Apple, Inc. Just Raised More Debt

Apple, Inc. Just Raised More Debt
At the end of last quarter, Apple had a total gross cash position of $ 215.7 billion, or a net cash position of $ 160 billion after backing out $ 55.7 billion in total long-term debt (not including commercial paper). With this bond offering, long-term …
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'WarGames' and Cybersecurity's Debt to a Hollywood Hack
Movies rarely influence public policy, but Washington's policies on cyberattacks, computer surveillance and the possibility of cyberwarfare were directly influenced by the 1983 box-office hit “WarGames.” …
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Why Don't People Manage Debt Better?
Yet, the increasing availability and use of credit also has resulted in indebted households sinking further into debt, ultimately undermining their financial well-being. High-interest, consumer debt makes saving for the future and coping with …
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