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2009 first half, as Financial Crisis Construction Machinery Affect the “hardest hit” Loader Market, although demand is still sluggish international market, domestic market, there have been positive changes. According to the author of the survey of China’s major loader enterprises, in the first half, China Sell Loader over 70000 units last year although still higher compared to lower margin, but the first half of each month from the comparison can be seen that this lower rate is being gradually reduced, in June last year only to reduce the more than 10 percentage points. This trend will continue in the second half is expected to continue.

1, 2009, in the first half and second half of our forecast loader market characteristics
The severe impact of the financial crisis, the first half of this year, mainly showing a loader market characteristics of the development the following aspects:

1, loader domestic market rebound quickly, the international demand is still sluggish.
2009 6 Chinese manufacturing PMI, the fourth consecutive month to maintain the critical point above the internationally accepted as a response to macro-economic trends of the first index of the positive changes, shows that our economy continues to rise in the state of the economy. China’s domestic economic situation improves, speed up the loader of the domestic market rebound.

The first half of this year, China’s main loader enterprises, total domestic sales of nearly 70,000 units, a third lower than the same period last year. Domestic sales in June this year, outstanding performance, only 3% lower than the same period last year, with March sales was reduced by half, in sharp contrast. Domestic sales loader market compared to last year, there have been months of decline in lower margin.

And positive changes in the domestic market performance difference is reduced from the export market loader constantly widening. First half of 2009, exports loader over 4000 units less than the same period last year, one half of exports, exports of more than 800 units in June, and last year’s lower rate is also 60%.

International market, there have been some positive changes. Economy Cooperation And Development (OECD) released data show that most major global economies out of recession soon, its developed members?? From the euro zone and Britain to the United States, Mexico and Japan?? Overall indicators are now showing recovery. Improvement of the world economy in order to fundamentally solve the export market of China loader market sales to reduce.

2, the financial crisis, regional sales pattern of new market emerged. The past, demand for our loader

most northern region affected by the crisis has been relatively lower market demand more, in 2009 the first half of the first half of 2008 compared to let out more than 5% of the market share, the impact of the crisis obvious. However, the region of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei province is China’s coal, coal mining on the loader to stimulate demand can not be ignored, and the increase of investment in infrastructure will also promote the region’s demand for the recovery of the loader. Change in sales in recent months, also shows the strength of the region demand to reproduce the pre-crisis situation loader.

Eastern and central region, and the demand loader, in various regions show prominent, recently this situation will continue.

Southwest and northwest regions, although sales volume is not high, but the two regions are all regions in the first half of last year reduced the minimum area, market share also increased. This positive change, and they are in our country landlocked, has not been a serious impact on the financial crisis had a relationship. The first half of this year, investment has also increased rapidly in the western region, urban fixed asset investment growth for 5 consecutive months in more than 45%. But the western region of “small prosperity” can be maintained, it remains to be seen.

Provinces in Northeast China as less sales loader market as a whole is not very high, change a little.

3, loader to further increase market concentration.
From the loader market in recent years, sales data can be seen, loader market concentration is relatively high, sales in the first nine companies ( Liugong , Long Engineering, Xiamen workers, temporary workers, SEM, into the work of God steel Fukuda Revo , Changlin, Xugong) significantly more than sales of other companies; which Liugong, dragon workers, building workers, temporary workers, these four companies account for a steadily loader sales in China before the tetracarboxylic, and Liugong and Long work is loader enterprises in China, ranked the top two companies stabilize sales. In 2009, the situation becomes more apparent.

According to the author of the loader sales data, Liugong, dragon workers, building workers, temporary workers, the four companies increase market share. 2006, 2007, 2008 for three years, this four companies market share of 60%, while in 2009 the first half of this ratio to 64.69 percent raise, and the top two Liugong, Dragon workers share, also by 2006, 07, 08 and stable 35%, raise to 39.06%. This shows that our loader market, are further integrated, edge resources and to increase market concentration, on China’s loader market continues to develop healthy and orderly, can play a good role in promoting.

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