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A lot of traders are learning to trade Bitcoin and making great returns. They are making trading decisions based on the latest Bitcoin news. Needless to say Bitcoin news trading is perhaps the least technical of all the expert advisor strategies on the market today. Traders are taking great interest in using the tool to make trading decisions.

For instance, most of the Bitcointraders base their profit on a set of mathematical rules that analyze past price action to forecast the future behavior of the cryptocurrency. Needless to say the big assumption there is the Efficient Markets Hypothesis wherein it is assumed that all the information available in the market is already incorporated in the price.

Experts and seasoned traders believe that Bitcoin news trading aims to make a profit by forecasting how the price will behave just after a major piece of news affecting the cryptocurrency markets is published. The news stories can be used by traders to make decisions. There is no technical analysis but simple judgment on the part of the traders.

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Traders aim to profit from the Bitcoin news as the information takes to incorporate itself in the price. Though there are various differences, the main difference between a Bitcoin news trading strategy and the rest of the technical analysis strategies is that technical analysis requires no knowledge of the underlying price drivers.

On the other hand, traders can apply the same technical analysis concepts to Bitcoin with the latest Bitcoin news to make profitable trading decisions. The great thing about Bitcoin news trading is that traders can set stop losses very close to the market rate; avoid large losses as soon as some good or bad news comes.

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Portals like these have been delivering the best in industry news and reviews. Here you don’t need to visit the portal as it also delivers the latest and updated Bitcoin newsletter. So how do you know when Bitcoin news is being published is simple for you with the newsletter. You get it directly in your email inbox.

Needless to say the easiest way is to visit one of the many Bitcoin economic calendars on the web every morning and wait for the Bitcoin news that is going to make clear later on. The beauty about Bitcoin news trading is that you don’t have to be trading every single data release; rather, make selecting trading decisions.

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