Buying an Apartment, Buying a Home

For the last six months, I have been looking for an apartment to buy. The main reason for this is that it does pay off and in the end you are investing in yourself, not just pointlessly paying the rent money to someone else.

However, finding a suitable property to buy is definitely not easy. After surviving the jungle of tens and tens of apartments, I found the one. It actually was my cousin’s apartment that he and his wife wanted to sell in order to buy a bigger one. The apartment is in no way big – it is a one bedroom with an open concept kitchen combined with the living room in need of some renovations.

Before getting into any serious apartment buying, I decided to figure out things with the bank and take a look at different options of how I could raise the value of the apartment with some minor changes. So, when I was in the bank discussing the loan, we also covered the possible renovation expenses. I’m on a budget so I wasn’t looking for any big changes such as redoing the kitchen or the bathroom. We decided on a fresh coat of paint, some feature walls, a new cooker hood, a modular wardrobe and then on redoing the fireplace which at the moment was a very simple Swedish stove. I was first a bit dubious about the costs of installing a new fireplace. I went to different stores but got the best service at Uunisepät and after going through some facts about installing a fireplace, I was surprised to find out that the cost and quality ratio of fireplaces is more than attractive. By paying a bit more for my renovation, I would get a heart to my home and at the same time raise the value of the apartment.

Now I’m discussing the mortgage with my bank and deciding whether or not I’m ready to commit myself to buying my own apartment. The idea of it is so appealing but I do realize that it is a huge thing to buy your first apartment. However, I’m happy to know that if I do decide on buying the apartment, I have the right tools and elements to make it my home – thanks to Uunisepät.


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Jennifer wants to know whether she needs to pay off more debt or purchase a home.
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