All 3 Credit Reports Free

All 3 Credit Reports Free 

Every person has the right to have all 3 credit reports free one time each year. Because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act the consumer reporting corporations nationwide are required to provide each consumer with a copy of his/her credit report for free. However, the consumer must request the credit reports only once a year. The FCRA endorses the privacy and accuracy of data in the credit records of the national companies that report consumer credit ratings. The Federal Trade Commission is the nation’s protection agency for consumers and puts in force the Fair Credit Reporting Act as far as consumer reporting agencies are concerned.

A credit report contains data on how individuals pay their bills, where they live and whether or not the individual has ever been arrested or sued or have applied for bankruptcy. The credit reporting agencies sell the data in an individual’s report to insurers, employers, creditors and additional businesses that employ it to assess the person’s applications for insurance, renting of a home, employment or credit. It is necessary to discuss the particulars of an individual’s FCRA rights, which founded the free credit report plan

Getting your free report

The three national reporting companies of consumers have established a telephone number that is toll-free, a main website and an address for interested consumers who would rather mail in their request for their free credit report.

Consumers have the opportunity to either request their credit reports from the three individual credit-reporting companies all at once or individually. This law permits consumers to request a free credit report from the three credit companies once a year.

Individuals who request a free report must supply their address, name, date of birth and Social Security number. If an individual has moved within the previous two years, he/she might be asked to give his/her former address. To continue the safety of one’s file, the three national credit-reporting agencies might ask for additional information that only the individual requesting the report would know. Each agency may or may not require other information due to the fact that the data that each company has the probability of coming from different bases.

Depending on how an individual request his or her free credit report determines how long it may take to receive it. Requesting a report online gives instant access. If requested by phone, it may take up to 15 days. It will also take around 15 days to receive the requested free credit report if the individual mails in the request.

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