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Image from web page 121 of “Palestine and Syria : because of the chief routes through Mesopotamia and Babylonia : handbook for travellers” (1906)
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Identifier: palestinesyriawi01karl
Title: Palestine and Syria : because of the main routes through Mesopotamia and Babylonia : handbook for travellers
Year: 1906 (1900s)
Authors: Karl Baedeker (Firm) Socin, A. (Albert), 1844-1899 Benzinger, I. (Immanuel), 1865-1935 Peters, John P. (John Punnett), 1852-1921
Publisher: Leipzig : Karl Baedeker London : T. Fisher Unwin Ny : Charles Scribner’s Sons
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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rocks right here, to ensure that she might-be devouredby an enormous sea-monster, but was released by Perseus. The prophet Jonah,too, is believed to have simply quitted Joppa when he ended up being swallowed by the whale 1* 8 path 2. JAFFA. History. (Jonah i. 3). Throughout the Roman period, as well as down seriously to the middleages, the stores were shown with which Andromeda ended up being hound to therocks associated with the harbour. So, also, the huge hones of some marine monsterwere long an object of fascination right here. Jaffa is pointed out as a fortressin the list of places overthrown by Thutmosis III. (p. Ixxvii). In daysof Solomon it was the slot for Jerusalem, that Hiram, King of Tyre,undertook to send timber from Lebanon in floats, the building of theTemple (2 Chron. ii. 16 ^ comp. Ezra iii. 7). In the inscription relatingto the victorious campaign of Sennacherib, the city is named Ya-ap-pu.The tomb-inscription of Eshmunazar (start of the 3rd cent. B.C.)mentions Jaffa as given to Sidon alongside Dor by one of several Ptolemies.

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Dapres uaplaii. ori^itial dii l>rsaad Tourist department: 1. Cook, B, 1. — Banks: 3. Credit Lyonnais, A, 1-, B.O.Banque Ottomane, A, 2; 4a. German Bank of Palestine, the, 1; 4b. Anglo-Palestine Company, The, 2. — 5. Passport Bureau^ The, 2. — 6. Harbour Master^A, 1. — 7. Gasa Nuova^ The, 2. — Vice-Consulates: 8. French, B, 1; 9. British,A, 1, 2; a. US B, 1. — Convents: 11. Franciscan, The, 2; 12. Greek,A, 2; 13. Armenian, A, 2. — Institutes: 15. Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes, A, 2;lb. Siblings of St. Joseph (for girls), the, 2; 17. English (for girls), A, 2;18. German Templars, B, 1. — Churches: 19. St. Georges (Greek), A, 2;20. German Protestant, B, 1. — 21. Government Building (Serai; B, 1). —Hospitals: 22. French, The, 2; 23. German, B, 1. — 24. Public Garden., A, 2.— Mosques: 25. El-Bahr, A, I5 26. El-Mahmudiyeh, The, 2; 27. Es-Serai, A, 2. — 28. Lighthouse, A, 2. — Post and Telegraph Offices: 29. Turkish, B, 1;^30. French, A, I5 31. German. A, 1; 32. Austr .-Hun

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Budgeting and Credit recommendations #3 – Health Insurance

The health scenario inside nation is hilarious if it had beenn’t so ridiculous and unfortunate. Daily countless people need select from having protection and never having protection due to the fact prices consistently increase simply for good medical care. If anyone can pay for a great bundle they should additionally start thinking about various other issues like rate boost, prescription drugs that have large deductibles and many other things. People thought we would take a job that pays less simply because they offer better health advantages than another task. To own great coverage for an entire family people might have to invest close to $ 1,000 30 days.

Coverage really should not be centered on the amount of money an individual may make. Health care businesses can charge what they want whilst the average person has got to make the difficult choice on whether or not to have protection. You will find signs of enhancement however, companies have offered small packages with fundamental programs, and federal government assistance is improving as well. If you do your home work you can look at each package from different organizations and try to result in the most useful decision feasible. Top package may well not be the most expensive and you also need to use into account which kind of insurance your physician needs. Finding good pricing is an integral to month-to-month cost management and ensuring you really can afford to pay for your monthly costs.

With these choices you should also take time to check into your credit rating. Budgeting on things like health insurance and making sure you have got a beneficial score might help save you countless bucks monthly, that sort of savings can add up throughout a year. When you yourself have an undesirable score you are able to consider credit repair businesses. Credit fix is a reasonable and quick process that fixes your score in just a matter of days.

By David George

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How to Survive the Credit Crunch – 3 Simple Saving Tips

Times are tough. However, you are tougher. That is why, with a few small and simple Saving Tips you can make changes to your lifestyle and spending habits, you can not only survive this credit crunch, but you can get back on top of your finances.

Limit your weekly spending

Think about all those little extras that you purchase every week. Maybe this is a coffee every day on your way to work. Maybe this is a quick sandwich and salad from the cafeteria at lunch. Perhaps it is a gossip magazine every time you visit a store. Or maybe it’s a daily mid afternoon energy drink or a pack of cigarettes. Whatever you are spending in a day, these little things can really add up.

