokerage firm traders should buy the digital currency from trusted sources like Coinbase.

Reading the Bitcoin brokers’ reviews from trusted sources can further help traders make better professionals for the reason that the brokers must be reliable. Needless to say over the last couple of years, Bitcoin has been on the roller coaster. For instance, from moving up to $ 600 these days has shown that there is huge potential available for investors.

Interestingly, Bitcoin traded above $ 1000 during October 2013; however, the exchange rate did not go up after that. On the other hand, the exchange rate has been lagging behind the one that was seen in the year 2013. Traders might think if it is the right time to buy Bitcoin and even buying which brokers to trust and for that they must consult Bitcoin brokers’ reviews.

Trusted Bitcoin Brokers to Open a Trading Account

Reading the latest and updated Bitcoin brokers’ reviews traders are able to find out which are the brokers that they can trust while opening a trading account. Regarding the popular brokerage firms that you can get reading the latest and updated Bitcoin brokers’ reviews, there is a list of them that include AvaTrade, XTrade, Plus500, etc.

In addition to the names mentioned above some other brokerage firms that can be trusted for trading include Forex Broker Inc, SimpleFX, Trade24, OptionsClick, 24Option, etc. These are becoming popular among traders for the obvious reason that they are well reviewed for the features and traders can inquire about their features.

Bitcoin Brokers Must be Reliable

Bitcoin brokers’ reviews answer all queries from the traders before they open a trading account. Needless to say you must also keep in mind that when you buy and sell Bitcoin as the prices also fall down and then go up, you make profits when the differences are in your favor. The brokerage firm that is registered and regulated is a name that can be trusted.

On the other hand, the traders suggest that if you are making profits, you should sell the digital currency and buy back when the exchange rate falls. Therefore, it is mandatory to point that traders should keep a lot of things in kitty so that they are safe and secure when opening a trading account with a Bitcoin broker.

Here is a list of Trusted Bitcoin Brokers to trade and make higher profits

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Bitcoin Analysis from Expert Traders

When you are trading the currency pairs, you use fundamental analysis and technical analysis so that you are making profitable decisions. The same sort of Bitcoin analysis is used by traders who are into Bitcoin trading. Patterns often repeat themselves, and a good technical trader will be able to learn from history and their own experiences, so you too can learn.

Needless to say traders make an educated guess about the price movement and these educated guesses by method of technical indicators, Bitcoin trading tools that offer suggestions or insight about market trends. Similarly, there are a great number of these indicators and range in variety to help traders develop some sort of understanding.

The Experts that you can Trust

Though there is no real consensus about which indicator is best, so technical Forex analysis is ultimately decided by individual traders i.e. their preferences and strategies. Thus, there are some very common technical indicators, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), etc. that you can use while doing Bitcoin analysis.

Needless to say a technical trader uses these methods to determine buy and sell points on the chart, and keeps a close watch on any opportunities that may arise while trading the digital currency. Similarly, many also use Expert Advisors (EA) in order to help make these orders when the buy and sell points are reached. This makes the process more efficient with Bitcoin analysis.

Competitive Bitcoin Trading with Technical Bitcoin Analysis

When you are doing a fundamental analysis of the digital currency, it is important for you to understand that traders focus on finding the true intrinsic value of the digital currency. Therefore, when using fundamental Bitcoin analysis, a trader is considering a variety of factors that can offer insight into the true value of what is being traded.

Additionally, the factors such as the economic, financial, qualitative and quantitative reasons for what an objects value is used as well for Bitcoin analysis. For example, if Bitcoin is gaining momentum that means the other currencies are deep in crisis. Similarly, the goal for a Bitcoin analysis trader is to calculate the estimated true value for the digital currency.

Trading the digital currency could be extremely profit generating if you have access to the latest Bitcoin analysis from experts and for that you should visit portals like NewsBTC that are known for offering the latest trading tools and analysis for traders.

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Enjoy Anonymity Using Bitcoin Betting in Gambling

Bitcoin is a new kind of digital money, which is categorized as a decentralized virtual currency which is also known as crypto currency. The bitcoins are now being widely accepted and can be exchanged for different currencies, products and services. To make the payment process more simplified even the online gambling sites have started accepting bitcoin as the payment options which are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world anonymously. Bitcoins are not regularized by any government and financial institutions so that you can do the transactions anonymously without attracting any tax departments. This is the reason that bitcoin betting is becoming popular with many casinos allowing their customers to make deposits and play with bitcoins which can be directly withdrawn to their bitcoin wallet.

To open your bitcoin wallet, you first need to setup an account with a certified bitcoin broker who shall give you a bitcoin address and password that can be used for your future transactions. You can buy or exchange bitcoins from the crypto currency websites which can also be linked to your regular bank accounts for you to buy or exchange the bitcoins into real currency at any time. The bitcoins can be used for making purchases, sending money to someone anonymouslyand even as an investment in your account as the bitcoin rates keep fluctuating. By using bitcoin betting you can enjoy many benefits like attracting fewer fees when withdrawing the bitcoins rather than currency, and the processing of bitcoins is also very much faster where you can withdraw the winning amounts from the gambling online casinos. Transactions can almost be done on the same day compared to the regular currency that needs not less than five days’ time.

Moreover, by using bitcoin betting your privacy is protected as all the payment transactions can be done from your bitcoin wallet and you don’t disclose any of your personal information with bitcoin transactions. However, you should be careful about this digital currency as you always have the risk of hackers gaining access to your e-wallet and hence you need to be careful while sharing your logins and passwords on the portals. Similarly, the bitcoin currency is highly volatile as the rates keep fluctuating and this means that having bitcoins in your account is itself a gambling where you can make more money in case the bitcoin value surges high or encounter losses if the price falls down. So with all the convenience offered by bitcoin betting you can surely check it out as the best option to carry out your gambling activities anonymously online.

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