3 Countries with Strictest Gambling Laws

Across the globe, gambling gets the most popular vote for adult pastime. Although not many countries, have a very tolerant perspective towards this harmless game and they do not encourage it. Let us look at three countries that make it to the top of the worst countries to visit on a gambler’s travelling / residence list.
1- Qatar tops the list with strictest laws against gambling. All forms of gambling activities are considered illegal in Qatar, where there is a strict ban on gambling. According to the Muslim Sharia law, gambling is considered to be Haraam (unethical) and therefore Qatar considers gambling to be a sin. In the same light, despite sports being very popular in Qatar, the betting on sports is also illegal.

Due to restrictions by the government, there are numerous illegal gangs that organise secret casino and poker games. Foreign nationals, tourists and businessmen are the prime target of these gangs, as foreign nationals who have love for gambling would love to play the game, and they are sometimes not fully aware of the illegal status of gambling in Qatar. This also leads to many fans search for offshore gambling sites. The country’s government thought does try to block these sites, it is not able to always succeed. Thus, there are sections of population, which do indulge in the online casino games, even though they might have to face severe punishment if caught.

2- Lebanon has also completely outlawed gambling. The Lebanese law clearly outlaws any king of gambling which is not authorised by the country. The law also retains power to block gambling sites from the ISP – internet service providers. For those who have interest in gambling, they can play the authorized Play Lebanon online casino, La Libanaise des Jeux, operates this online casino. Also, there is a casino land site called the Casino du Liban, which is located in a place called Jouneih , 22 km north of Beirut – the capital city of Lebanon. This casino has 60 table games and 400 slot machines for the casino enthusiasts.

A casino ship by the name of Orient Queen also provides serious gambling fans with some serious gambling thrills. This ship leaves from Beirut and travels to international waters, where the Lebanese gambling laws do not apply. The gambling scenario in Lebanon changes in 2013, when the Lebanese government (Lebanese Ministry of Justice), even banned the offshore gambling operators. This clearly implied that online bets were banned firmly. But still it has been reported that players use dark web and virtual private networks to access online gambling sites.

3- Brunei is another such country which has imposed firm ban on gambling. It is also an Islamic country and in accordance with the Sharia Law, gambling is considered Haraam or a sinful act. To prevent betting and play at offshore gambling sites, the government has passed numerous laws. As per one law, for defaulters found guilty of engaging in online gambling or at a land site, within the borders of Brunei is liable to be imprisoned for 6 months and also is supposed to pay up a fine of $ 10,000. And for the person or persons found to be guilty of organising these gambling activities, a prison term of 11 years with a $ 20,000 fine to be paid by the owner of the casino site.

The Royal Brunei Police had carried out a massive raid in the year 2014, which saw as many as 28 people being arrested. These were caught red handed partaking in the illegal gambling activities. They were found indulging in these activities at a house and were sentenced as per the law.

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