Think about this: if you are buying a $ 5 coffee a day, then you are spending an extra $ 100 a month. If you are purchasing a $ 10 lunch every day, then you are spending an extra $ 200 a month. Cigarettes, magazines, energy drinks, after-work cocktails- all of these things can add up without you even realising it. Suddenly, you are at nearly $ 500 extra dollars a month, just with coffees, lunches and other daily treats.

You’ve probably heard people say “I don’t know where the money goes.”
Now you do. It is the little things that make the expense difference.
Your Savings start with a single Dollar.

Resist that sale!

When something is on sale, it’s a lot harder to simply walk past it. Retailers know and understand this; that is why they have sales. With the credit crunch and the slow spending, retailers and shops are constantly advertising their low prices and half off sales.

However, even if something is one sale, you are still paying for it. It is still an expense.Think twice before you spend and ask yourself the question: Do I need it or I just want it? Avoid the temptation and save.

Re-Shape your Special Indulgences

There are certain indulgences that you should never have to give up. Life is made up of those simple pleasures.

For those who love to spend their days off enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a good book, you can still do those things. However, instead of purchasing the latest $ 30 hard cover book and ordering a $ 7 double-shot-slim-mocha-chino-frap-a-licious-dollap of cream-on-the-top-coffee, you can buy on line at reduce price or visit a second hand book store and make the coffee at home. Browsing through a second hand book store is like exploring a whole world of forgotten treasures. And, finding a good book for under $ 5 is an indulgence in its own right and the savings are yours.

Or, for those who love to indulge in a spa treatment after a stressful week, why not create your own spa-like atmosphere at home? Light candles, put on soothing music and purchase some cheap massage oil from the drug store. Then, sweetly ask your hubby or beau, for a nice, long, lingering massage. Of course, you may have to exchange the favour but that is all part of the fun.

With a few minor adjustments to your daily lifestyle and weekly indulgences, you can save a couple hundred bucks and put those money woes behind you.

Edna Ferman is a Personal Finance expert and coach and residing in Sydney Australia. The creator of The EKG Money Method, Eliminate Debt, Keep your goals in sight and Get out of Debt. Edna has created this method, using her experience and expertise in managing her business, her business finances and her personal finances. With this knowledge and using this method herself, Edna has been advising and helping many people in enabling them to reach their financial freedom and will show you how to have a passionate love affair with your money.

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FTC: Florida tops fraud-related, consumer issues list

Image from page 338 of “Self-surveys by universities and colleges” (1917)
3 credit reporting agencies
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: selfsurveysbycol00alle
Title: Self-surveys by colleges and universities
12 Months: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Allen, William H. (WIlliam Harvey), 1874-1963
Subjects: Universities and universities
Publisher: Yonkers-on-Hudson, N.Y., World guide company
Adding Library: The Library of Congress
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o the hundreds yearly. Surveyors willask: 1. Do files show failures by quantity …, semester…, subject …, trainer … ? 2. What amount of credit hours had been attempted and failed? 3. What total expenses of instruction and living tend to be repre-sented by these failures ? 4. just what guidelines are given to faculty members withrespect to discovering what causes failure? 5. what’s done to observe that directions are executed ? 6. Just what preventive actions tend to be taken, recorded, studied,and launched ? 7. Exactly what subtraction must be produced from the full total reg-istration to ensure that credits failed shall not be in-cluded within the total of effective pupil registration?This product frequently runs to 15 or 20%. 8. What explanations were posted a year ago for stu-dents a deep failing ? Ended up being ineffective training or ill-chosencourse one of them ? 9. Of final number reported as losing away before com-pleting the season, how many dropped out voluntarilyand how many had been recommended to drop out because ofstudent failure or weakness ?

Text Appearing After-image:
Dayton Bureau of ResearchPreparing relative tables for residents is fairly not the same as planning suchcomparisons for university students whom cannot avoid or get away

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FTC: Florida tops fraud-related, consumer issues list
Florida ranked first in the country inside few fraud-related along with other consumer complaints filed using the Federal Trade Commission just last year, with 306,133 issues, amounting to 1,510 per 100,000 folks. The most effective category for Florida had been debt …
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Credit report and identity theft monitoring
Take into account that national law entitles you to get one no-cost credit file annually from each one of the three major credit agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). The sole authorized site of these free yearly reports is …
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… be sure to contact the world wide web Crime Complaint Center online at Should you believe you’ve been the sufferer of that loan scam and so are worried about your individual economic information, speak to your financial institution, in addition to three major credit …
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68percent of men and women inside their 20s could make this grave financial mistake
Eventually, monitor your credit. Numerous credit cards now offer no-cost FICO scores to consumers, but many have other scoring versions. If you need your FICO results from all three credit reporting agencies or you don't gain access to a totally free score, you'll need certainly to …
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