24 things you need to know to build good credit

24 things you need to know to build good credit
Instead, you can buy your credit score directly from the credit bureaus, advises the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Also, your credit card company might share your credit score with you, or you can turn to a third party that offers free …
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Keeping credit in check for 2016
It's time to make plans to improve ourselves; change eating habits, increase physical activity habits, and do a better job with our spending habits, etc. I want to encourage you to make plans in 2016 to ask for your free credit report from the safe …
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You Have No Excuse For Not Knowing Your Credit Score Anymore
You can purchase your credit score from FICO, which will provide you with the number that potential lenders see when they check your credit score. But if you use the proper methods, you should be able to get this accurate information for free.
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